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Fighting For Her Heart (by freakybuffy) - comments


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awwww...that was cute. Awww...Martha is Jacks princess. She probably runs into him outside :D Cuteness :wub: Great start

Please update soon :D

P.S freakybuffy, you avatar is so cute :wub:

You will have to see what happens next!

The avatar is from angel a. I love it, but anything to do with Jack and Martha I love I’m such a Hopeless romantic it’s scary sometimes

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I’ve been reading everyone else’s and decided to give it go!

It’s my first attempt so it might not be that good

As the New Years Eve masked ball arrives, Tony, jack and Lucas arrive at Noah’s greeted by Beth. As Beth introduces them to everyone jack slips away and heads to the bar. As he’s waiting to be served he looks around and sees Martha at the other end of the bar. They both can’t stop looking at each other, but unsure of what the other person looks like they get served and walks away to meet up with their friends and family once again. Throughout the night, in turn they have a sneaky look at each other. As the countdown started and everyone was pairing off. They once again tried to find each other but had no joy.

It was about 3ish and most people had already gone home, apart from Alf, Martha and Beth. Martha was cleaning the tops of the tables when she heard a voice saying “do you want a hand tiding up?” it was Jack, hoping Martha would answer. She turns around and sees him looking back at her. They both smile. As she was about to say please, Alf steps in and says “don’t be daft your guest get your self home”. Jack and Martha’s eyes meet once more and with such a disappointing look said “ok, but only if your sure! I will see you all tomorrow. Thanks for a great night bye!” everyone 1 replied “bye” has he left Noah's, Martha walked over to Alf. With a very inquisitive look, but not trying to sound to desperate “so who’s that?” Beth turnaround with a huge grin and laughing whiles she said” and why do you want to know so much... fancy him?” Martha’s face became so red she couldn’t speak; all she could do was run out leaving Alf and Beth who were both laughing hysterically.


but i doubt they'd say fancy!! :D


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