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The Sisterhood

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Currently talking to Sarah on msn and she said to thank everybody for the reviews :)

She would like you all to know (for those people that didnt know already), she gave up BTTB for Lent, and she will either have the next chapter up soon (if i post it) or after Easter

Enjoy xxx

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Chapter 4 (I think. Lol)


The way he called her name gave her shivers down her spine. She turned away, closing her eyes for a moment. She was the one who was conservative. Martha might have dived in enthusiastically, but not her. A cute boy was asking her to take a swim with him...but, yet, it was still skinny-dipping.

“Tasha!” Jonah called once again. She slipped into the cool water. Ahhh. Refreshing. Her whole body tingled when the water touched her skin. She purposely stayed on the other side of the lake to Jonah, but he was edging towards her.

He reached out and his hand brushed her arm. He was getting closer. A voice inside her told her to grab her clothes and run, but he now was holding her hand. His grip tightened, and she realise it wasn’t just a flirty game anymore.

He came closer and closer, his grip now so tight that it hurt her arm.

“No....Jonah, no....please don’t” She whispered.

Dear Martha,

Yes, this is my first letter. Yes, I’m in Queensland, and yes, I’m wearing the pants.

The pants haven’t done me much magic yet. I had the freakiest dream on the way here, to Queensland. It’s too weird to explain, Mac, but I felt like it was telling me something... does that make me crazy?

My Dad wasn’t even there to pick me up! Just A crazy girl who claimed to be ‘Kit’. She’s totally different, Martha. She’s interested in clothes, and shoes, and make-up...what happened to the family I used to belong to!?

And then she mentioned a WEDDING! What wedding!?

Am I overreacting, Maccy?

Your stressed-out friend,


Martha raised her eyebrows in surprised. She smiled at the same time, though. So her friend wasn’t having the best time... she sure was! The boy checking her out was a total hottie, and at the same time she could bother the stuck-up-blonde-girl while enjoying flirting with ‘Jack’ as his name was said to be.

She could practically hear Mattie moaning and stressing as she read the letter. Her head snapped up as she heard her name mentioned. It was coming from Hayley’s snobby group over in the corner.

‘I mean, God! She’s so ugly and mean. What does Jack see? Have you seen her? She just walks around like she’s better than everyone!” Hayley’s whispers weren’t quiet enough. She saw Martha listening, but continued. Martha just shook it off. She wasn’t going to let some idiotic jealous rumours bother her...until...

‘I bet her Mum killed herself because of her. Who would want a daughter like THAT, anyway!?” Hayley looked straight over at Martha.

Martha’s tears couldn’t stay in any longer. But she wouldn’t let Hayley win this battle.

‘Listen, Hayles,’ Martha began, trying to sound calm. She said ‘Hayles’ as though she was a mother of a stupid five year old. ‘It’s nice that you love playing Chinese Whispers, but that’s not how you play. And I’m sorry that you’re boyfriend prefers the pretty and NICE ones, but I can’t help that you’re a Bi***!’ Martha’s voice got louder and louder until she was shouting, her rage coming out full blast…

“So...anything crazy that’s in fashion in SB right now!?” Kit chirped to Matilda as she drove along the road.

Matilda raised her eyebrows.


Kit just smiled. “I’ve changed, haven’t I?” she asked cheerfully. Matilda nodded. “I think you’ll find that about a lot of things” she hinted, still smiling.

Matilda was worried. She didn’t like change. And right now, she didn’t like her sister.

“I liked things the way they were before,” Matilda commented “When we were a big happy family, and I was little and didn’t know the difference between happy and angry”

“Mattie, I hate to tell you this, but you know that we never really were ‘a big happy family’” Kit replied.

She was still smiling! How could she still be smiling!?

“What are you talking about!?” Matilda sneered angrily. She got upset at any comment at her family not being happy like she wished them to be.

“Oh, come on. Dad and Mum had shouting arguments, Robbie would cry, I would yell, you and Henry would be bratty, and Scott would be….big brother jerk! And then….well, all of us fell apart after awhile”

Matilda folded her arms. She didn’t want to believe it. But she knew it was true.

Belle paced. One foot in front of the other. She felt numb. Still, they heard nothing. One doctor would come out of a room. Belle or Amanda would pounce on them. And no information would be given.

Dr. Armstrong suddenly appeared. She murmured a few quiet words to Amanda, and Belle sneered. Adults never told her anything, thinking she wasn’t mature enough. SHE was the one who had to ring the hospital and take care of him!

“We can go in now” Amanda told Belle.

They walked in and sat by his side. What was wrong? Why had this happened? What was going on.

“The tests will be back soon. They’ll tell us what’s happening” Amanda told Peter, holding his hand.

Two hours. Belle had fallen asleep she had gotten so bored. They went slowly. The clock ticked a second for every ten minutes, Belle swore it did. Finally, a doctor came in. The look on his face told Belle it was not good news.

And it wasn’t.

Dear Tash,

I’m writing to you from the hospital lobby. Today has been an eventful, frustrating day, and I desperately need someone to talk to. As none of you are close enough to talk to and I don’t want to work up a huge phone bill, I’m writing.

My Day didn’t start off very well. I got all the stupid orders at the stupid diner wrong, I made the coffee machine blow up; I dropped a few plates of food, and got horribly yelled at.

I told the ugly fake boss, Irene, I was fired. We were both happy.

Then when I arrived home, my mother ordered me to watch Nicky and Chloe. I know you think they’re cute, but they’re messy as well.

