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The Sisterhood

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Story Title: The Sisterhood

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Martha, Tasha, Belle and Matilda

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Four friends grew up together, and had never been apart. one Summer, it changes, and they share a pair of pants to link them. Believing they were magic from the beginning, as their worlds are turned upside down, they begin to realize they may have been very wrong...or, they may realise something else....


Hey all!

This is a new fanfic by me. Based on 'The Sisterhood of the travelling pants'

Please note: I thought I should classify it as T.C. , because there's a few 'incidents' later on.

Also note that not everything is the same as in H&A. I've changed a few things to make it fit in. You'll see what i mean.

A huge thanks to Eli Roenning. She's helped me a lot with this first chapter, as she's my proofreader, and she did a great job. Thanks Eli!

Enjoy everyone!

Chapter 1 of The Sisterhood

They were pants, just Normal pants.

They had been plain, old blue jeans that almost everyone owned. No one would notice them in a crowd. They looked a little bit old and worn out, not the new kind that were stiff and had that new, blue colour. They didn’t look loved and they didn’t look nice, until they slid up the thighs of Belle, then Tasha, next Martha and at last....me.

The pants hadn’t always been ours, and we hadn’t always been a sisterhood. We had been friends. Best friends. It started with the generation above us, and that was how we all came together.

The 4 women met at an aerobics class for pregnant women 16 years ago. The closest thing they had in common was that they were all the heaviest pregnant in the class...with the same due date.

Out came Martha first, at the end of August. Then Amanda went into labour, bringing out baby Belle. Angie then gave birth to beautiful Tasha, and then me, Matilda Hunter, popped out last. I was the one who completed the four of us.

We were inseparable; we had friends at our different schools, but no one came close to what we had with each other. It was like we were one person. We knew each other better than anyone else did. We could understand the things about each other that no one else could and we could help each other when no one else would. We had never been apart.

Our first summer, as I’m told, was us just splashing around in the public baby pool nearby.

The next few summers together were a blur, I suppose. No particular things stood out. Until...

My Dad left. He had left before, but never like this. He left for good. It was a time where I really needed my friends. My Dad was gone, my older sister Kit was out all the time, and my Mum was always crying. It was a depressing time. But my friends got me through it

I depended on them the following summer yet again when Kit, my older sister, couldn’t bare it any longer and left for Queensland to be with my Dad. So it was just me and my Mum.

But I wasn’t the only one who needed help. By the time we hit eleven, Martha’s Mum had hit rock bottom. Through Martha’s life she had struggled to cope as she battled depression, which was hard for Martha as it was, but she went all the way when it was too hard for her and she wasn’t strong enough.

Martha’s life was turned upside down as the truth rattled her. She was sent to see shrink after shrink when the teachers at school thought there was something psychologically wrong with her. But we knew better. We were Martha’s shield as she battled through the tough times, and we were there to support her. We got her through.

The next Summer that stood out...was when it came Belle’s time to shine as Summer Bay’s drama queen. All her life she had said she wanted a brother or sister, but when it happened she threw a tantrum.

Yes, it was the summer Peter and Amanda revealed to their daughter that they wanted a baby. The want of a young one turned into a want of two the next summer, and Belle had gone from an only child to the eldest of three...which she was not happy about at all.

And it was this summer, the one that stood before them, that was already standing out. We had never been apart, and that was all changing. We knew we couldn’t hold on to each other forever, but we wanted to for as long as possible.

Tasha, the beauty, the quiet one (to everyone else, that is) was off for amazing adventures in Greece, Caldera, her parent’s old hometown. Tasha was a girl who thought she knew every boy. She didn’t trust one of them, they were all the same. She disliked them even more when they would walk over, all sleazy and try to pick her up, obviously only have taken a look at her. As soon as she had set them straight, there love would go onto Martha....

Martha wasn’t beautiful like Tasha, but people were fooled into thinking so. It also helped the way she would chat the boys up. Adventurous, outgoing and flirty, what was there not to like? Martha had personal issues behind her bright personality, but she was careful not to let them show. She had been eager to get off to soccer camp so she could flirt with a few guys before whipping their butts, until she found out it was GIRLS only…

Belle, on the other hand, was stuck in the Bay side Brightside Diner, just enough to make her groan with agony. She would be surrounded by cheery, corny people, just the kind of people she hated she hated. She was disgusted at her friends for deserting her, leaving her in the Bay on her own. Of course. Belle, the punk, the loner had to be left on her own with fakers surrounding her. Just great.

I, myself, was excited. Not just excited, unbelievably excited. Yes, I had seen Queensland before. I had seen my father and Kit before, too. But I hadn’t had this long with them since they left. I had planned all sorts of things for us to do, we would be spending non-stop time together! Would be great! Me, the self-conscious one, the neat one with a quick-temper. I hoped I’d be fine. I hope THEY’D be fine. I hoped...I hoped we would have the perfect holiday we had been dreaming of.

And so we were off. We were all going our separate ways for our separate summers, hoping we would survive...

Please read and review! :D

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Martha wasn’t beautiful like Tasha, but people were fooled into thinking so.

:o :o :o :o

Do you really not like Martha?? Shes beautifuller then Tasha. *hmph* Anyways, love the movie, love the fic. Cant wait for more

Honestly, tasha!!!

It's just the way it has to go. I'm not saying that's actually TRUE, but it wouldn't WORK if i hadn't've said that!!! :P

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I have only seen the movie but I totally loved that story, it amazed me at how easily you slipped these summer bay girls lives into the similar lives of the girls in the movie/book!!!

It was really great and please update soon can't wait to see the adventures that unravel from here!!!

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