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Year 11 and 12 subjects?

Guest Sam =)

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Well we are only just finishing term 1 of yr 10 but already have to pick our yr 11 subjects!

And I have no idea what I want to do.

So far I have decided on

Advanced English


Business Studies

and thats it.

I'm so indecisive

I'm thinking of


Extention English

Maths (General or Mathematics)

Family and Community studies

Any one recomend any subjects? What did you do at school that you enjoyed? It's to hard after Monday like the rest of our future is decided we have to pic subjects we want to study and if we picj the wrong ones we will be screwed for our hsc and won't be able to get into uni for what we want.

I hate school we do not go well I should just drom out in yr 10 but then I will be even more stuffed.

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Well, Media loses you ENTER points due to the subject and so does Drama.

It really depends on what you are primarily interested in. Media is good though, so is Psychology. With Media though, you might have to choose between photography and video. I chose photography, and it was worthwhile. :)

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You want fun? Pick Maths.

Algebra, Triangles (!!!), and all that fun! I'm picking Maths. :)

Lol me + maths= disaster

I would only do it fo marks I despise Maths I only like it if I can uas a calculator I dont get why we need half the stuff we leard my dad is an accountant and all he ever uses is a calculator none of this algebra and trid we 'need' to know

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I love English Literature, but I'm not sure what texts you guys study over there. I quite like Shakespeare, so it's interesting. But just play to your strengths, 'cos if you enjoy the subject now then the chances are you'll continue to enjoy it and then do well in it. :)

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I'm with you on the hating Maths thing, but I think you should carry on with it for as long as pos, I'm not sure of the system over there but even though I know I would hate doing it now I wish I had chosen it just to keep more options open for uni/jobs etc. Another word of advice, chose a subject or two that you really enjoy even if they aren't going to get youo anywhere, they still count for grades and will give you a breather from the nasty lessons!

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Notice how most schools have math as a compulsory subject till the end of year 12? There are also some schools where math isn't complusory in year 11 and 12 but they strongly recommend you choose a maths subject as one of your electives. That says alot on why maths is really important whatever your career may be. I have to pick my year 11 subjects this year as well and I'm talkng from experience, when my sister was in high school she hated and sucked at maths. She couldn't choose any of the subjects she really wanted to study because her maths level was bad and she was forced to choose subjects based on art. Anyway,yea if you have no idea what you wanna do after school just choose the subjects that you like. Heck I'm also very indecisive,I know I'm gonna have a hard time choosing mine come subject selection time. :P

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