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Losing Love...

Guest baby gurl

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Story Title: Losing Love

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: T Recommended 14+

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Basically Jack & Martha are both 15 (yeah I know sounds weird!) Jacks mum Kate gets offered a job in New York and her and Tony decide to take it, meaning Jack has to go, leaving Martha...Whilst in New York Jack meets some one and at the same time so does Martha...although they don't mean for anything to happen something does...either Martha's pregant or Jack gets someone pregnant...There may be a lot of letters!

Please tell me what you think...:) If you do like the sound of it then I can put the first chapter up by tomorrow morning...:) xx

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It sounds good!

Like your genre, Kind of romantic! lol

So either Jacks going to get someone preggers or Martha will be, but it wont happen to both of them right? Also im guessing JnM are suppose to be dating in this fic? But obviously Jack moves away and so they kinda break up, is that right?

Update soon! :D

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