Then it happened. I found Dad on the floor, unconscious, and now we don’t know what’s wrong. Tashy, I need you!

Your moody, desperate, jealous and unhappy friend,


He tried to take a hold of her, to pull her closer, but she resisted with all her might.

“What’s wrong? You know you want to” He told her.

No she didn’t! it was the dirtiest thing he could ask her to do and she’d never want to do it with some pervert! She was shy and didn’t have a lot to say, and he liked the look of her. He took advantage of that. If she had of let him do what he wanted with her, then for sure he would tell all of his stupid friends.

“No…” She whispered quietly

“What?” he asked. He knew what she had said….

“I said…no. No. No! No!” With each ‘no’ Tasha’s voice grew louder. She was NOT going to let him get closer. She was NOT going to let him take advantage of her. She was NOT going to let him touch her.

With nervous despair but a newly found, brave confidence, Tasha sla[[ed Jonah across his face. He hadn’t been expecting the pretty, quiet girl to do that, and now was her moment. She jumped out of the water, desperately grabbing her clothes. It was a deserted area, so no one had witnessed it. He was climbing out after her, but she ran and ran….

Hayley looked taken aback, and surprised. Martha took a step back from the blonde girl. Had she just done that? Yes, she had. The whole room was staring at her. A few were whispering to each other. Hayley and her little group of friends got up and stalked out, wiggling their skinny hips.

Slowly, the clapping began. Soon, the crowd was full of cheers. Someone has just attempted to take Queen Hayley down! A small smile appeared on Martha’s pretty face. She had never met someone so mean in her life….she had never been so mean in her life.

Cassie slowly made her way over to her.

“Uh-Ohhh….” She breathed.

“What?” Martha asked, only half paying attention

“You’re going to be the girl Hayley hates. It used to be this girl, Ellie Fisher. Got in Hales way, and….”

“And what!?” Martha cried

“And…she never came back to soccer camp. Hayley has that kind of power. She made that girl’s life HELL.” Cassie finished.

Martha’s eyes widened, but she quickly made them go back to normal size. Ellie was probably just an idiot. She wasn’t going to let Hayley take her down…in fact; she was going to challenge her. Starting with…Jack Holden.

Dear Matilda,

Stay on my good side. I took down the soccer camp Bi-atch today! Goooo MAC! Seriously, she will so be watching out, now.

Have you gotten a letter from Tash, yet? I haven’t heard from her! I rang Belle quickly, and she hasn’t, either.

Hope she’s okay. Speaking of okay, I saw a total hottie today! His name’s jack Holden and he already wants me. He’s a coach, and you know what that means! 100% hands off Martha! Too bad. I’m going to do whatever I can to make him mine….

Your devious friend,


Matilda stepped out of Kit’s car. Where was she? This wasn’t the apartment building she had dreamed of. Her dad had moved…to just a normal, family, suburb area!

“What are we doing here?” Matilda asked Kit, sure that this wasn’t where they lived.

“Ummm....what do you think we’re doing here?” Kit laughed, thinking she was funny.

Matilda looked at the clean, white house. Two stories, neat, pretty, flowered garden, pavement driveway and freshly mowed lawn. It had a window on each side on each floor of the house, and one big one in the middle at the top of the house. They were all decorated with fancy, floral flowers. There were still Christmas lights here and there, and a baby Jesus in the window....her Dad wasn’t a religious person!

There was a Christmas tree in the window, flashing lights even though it was day time. Every house in the neighbourhood looked like this, with a normal family car parked in the driveway. Except, out the front of this house, there were four people waiting for her....

Dear Belle,

I don’t have much to say, but I hate Jonah. Jonah is the one I hate.

I hate boys, I hate summer and I hate Greece.

I hate this. I hate this letter, this place and this life.

Lord help me.

I know you don’t understand, but I can’t get it onto paper at this moment. I think I might breakdown soon.

Love and hate,


Belle knew what leukemia was. She’d heard of it in books, but it had never affected her. Nothing did. It was always someone else with the tragedies. She couldn’t face her crying mother, her confused brother and sister and her vague father.

She remembered the fights she always had with her father, the screaming mmatches. And in less than three months, he’d be gone.

She wanted to make up for those times, the times where she had been lazy, or rude or just a plain pain. She wanted to hold him and take it all back, because right now time was precious, and she didn’t have much of it.

She had always said she hated her father, and thought that he hated her. She sat down in the same seat she had sat in when Grandma was dying, but she hadn’t felt like this. Ten minutes ago, she was angry at her mother and father for making her stay in the stupid hospital, and now she was distraught.

Belle, apart from when she had pretended to in those masses she was forced to go to when she was a kid, had never prayed in her life. But now, she was going to make up for it. For all of it.....

First of all, I would like to thank Rosey, my messenger. Second of all, sorry about all this, but I have given BTTB up for lent and can’t go on until after Easter (But then I am going on holidays, hmmm....) Sorry, but this hasn’t been proofread either, so I’m sorry if it’s not perfect. Also, thanks so much for your kind comments and reviews, I am so happy with them. Your advice is great! (BTW, Rosey passed them onto me) I will try some of that advice soon, but this is a rushed chapter to let you know you’re not forgotten. I miss you guys!

PS. Keep your eyes peeled, another fanfic is rolling through my mind......haha

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Hi Sarah, good to see you back :)

I'm still available if you want me to continue proofing for you :wink:

Oh, thanks!

The last chapter was a spurr of the moment, so....yeah.

I'm a bit like that, :P

Thanks for your comments guys, you're all super!

Next chapter in the works!

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