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A Third Chance?

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: A third chance?

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Rocco, Nicky (O.C.), Sally and others

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: A new girl in the bay, a failed burglary... Will Rocco find his way?

Hey im new here and I love Rocco,hence the name. This is my first H&A fan fic and guess what... its about Rocco.

Ok first part-Hope you like, please give feedback, even if you think it sucks.

A third chance?

Rocco couldn't believe what he was doing, he came to Summer Bay to escape Johnny and the gang, now here he was doing their dirty work.

Nicky woke up as she heard the old creaky gate swing open, She had only been at Summer Bay for a week but she knew better than to let her guard down."I hope they haven't found me again" she thought.

Rocco pulled on his gloves before forcing the window open, trying to do it as quietly and quickly as possible.The soon he was in, the soon he was finished. Slippping inside, he scanned the room for anything of value.

Nicky watched as the man prowled around her lounge,looking in her boxs.Picking up a cricket bat and holding it firmly in her hands, she walk towards the unwanted guest.

A diamond necklace caught Rocco's eye,"Perfect, now I can get the hell out of here"he thought.Slipping the necklace into his pocket.

"Diddn't your mother tell you not to take stuff that doesn't belong to you" was all Rocco heard as he felt something hit his head, then darkness.

Sorry if I did someting wrong I read the rules but Im not really good at following instructions, hope you like the story, and heres what plans are forming in my head for next time.

Rocco and Nicky find they have more in common than they want.

Rocco and Nicky met at school

A seaside meeting makes for a embarrassed Rocco.

And who wants Nicky?.

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thanks you guys, i just wanted to know if the story interested anyone. kewl, heres

Part Two

Rocco head ached as he slowly returned to reality; he was in some strange bed, looking up he saw a girl, about his age, looking at him. “What happened?” he managed to ask, the girl simply looked at him before handing him a pill and some water. “Take it, you’ll feel better” She answered.

Nicky watched as the guy drank the water, noting how he caustically looked at the pill, ‘Its pain relief” Nicky supplied, the guy wasn’t striking handsome, but he wasn’t to shabby either, and he had the whole innocent look going for him she thought, he didn’t seem the type that robbed other people.

Rocco felt uncomfortable under her glaze. “You still haven’t answered my question?” he stated trying to shake the strange feeling. “You woke me up and I whacked you with a cricket bat, plus you broke in and tried to steal this” she said holding up the diamond necklace; it all came back to Rocco.

Nicky watched as his face paled, “Where are the coppers?” he asked, the question caught her off guard, ‘Huh?.” “Cops, to arrest me, for the robbery?” he looked at her as if she was crazy. Oh yeah she thought, there were two reasons she hadn’t called the cops, 1) most importantly she told herself, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. 2) The guy was innocent looking; she just couldn’t bare her self to call the cops. She shook her head; she really needed to get a grip.

“Well” she finally answered, “I stopped you, so it wasn’t really a robbery, as such”. Rocco eyed her carefully, she had to want something, if he had learnt anything at all, and it was you never got anything for free. “What do you want” he ask, She smiled a sad smile, one that almost melt his heart.

“There’s a lot of things I want” Nicky tried to keep the tears back,” but all you can give me is why you tried to rob my house?” Rocco squirmed under her glaze, “it complicated” he answered, Nicky just nodded, it always was. “You should probably get going” she nodded to the door.

Jumping out of the bed wasn’t the best idea Rocco had ever had, and pain was just reinforcing that fact, walking out the of the poverty, he got out his phone, how on earth would he explain this to Johnny? .

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Thanks you guys, Im trying to ctach up with all your awesome stories but between writing this one, school, work and my life(ha what life :P ) its not that easy, heres a update- hope you like.

