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The Sisterhood

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Hi Sarah,

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread.


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Sorry that it's taken me awhile. PLease let me know what you think of this chapter. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

Credit to Eli for proofing...she'd done a really great job, IMO!


Chapter 2: The Sisterhood


Matilda waved her hand in front of her friends face, trying to distract her.

“Belle!” Mattie exclaimed, jumping once to make a thundering noise on the dirty wooden floor. A cloud of dust rose up around their feet, as Belle’s eyes still stayed connected with the denim material on the strange jeans that lay in front of her.

She slowly took them out of it’s old cardboard box, dusting them off. The dust, cobwebs, and the fact that Tasha’s attic was so dark made them look less then stylish.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a dirty…and, well, ugly…pair of pants!” Matilda observed as Belle held them up. Matilda preferred neat surroundings, and she couldn’t stand dirty clothing.

“And, why are they in your attic?” Martha asked Tasha, still watching the cobwebs slowly float off the jeans onto the dusty wooden planks.

Tasha slowly reached forward and carefully reached for the old journal that lay beneath it. It was old, with the pages and covering ripped, torn and stained. She opened it gently, not wanting for any of it to fall apart in her very hands.

Her eyes widened in surprised as she saw, not only her mothers handwriting, but her friends mothers too, with all of their own signatures on the first crinkled page.

The other three looked over Tasha’s shoulder to see why she was so speechless. They all gasped too, as they saw the familiar writing. As Tasha realised they were behind her, she shut it quickly. They didn’t need old memories of Marly coming back.

“Uh, Belle, how about…” Tasha looked around the room for a distraction. “How about you… try those on?!” Tasha pointed at the pants with as much enthusiasm as she could for a pair of jeans covered in dirt.

Belle had been considering it for awhile, and she grabbed them quickly, pulling them up her legs fast. Something told her they were different from other jeans. She had found them, she couldn’t just abandon them with the other junk.

She twirled around for her friends to see her other side. Matilda’s eyes widened. They didn’t look old anymore. They looked loved, cared for and perfect on Belle’s legs.

“Ohhh…” Martha breathed out at the sight of her friend in the old dusty pants…they looked better than her usual pants. Much better.

“You look…like a…supermodel!” Tasha exclaimed, looking Belle up and down.

“Who’s the supermodel here?” Belle asked Tasha, pushing them down her legs again, and kicking them in her direction.

“Me? No way!” Tasha replied, pushing them back in Belle’s direction.

“Yep. Your turn.” Belle told her, kicking them up so they landed in Tasha’s lap.

Tasha rolled her eyes, as she did the same thing Belle had done only minutes ago to end up with the same result. The jeans had fit her as though they had been specially made, which surprised everyone seeing as that’s how they had looked on Belle… and they were both clearly different sizes.

“ Taaashaaa …careful! The paparazzi might come into your attic and discover you look good in jeans!” Martha teased, knowing Tasha was conservative and uncomfortable.

Tasha glared at her. She kicked them off and sat down, throwing them at Martha first.

“Well, what about you see how you like them, then?”

“Aw, come on Tash. They look good! Besides, they won’t fit me anyway” Martha replied.

“Not scared, are you, Maccy?” Matilda teased. She knew Martha wouldn’t take that. She threw her own jeans in a pile on the floor, covering them in dust, and took hold of the other ones.

“There!” Martha exclaimed, hands on hips as she waited for her friends to observe her.

“Okay, this is getting freaky” Matilda commented.

“Martha, Martha, Martha…you are a vision” Belle added

“That I doubt” Martha replied, eyebrows raised. She peeled the jeans off, sliding them down her legs. Martha, Tasha and Belle all turned their heads and stared at Matilda.

“Oh no. Ohhh, no, no, NO!” Matilda exclaimed as she began to understand why her friends’ eyes were popping out at her.

“Matilda! Come on!” Belle encouraged.

“Yeah, Mattie. Fair's fair!” Tash added.

Matilda rolled her eyes, and took the pants. She expected them to stop and refuse to fit, but they slid all the way up, and waited for her to button and zip. She looked down at herself, expecting to look fat.

