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Lost In Salvation

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Lost in Salvation

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Rocco, Sally and three new O.C.'s - Josh (18), Sam (15) and Rebecca (4) Archer.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: yes/no

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Rocco goes on a discovery of himself and a new family arrives in the bay, but what’s their secret.

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Hey, heres what I've done so far, hopefully more will follow

Note Johnny has not arrived yet, and might not.

Road to Summer Bay.

“I’m hungry” Rebecca whined as she stared out the window, “Me too” Sam said kicking the back of Josh’s seat. “Hey stop it, both of you, we’ll get something to eat first okay”, Rebecca crossed her arms and sulked while Sam went to playing his PSP.

Surf Club.

“Hey you sure you don’t want to come get a drink” Matilda asked Rocco “Yeah sure, I’ve.., I’ve got stuff to do, thanks” Rocco said, Matilda nodded and walked into the Diner. Rocco looked around before taking off to met Caleb.

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That first little bit was good =]] Cant wait for more

mmmm, the problem is I have to write it and I've hit a writers block, arrgh. anyway heres the next part.

Diner Car park

“Here we are” Josh said pulling up in an empty car park out side Summer Bay Diner, Rebecca yawned and stretched and Sam hoped out of the car, “Sam stay there” Josh called as he grab his wallet from his bag, Sam paid no attention and wandered into the Diner.

Some dark alley

Caleb dressed quickly and walked out of the alley leaving Rocco alone and confused about his feelings, getting dress slowly Rocco head back to the beach to see if he could find Mattie. Stopping just before exit Rocco threw up into a rubbish bin, sometimes he disgusted himself.


Josh sighed as he entered the Diner with Rebecca in tow, “Sam I told you to stay” he growled at his younger brother, “You’re not mum, you can’t tell me what to do” Sam said, Josh glared at Sam back he sat down at a table, “Go sit with your brother” he told Rebecca.

Belle smiled as a reasonably handsome young man walked up to the counter, “Can I help you?” she asked politely, the stranger smiled, “Um yes I’ll have three hamburgers and chips please” Belle smiled as she entered it into the cashier “That comes to $14.75 thanks”, the guy dug into his pocket and pulled out a wallet, he hand her a green note, looking over it she smiled “I think you have the wrong currency” she said.

Josh looked at the waitress, then the note “Oh, my bad” he said taking the NZ note back and handing her an Australian 20, “So your new here” she asked, he grinned “How could you tell?”

Summer Bay Beach

Rocco walked along the beach, he had these urges he knew was wrong, not the stealing or fighting, he was past that, no these were feelings of lust but they were towards guys, Rocco sat on beach and put his head between his knees, how screw up was he?.

Matilda was enjoying the nice day with Cassie, “Nice day aye?” Cassie smiled, Matilda grinned back, it was so good to have her best friend back “I was just thinking that” she answered. “Hey” Cassie said “Isn’t that Rocco?” Matilda nodded.

Rocco forced a smile as Matilda and Cassie walked over to him, “Hi guys’ he called out, “Heya Roc” Matilda said sitting down in the sand. Rocco wished they would just leave him alone with his thoughts. “Is everything okay?” Cassie asked, Rocco nodded “Just need some fresh air’ he lied. “Cool” Matilda said “Wanna come get a drink with us” Rocco stared out to the ocean “I don’t know” he said, Mattie grab his arm “Come on, please” Rocco just nodded Matilda was a beautiful girl and she seemed even more pretty in this light.

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okay, here's the next update

Surf Club

Caleb watched out of the corner of his eye as Rocco walked into the surf club with two girls, Caleb got up and walked over “Hey Rocco, wazz up man?”, Rocco turned to him “Oh, hi Caleb” he said.


Rebecca picked the tomatos and lettuce out of her burger, Josh looked at her ‘Eat your vege’s” he said, Rebecca shook her head “No, I don’t like vege’s” she said sulking. Sam hadn’t touched his food and was listening to his MP.3 player, “Sam’ Josh said, pulling the ear plugs out his ear “Eat”, Sam stared at Josh.

“I’m not hungry” Sam said pushing his plate away, “You have to eat” Josh said, some times his siblings could be so annoying. “You’re not mum, you can’t tell me what to do” Sam said sitting up “I know” Josh said, this wasn’t easy for him either “Mum never would made us move, I hate you, I wished it was you who died”.

Rebecca started to cry, “You know what’ Josh replied angrily “I wish I had left you in New Zealand, you’re such a pain, I have had to give up school, my life for you brats” Sam looked at Josh tears swelling in his face, Josh instantly regret what he said, it wasn’t true “Sam, I’m sorry..” Sam took off, Rebecca turned to him “Do you really hate us?” she asked, Josh picked her up and placed her on his knee “No sis, I love you, I really do”.

Surf Club.

“Hey Roc, where you going?” Caleb said, Rocco turned around, “No where just getting a breath of fresh air”. Caleb nodded. Rocco stared at Caleb and Caleb stared back, in least than a minute they were on the going in a mass of bodies, sweat, dirt and clothes.

After it was finished, Rocco turned to see Caleb getting dressed and leaving, Rocco didn’t know why, but it hurt him deeply, getting dress too, he waited till Caleb was going before throwing up.

Sally’s house.

“Hey Rocco, everything okay, you seem abit quite” Sally asked, Rocco nodded. Ric smiled “Probably a girl” he said, Rocco forced a grin, if only he knew.

Sorry to spend so much time on teh new family, but I'm having more ttrouble with the Rocco storyline than the rest of the story.

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