Part Three

Part three

“You know, you say your in the gang, but I feel your not quite got your heart here” Johnny said as he circled around Rocco, “I do Johnny, but I just about got caught I had to pull out” “Then why did it take you so long, then Roc?” “Look, its complicated”. Johnny stared at Rocco; he was no good at hiding his emotions and Johnny often could tell if Rocco was lying.

“K, lil bro, don’t worry, you can make it up to us, right gang?” “Right”. Rocco felt the bile fill at the back of his throat, “How?” he asked. “That nice girlie, what’s her name? Sam, no, no Sal, that’s it Sal, she got plenty of nice stuff that must be worth something” not Sally, Rocco thought, he couldn’t do that to her.

Johnny felt a little simile come on as he watched his brother’s internal battle, he enjoyed his power over Rocco, it was the only thing stopping the only part of his family left falling apart. “I can’t break into Sal’s place, till be someone there” Rocco augured, “That’s okay Roc, you’ll just have to go undercover” Johnny smirked.

“They have no reason to take me in” Rocco said in a last attempt to sway Johnny, he knew it wouldn’t work but he still had to try. “Then we’ll have to give them a reason, won’t we”. Rocco stepped back as Johnny moved closer towards him, he felt the first punch, pushing him to the ground. As he hit the ground, he couldn’t help but think, why me?.

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Hey here another update, hope you like it, im not sure if its as good or makes sense- but it has lots of Sally cos she cool.

Part four.

The minute Sally had seen Rocco, she knew he had to come stay at her place; one of the workers at the hostel Rocco was staying at rang her up in class to tell her Rocco had been badly beaten near the hostel. Sally felt a wave of guilt fall over her; she never should of let Rocco stay there, especially with Johnny around.

Rocco tried to smile, after all the plan was working, what wasn’t good about that, right?. The minute Sally had came in; she had been ready to drag him to her place. Sitting next to her in front car seat, he roughly answered her questions, denying it was Johnny and making up a story he had been mugged for his money. Rocco stared at his feet, it seemed so wrong to lie to Sal like this, he could tell by her face she really did care about him and was worried for him, which made it all the more painful to lie to her.

Sally knew she wasn’t going to get the truth out of Rocco, so she let slide for now “Hey” she said, changing the subject “looking forward to school tomorrow” Rocco gave a little laugh and stared out the window “Is that possible Mrs. Fletcher?” Sally let out a laugh; She just hoped every thing would turn out fine.

“You can’t be serious” Brad exclaimed, “Why not” Sally replied. “Look, I know you feel sorry for him, but he’s not the type of guy you want in your house, Sal” “No, he isn’t, but I can’t let him stay out there with Johnny loose” “Sal, remember what I told you, once a gang member..” “I know Brad, but Rocco wants to turn his life around and I have to help him, no buts okay?”. Brad rubbed his temple in frustration when Sally got like this you where either with her or against her, and Brad didn’t want to be against her.

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Hey thanks for the support, im having a bit of writers block at the moment :huh: ,

Part five

The bell rang to start class just as Rocco sat down in his seat. He could feel all eyes glaring at him, although no-one had said much to him, he knew what they were all thinking, if only he catch a break for once, but then again it wasn’t like he deserved one.

Cassie watched Rocco out of the corner of her eye, she’d heard all the rumors about him and the gang, of course but he just didn’t look like the type that was part of a gang. Cassie remember what Sally had thought her, never judge people by what people say, weighing up her choices, she stood up, walked over to Rocco and sat next him, ‘Hey, I’m Cassie” she introduced herself. It wasn’t like she wasn’t a outcast already.

“I’m Rocco” Rocco said as Sally walked into the class, “right everyone I have a very important announcement to make ” Sally stated, she couldn’t help smiling a tad more that Rocco and Cassie were sitting together, they were both outcast that needed someone their own age to talk to. “Everyone, I would like to introduced yet another new student from up North, Nicky Tanner”.

Rocco felt his jaw drop as Nicky walked in, she was the same girl whose house he had broken in and got caught. Fear flowed though his body. “Hey, are you okay? ”Cassie whispered to him, Rocco just nodded, this was bad.