“Okay, this is getting freak…ier….” Belle said.

“No way. This is impossible. They can’t fit me!” Matilda cried, looking down at her backside, trying to get a good view.

“Or me”

“Or me”


“Oh, the rush!” Martha cried, jumping down another rock. It was their cave. Their cave It was their place, where they would hold their own meetings, ceremonies and hideouts. It was beautiful, it was secret, it was sacred.

It was by the rough waters, but they had never fallen in or stepped a foot close to the rushing waves. They has snuck out to the cave that night, for a secret ceremony/sleepover. Belle told her mother she would be at Tasha’s. Tash told her’s she would be at Matilda’s, Matilda told her Mum she’s be at Martha’s, and Martha just left, because her dad probably wouldn’t care anyway.

They reached their rocky destination, placing their belongings down while watching their step. The ground was so bumpy that anyone could trip and fall. They set up camp, with torches, blankets, sleeping bags, soda, a few carefully placed and lit candles for the ceremony, pillows, marshmallows, and of course, an essential, gummy worms. (Good paragraph!)

Gathering around into a circle, the four best friends joined hands.

“This Summer is going to be different from any Summer,” Matilda began, “We will be apart for the first time in our lives. And we’re off for the adventures of our lives. Today, before we leave each other and separate, whether it be to Greece, to some weird soccer camp, to Queensland, or to even stay in Summer Bay, we will be sure to have an experience’

‘We, Matilda Hunter, Martha Mackenzie, Tasha Andrews and Belle Vale, best friends, on this very day, form the one and only…Sisterhood. The Sisterhood of the travelling pants.”

“Sisterhood?” Belle interrupted “Travelling pants ?”

“Yes!” Matilda replied defensively.

“Like…we…what, exactly?” Martha asked, confused.

“You know. We share them! The pants! And we write to each other, all summer! You know?” Matilda was getting excited.

“You’ve really thought about this, haven’t you?” Matilda nodded. “Why, though? Why do we need to share them?” Tasha asked her.

“Because. We’re apart and…and we’re going to need them. Come on, you guys! You saw what happened today. They’re magic! And if we take them…if we take them, then I know that they’ll help us, and something will happen…because that’s what they do !”

They stayed up the rest of the night, giggling and talking, and sorting out the rest of the sisterhood. They had no idea what the future would hold for them….

Tasha walked slowly to her gate, taking a seat by the window to see planes taking off. A Qantas jet’s motor had started and was getting ready for take off. The plane gathered its speed and power and jetted off up into the sky.

Wow. That’ll be me soon.

Belle glared at her Bay side Diner apron laid out on her bed. She had been staring at it in disgust for the last three minutes, and she finally realised she had to put it on or she’d be late. Hopping on her bike, angry she still didn’t have her licence, she rode off in her embarrassing Diner apron on her embarrassing bike.

What a fun Summer this will be…

Matilda gazed out of the aeroplane window. She checked her watch again. Only a minute since last time. Time had to go slower in the air. She (honestly) couldn’t wait for landing. She had it all planned out in her head. Her father would hug her first, and wouldn’t want to let go, until Kit made him get off so she could have her turn. They’d drive her to their house, and everything would be perfect….just perfect.

Come on plane, I want to start my Summer already!

Martha looked at her surroundings, as she sung along with her fellow campers, to their camp song. All girls. An all girl camp!? Why didn’t anybody tell her? Here she was thinking she could find a decent boy. Better than the Summer Bay boys, anyway. Martha lifted her spirits and joined in the song again.

I bet I can manage to find a guy at an all-girl camp… Martha Mackenzie can do anything!

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Thanks everyone.


Have been working on the Third chapter quite hard. I want this one to be a good one.

About half way through. Should be up soon. :)

Proper reviews, as we've been advised are welcome too.

Constructive critisiscm and lines you like, etc. (Doesn't even have to be too long, I just like to know what you properly think, that's all)

I don't mean to be needy. :lol:

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