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Friends and Family Can Be Complicated

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Type of story: undecided

Rating: T but it may change

Main Characters: Matilda and multiple others

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning: Coarse language, violence adn sexual content (may change)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Matilda has just turned 17 and her mother has arranged for her cousin to come and stay with her, but is she all she seems. Could we see another side to her nice, sweet exterior!

I got bored I am not sure if this is any good so i will put up a little prologue and you can tell me what you think and whether I should carry on!


She had spoken to Beth a few days before; she knew all about Matilda’s problems and regretted not being able to be there for her. As she passed the Summer Bay sign butterflies began to make their way around her stomach. She was nervous and excited at the same time. This was going to be the first time she had seen her cousin in 4 years. Tony knew she was coming to stay but Matilda had no idea, it was a surprise for her 17th birthday.

Natalie slowed down as she saw two people strolling down the road. She pulled up behind them to ask for direction, as she got out the car she realised the person she would be asking was her cousin. Without thinking she shouted Matilda’s name. Matilda slowly turned around, she realised straight away who had called her and she stopped in shock. Matilda thought she was seeing things there was no way her favourite cousin was in Australia. Matilda slowly made her way to the car until she realised it definitely was her cousin then she ran and tightly hugged her. Matilda could not believe it her cousin had come to visit her all the way from England.

Ric had followed after Matilda but stayed quiet as he did not want to interrupt the conversation between the two girls. Matilda turned round to find Ric standing behind her she introduced him to Natalie. Natalie looked at this handsome boy infront of her. If all the boys in Summer Bay look like I think I am going to really enjoy this trip.

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Sounds interesting...

Can't wait to read more!

Thanks 'Sally Fletcher' am not sure when i will be updating because of loads of portfolio for school.

If anyone get any ideas i can use in my fiction at anytime it would be much appreciated.

I have certain times when i have an imaginative mind but the rest of the time i just can't think of storylines!!!

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Here the next chapter am not sure if it's any good so please tell me! It is only short!

Chapter 1

Mattie, Ric and Natalie made their way back to the Hunter household. On the way Mattie was showing Natalie all the places around summer bay.

“That’s the diner over there, its does the best muffins in the world” said Matilda as they saw Irene entering for her afternoon shift. Natalie listened as Matilda told her about the diner but her attention quickly changed to look down to the beach were a group of lads around her age were playing footy.

“Hey Mattie so you know those guys down there?” Natalie asked which such interest. “They are some of the older lads from school. Why has someone found something she likes in Summer Bay already?” Matilda said in a funny little voice knowing straight away what the answer was going to be. They both began laughing knowing that Natalie’s one and only interest for this vacation would be boys.

After a while they continued to make their way home passing many of the locals on the way. They eventually reached home which Natalie was certainly glad of because her feet were killing her from walking with all her bags. They opened the front door to find Tony and Lucas sitting on the coach watching the footy. Tony quickly got up and greeted Natalie. He grabbed her bags and took them to Matilda’s room as that would be were she was staying. When Tony came back to offer Natalie some lunch Lucas was still sitting in silence on the couch looking as if he watching the tv.

“Luc” Tony called. Lucas slowly turned his head to look at his dad, he had a sad look in his eye. Tony introduced Lucas and Natalie to each other. She looked at him and wondered why he looked so upset. Ric walked across the room and sat next to Lucas, the two started muttering between themselves. Suddenly Ric face began to look annoyed, she could tell something was wrong. Tony pulled both of the girls to one side and explained to them that Belle (Lucas Girlfriend) had cheated on him with a another lad when she went out one night.

Matilda quickly began to get angry and stormed out the house. As she did Ric caught her out of the corner of his eye and quickly ran after her.


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