Nicky hated this, standing in front of everyone like this, looking around she caught someone in the corner of her eye, glancing again her suspicions were confirmed, It was that guy who had broken into house, Nicky couldn’t help feeling a little better that he looked more spooked than guy who had just seen a ghost.

Sally looked at Nicky as she just stood there, “Okay Nicky, is there anything you like to tell the class, like where you come from what you like, etc” Nicky just nodded and said “Hi I’m Nicky, can I sit down now”. Sally sighed, this week just wasn’t her week, “Okay, sure, why don’t you sit next to Rocco and Cassie, they could even show you around the school at lunch” she asked Nicky.

Rocco just about jumped out of his skin at that suggestion, Cassie noted, there wasn’t something right here “Are you sure your okay, you seem a bit..” “I’m fine” Rocco whispered back “Just had too much coffee I think” he smiled at her.

Nicky looked at Sally, “I’m with that Mrs. Fletcher, I just don’t know who Rocco and Cassie are” The whole class burst out laughing and Sally gave her the “look”. “Alright, class settle down, Rocco is that fine gentleman there, and Cassie is the beautiful girl sitting next to him”, Sal pointed out,

Nicky just stood there, she stared at Rocco, well she thought this will be interesting. “Is there a problem” Sal asked, “No not at all Mrs. Fletcher” Nicky answered, “Good, lets get started then” Sally replied, all these problems were giving her a headache.

I promise Part six should be better

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hey, don't worry these more of Nicky to come :)


Part Six

“Hey, Roc, got anything yet?” Johnny asked, “Are you kidding, if something goes missing right now, who do you think they’ll blame?”. Johnny looked at Rocco, “Its been over 48 hours since you’ve been there and you have nothing” he demanded “What have you been doing, sitting in your room jacking off the whole time!” Rocco flinched at Johnny’s anger, he hate this so much. “Look, Roc, we’re family that’s why I’m giving you this third chance, you’ve got till tonight to get something valuable or else.

“Are you out of your flaming mind” Alf roared at Sal, “He’s a criminal, and a dangerous one at that, I don’t know what your thinking letting him stay with you. Sal sighed and looked at Alf “He wants to turn his life around, Alf, why can’t he get a second chance?”. Sally picked up her drink and went to sit down. “Look, Sal, I’m not trying to undermined your decisions, I just don’t want you to get hurt” “I understand that Alf, and I respect that, but Pippa never gave up on me and I won’t give up on Rocco, he deserves a chance”.

Rocco walked down the beach as if his body was on autopilot, he knew he couldn’t steal from Sal, but if he didn’t then Johnny would catch up with him, surely Sal wouldn’t notice if some of that old jewelry disappear, Rocco shock his head, that stuff was from Flynn and it meant the world to Sally, he collapsed in sand, he didn’t know what to do, he just wished he could disappear.

Sal drank her orange juice, her thoughts roamed from Brad to Flynn, to school, to Rocco and Ric, she let out a sigh, she wondered what Pippa Snr. would do in a situation like this. “Sally” Leah shouted as she sat down, jotting Sally back to reality, “How’s it going?” “Good, good” Sally lied, “That’s good” Leah replied, Leah looked at Sally with concern “You do know you can tell me if something’s wrong” “Yeah, yeah I know” Sally answered, “Good” Leah, replied though her face made it clear she knew something was up, “So how’s work treating you?.

Rocco sat watching the sunset and listening to sea, trying to clear his mind, “Hey, you okay?” A voiced asked, Rocco looked up to see Nicky standing over him, ‘”You looked troubled” she said as she sat next to him. Rocco looked out to the sea “I’m fine” he answered, Nicky chuckled “I’m blonde, not stupid, you can tell me” Rocco looked her in eyes and felt safe, he couldn’t explain it, she just seem to be safe.

