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The Womanizer

Guest Drew

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Thanks, the librarians.

This following FanFiction The Womanizer has been classified M 15+ . It contains sexual references, sex scenes, adult themes with a pinch of violene. Andrew Vella (Me) recommends parental guidence for younger viewers.

CHAPTER ONE: Oh Holy Celia

Candy canes floated in the bright blue sky as the white puffy rabbits humped each other on the fluffy green grass. Music was pumping in the fields as Drew Curtis began to make out on one of the hills with Belle Taylor. Across the sparkling river, Amanda Vale walked across with two jugs of beer, wearing nothing but a very revealing piece of white lingerie. Yep, not matter how great it got, this was Peter Baker’s happy place. Peter smiled as he watched Amanda pour the beer over her body and began to watch closely as he watched the bubbly liquid soak through Amanda’s very revealing lingerie. Peter’s wet mouth began to drop slowly as he watched Amanda washing herself with the beer. As he stared closer, he could see Amanda mouthing something towards him, she was mouthing his name.

“Peter”. She whispered as Peter’s blue eyes watched her mouth. “Peter.” She whispered again.

“PETER!?” Celia Stewart snapped, as she sat there watching Peter staring into deep space. The two were having a picnic on the warf, watching the ducks fly by.

“I’m sorry… What?” Peter said, wiping his happy place away from his mind as her stared into Celia’s grey eyes which were almost covered by her grey hair.

“Would you like to begin?” Celia asked, talking about the picnic food lying in front of them.

“Oh, sure!” Peter said as he went to go grab a bread roll. He then began to hear an annoying squealing voice near him. As he looked up, he noticed it was Celia, she was beginning to sound paranoid for some reason. “Is everything ok?” Peter asked, as he looked at her weird.

“What about grace?” Celia cried. Feeling as if she was creating a sin, eating without saying her prayers.

“What!? Grace?! Is she here!?” Peter said out in a panic, as he jumped up, looking around.

“What? Grace! Prayers!” Celia explained calmly as Peter’s shocked face warmed down.

“Oh, Celia, you scared me there for a second!” Peter said calmly as he sat down, feeling relieved. “Oh Lord… We pray… Thank you for this day, and thank you for letting us stay alive in this present month of May.” Peter softly spoke as Celia began to look at him weird. “Each and every day, I pray, and pray, and hope that you make something of my life… Today, I know you’ve done something for me. You’ve blessed me with this…” Peter then opened his eyes and scrunched up his face. “You’ve blessed me with this dear woman. And I will be forever grateful… Amen.” Peter finished up. As he looked up he noticed Celia smiling towards him.

“How sweet!” Celia said as she touched Peter’s face and planted a kiss on Peter’s soft tender lips. “Oh dear Lord!” Celia said with a smile as she noticed a boat coming towards the warf. “Doesn’t this boat remind you of Noah? And how he saved all those animals!? God bless that man!” Celia finished as she began to eat. Peter looked at the boat weird as his phone began to rang. Celia listened closely to Peter’s voice as he spoke on the phone. Feeling like she was in heaven as his voice sounded like the angel. As he hung up, her smile faded away.

“I have to go… That was work… I’m so sorry!” Peter explained as he got up.

“Oh never mind. We shall have to do this another time! I’ll call you!” Celia said getting up.

“I’ll be waiting by the phone.” Peter said with a sarcastic tone as he walked off.

As Peter arrived to his car, he saw Amanda Vale across the car park. She smiled at him as she took off her glasses. Peter grew a large grin as he walked up to her and gave her a big, juicy, sloppy, wet kiss.

“I’ve missed you, you know.” Amanda said smiling.

“Thank God for that!” Peter smiled as he gave her another kiss.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet. Peter Baker is a womanizer. Dating and having sex with different girls, whenever he wants and whenever he feels like it. Ah, this was the life he thought to himself as Amanda pinched his ass as they entered his car, ready for a little game of S-E-X.

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^ Carmelle, I bet you she'll be horrified. Unless, of course, Peter/Morag.... :unsure:

Chrissie, this is it :P But I'm expanding it hehe... So instead of The Lunchbreak, it's now The Womanizer haha... Glad ya'll liked it.

Awesome. :D Loving the title as well, dude. :lol:

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