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Ashley Lyons Appreciation Thread

Guest Tasha

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Martha's new guy...

Well we met him today in Australia, and i have created a liking for this fella, especially his hair :wub: and his voice :wub: And tonight, his final scene with Martha, that was hot :wub:

Cant wait to see more of him :D

What you guys think of him??

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Tasha you have converted me :P

The more I watch the eppy the more I like him

Hes smart and funny and ok i suppose he has nice hair Sian :P

I just noticed something as well they would be soo cute to together because

Cam = Mac

Mac = Cam

There names make each others name!!!

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OMG Mac/Cam that is soooooo smart. They are perfect for each other. Bless their little souls :D

I think 'Martha's new boyfriend' would leave a bad taste in Tasha's mouth!

hehe. Well if Jack is allowed a 'lady friend' why cant Martha have a 'man friend' and he is more of a man then Ashton has ever been.

Yay Cam and Mac :wub:

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