Leah looked at her watch “Looked at the time” she exclaimed, “I better get going” “Me too” Sal said, feeling a touch of regret, talking to Leah had taking her mind off more troubling matters. “Well, cya Sal, take care” Leah said as she hugged Sal, “You too Leah, no causing trouble”, Leah chuckled, “Who me?” Leah replied as she walked out. Matilda passed her on her way in “Have you seen Cass?” she asked Sal, “No, why” as far as Sally knew Matilda was still mad at Cassie for what she did to Ric, “I wanted to patch things up, I mean I can’t go hating her forever, plus life short, no time to hold grudges” Sally smiled, maybe everything would work out fine.

Rocco leaned against Nicky, Nicky holding him tightly, he couldn’t believe that he’d just told Nicky everything, but it was a huge relief to be able to talk to someone about it. “Hey” Nicky said “It’ll be alright, I promise you, we can all have a second chance at life”. Rocco looked up at her, “Huh, what happened to you”. Nicky turned her head away, ‘It’s a long story and one you don’t want to hear, trust me” Rocco wrapped his arm around Nicky waist “I have plenty of time and you owe me, I told you mine”.

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and another one for good luck :)

Part Seven

Sally felt relieved when Rocco finally turned up, she noticed he looked happier than before, “Your tea is in the microwave” she told him, “Yeah, sorry I’m late, I just hanging out with friends” “Yeah, I noticed you seemed a little happier” Sal commented, Rocco let a grin slide on to his “You could say that, mmm” he said looking at tea “Looks great Sal” “Thanks Rocco, you can help clean up when your finished”

“Sure thing Sal” he replied, he felt so happy, the happiest he had in a long time, he had people who cared about him, and a good chance at turning his life around. He felt his phone vibrate, looking at he saw he had received a text, reading it he felt the happiness drain from him.

It read

Met me in the Park at 11.Better have something of value Roc, Johnny.

Rocco looked over it one last time before deleting it, Johnny was in the past now, Sally looked at him concerned “Everything okay Roc?” “Yeah, Sally it really is, have I thanked you yet?, you’re the best” Rocco embraced Sally in a hug before sitting down to have meal.

Rocco walked into, it was late and he should be in bed, but he stomach was grumbling, looking though the cupboards, he grabbed a biscuit as the light turned on, excepting it to be Sal hw started to apologies “I’m sorry Sal, it just…” Rocco felt almost fainted as he looked in horror at Johnny, “Hey Roc, you mustn’t of got that text, see cause when I give a order you follow it, or else”.

Johnny looked at his little brother, Johnny needed to put him back inline and fast before he really lost him, Rocco stared him in the eyes and spat at him “I’m not afraid of you anymore Johnny, I’m not in the gang and I won’t have anything to do with it, got it!” Johnny stared at Rocco, it was happening, Rocco was finally standing up to him, ‘You’ll do what I say, or else” “Or else what” Rocco demanded. Johnny smiled.

Rocco felt sick as Johnny smiled, he knew that smile, and it meant something bad was about to happen, “Wouldn’t it be a pity if something was to happen to Teach” Johnny asked, Rocco grasped “You wouldn’t” Johnny chuckled “Be at the park at 7 with something worth having or else” He point upstairs and then dragged his finger along he throat. Rocco watch as Johnny walked out, so much for the second chance.

Nicky opened the letter she received, she grasped in horror as she looked though the photos of her and Tom, and note, which read, “You can run, but you can hide Shannon, We’re coming.” Nicky swore under her breath and tossed it into the fire, she wasn’t going to prison.

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Ta da

Part Eight

Part Eight

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t make it Roc” Johnny said as Rocco walked up to them, ‘What’s that, a present, you shouldn’t have Roc” Rocco forced a smile, “Here” he said as he handed Johnny the bundle, Johnny looked inside, “Well done Lil bro, I knew you could do it” “Whatever, I have to get to school” Rocco began to walk away, “Have fun at school, keep up the good work” To any passerby, the meaning was pretty simple, but Rocco knew what Johnny really meant and it wasn’t good.

Nicky stared aimlessly into her locker, she couldn’t get the haunting message out of her head, all she wanted was a chance to start over, why couldn’t she even get that. ‘Hey, I’m Matilda, nice to meet you” Nicky look around to see a blonde girl, smaller than herself, holding out her hand, Nicky took it “Nicky, nice to met you Matilda” “Oh you can call me Mattie, everyone does” “Cool thanks” Nicky smiled, she spotted Cass out of the corner of her eye “Hey Cass, over here” she yelled.

Cass looked over Nicky, standing next to her was Matilda and last thing Cass wanted was for Nicky to find out what she had done, “Come on Cassie don’t be a loner” yelled Matilda, Cassie smiled and walked over “How’s it all going” she asked. “Alright” Nicky answered, “Well I can’t complained’ replied Matilda smiling at Cassie, maybe she’s forgiven me, Cassie thought.

“Have you guys seen Rocco” Ric asked as he walked up,

“Why?” asked Cassie “Is something wrong?”

“Its just that he left early and no-one seen him here” “God Ric, why don’t you trust him, he’s probably down at the beach, its not a crime not to be at school early” Cassie exclaimed, Nicky sighed and looked at Matilda, Matilda smiled, “Look” Matilda said “Not guilty till proven otherwise Ric, I’m sure you too could be come great friends if you gave him a chance. Ric sighed, “I guess, its just I don’t want him to hurt Sal” “He won’t” Nicky stated as she closed her locker door, “He won’t”.

“Speak of the devil” Rocco turned around to see Nicky standing behind him, “Wazz up” she asked

“Nothing” he answered, walking towards his locker,

‘Hey, don’t ignore me” Nicky said as she walked faster to catch up to him “Sorry, I’m running late” Rocco exclaimed, “Spent to long at the beach did you?” Nicky asked. Rocco turned to her “What do you know about that” he asked, “Nothing, Ric just said you left early and Matilda or Cassie said you were probably at the beach, no need to act all creepy.” Nicky answered puzzled “Is everything okay” Rocco rubbed his temple, and looked at the ground, regaining his cool, he looked up and smile “Yup, sure, sorry just tired that’s all”,

Rocco stared into her eyes, making Nicky uncomfortable, “Hey’ he asked “Is everything okay with you?” Nicky stared at her feet, when did she become the hunted, “Yeah, of course, cya in class” Nicky fled the hallway into the safety of the girls toilets looking into the mirror she wondered how she managed to make such a mess out of everything.

hopefully the story isn't moving to fast or confusing for you guys, I spent ages working on this chapter, so hope you all enjoyed it, which I'm sure you will:)

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hey everybody, glad your all enjoying the story

Part Nine

Nicky gave one last look in the mirror before walking out of the toilet, she looked her watch, damn she was running late for English, she felt a tap on her shoulder, “Hey you didn’t think you could hide forever” oh great, it was Rocco, “Your like a bad smell sometimes, you know that?” “Yeah well when I don’t stick around, it usually comes to me anyway” Nicky suppressed a smile at that comment, “Come on Nix’s, what’s wrong?, you know you can tell me” Rocco comforted her as he wrapped his arm around her waist, “Oh why on earth did I tell you anything” she moaned, placing her head on his shoulder. “Because I’m sexy and irresistible” Nicky chuckled, and sighed, “That still doesn’t explain why I told you”

Rocco walked along, his thoughts mainly on the gang and Nicky, they had both swear that their new life started that day, and yet within 24hours their old life’s had caught up with them. “Hey, Rocco” Rocco turned to Cassie running up “Wanna come to dinner after school, me, Matilda, Ric and Lucas will be there, maybe Belle” “Sure, why not” Rocco forced a smile. Cassie beamed at him and whacked him playfully on the shoulder “Cool, and ask Nicky if you see her”.

Nicky stared out the window; listening to the teacher drone on about grammar and stuff she couldn’t give a hoot about. So much for her new life, she sighed, had she been kidding, had she thought she could start over, it was time to look at escaping overseas, maybe America?. She looked over at the board at the front of the class, reading one of the quotes of the day, which is she noted to herself had been up for at least a week, it read,

Never give up on yourself.

Nicky sat up straight in her chair, Summer Bay was perfect to her, and she was sick of running, She was Nicky Tanner and she was staying and living her new life.

Next up- an unexpected arrival throws Nicky’s plans out the window and the Rocco learns a painful lesson.

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Part Ten

Alf smiled as he watched the youngsters chat away, he didn’t know if he approved of Rocco yet, but he had Sal’s gracing, so he had to give the kid a chance, besides, hadn’t everyone done something they wish they hadn’t. Matilda walked, still giggling, “Having fun, I see” Alf commented, “Yeah, Mr. Stewart, we are, um can we have, ahh,” Matilda turned to face the group again, “5 Orange juices” she asked. “Coming right up” Alf said, “Cool thanks” Matilda replied.

“So do you like rugby Rocco?” Cassie asked, “Huh, I play sometimes” Rocco replied, Nicky looked at Rocco, she had never seen some look so like a fish out of water, “With a nice buff body like that I’m sure you enjoy some sports” Rocco lifted his head and smiled. “Yeah” came a reply from a group of passing boys, “If you count stealing as a sport” the group laughed, Cassie opened her mouth, but Nicky shut it with a wave of her hand.

“They not worth it Cass, they’re just pathetic little loser’s who have no real friends and if their parents could afford to buy a computer, they would sit all day in front of it, MSNing 40 something old perverts pretending to be 18 year old girls, Yay Orange juice” she exclaimed as Matilda came back the with O.J’s.

Cassie stared at Nicky; and smiled it was nice to have someone around who struck up for people. “Are you going to drink your drink?” Ric asked, Cassie nodded, she felt a wave of sadness flow over her, Ric and Mattie were holding each other closely and Rocco and Nicky were rubbing shoulders and she had no one.

Matilda watched Cass carefully, she seem sadder than normal, then it hit Matilda, of course, Cass will be feeling likes she a fifth wheel, Matilda was about to make comment, when a tall, dark haired man walked up, “Nicky, is that you?” Nicky turned around “Tom!” she exclaimed, Rocco looked at the man with a frown, “Hey, I need to talk with you” Tom said, “In private” Matilda did not miss the evil glare he gave Rocco.


Nicky looked at Tom, “Nicky, what where you thinking” “What I like the name” Tom glared at her, “Why are you here Tom?” “You know why I’m here, we have to get out of here, leave, and we could start a new, maybe in America”

Nicky looked at Tom “Look Tom, I’ve start new here, I have a life here, I’m here” “They’ll find you’re here” Tom grabbed Nicky, “Let go of me” she yelled, twisting out of Tom arms. Tom watched Nicky run down the beach, why couldn’t see he was trying to help her.


Rocco walked down towards the beach, he was worried about Nicky, maybe he should have went with her. Rocco suddenly realized he was being followed, turning around he noticed he was alone except for the five men staring at him. “You Johnny Cooper brother?” Rocco looked around, “Yeah why?” The leader walk towards Rocco, “Consider this like a answer phone machine, I’m leaving a message to Johnny though you” Rocco took a step back “Please I don’t have anything do with Johnny now, Don’t…” Rocco didn’t get a chance to say anymore as he felt himself being beaten into the ground; lying there he could feel the pain of kicking as he slowly slipped into darkness

Coming up- Who's Romantic dinner will be interruppted.

-Which two will form a tight bond?

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