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The Forgotten Past

Guest Lilone

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Story Title: The forgotten Past

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters: Peter, Amanda and Drew

BTTB rating: T, V

Genre: Drama and voilence

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: Amanda finds out that she is carrying a baby but who's is it? Peter or Drew's?

Chapter one- The forgotten past starts to unfold......

Amanda inched gingerly towards the edge of the bed, her hands gently fingering the soft silk, latest design, hot pink duvet cover. It had been her present to Peter that she gave him just the other day, and she smiled remembering the look on his face when she gave it to him. Just the feel of the soft silk against her skin only seemed to emphasize the loneliness of the night just spent with the cover wrapped around her. The usual warmth and comfort of it was somehow not the same when he wasn't there to share it with her.

She lay under the duvet cover beginning to reminisce over the stupid fight, the small unpredictable outrages from her that would just come from her at any point and she didn’t even know why. Last night was when he had finally snapped back and she felt sick remembering the hurt on his face as he moved his things into the spare room…

As the feeling of nausea increased a sudden thought flittered into her head and she had a sinking realisation of why she had acted the way she had.

She felt exactly the same twice before, once about 16 years ago then around the same time 8 years later, she never thought she would go through it again but the more she thought, the more she was determined to find out the truth.

Her determination to find out the truth as to why she was acting so unpredictably took her by surprise and before she could do anything she began to sit up, cautiously walking into the bathroom. She took a deep breath, the white washed walls seemed so cold and clinical, like a hospital.

She checked the small screen on the test and her breath caught in her throat. Grabbing the leaflet she hurriedly re-reads the instructions, her heart sinking into her stomach. She eyed the screen again, there was no mistake, and she was…

She slowly put the test on the edge of the toilet half tempted to flush it away as if maybe doing that would flush it out of her mind, her body, her life?

As she stared at the test she started to wonder how Pete would react to the news that he was going to be a father. After all they were only just beginning to get used to being the talk of the town for getting engaged.

Amanda caught a glimpse of Ryan’s comics that were placed on the small white shelf next to the shower, the thoughts of Pete reading his magazines to his child in a few years time made her feel warm inside, the warmth that made her want to run out of the house, down to the station to tell Pete the news.

The only thing that stopped her from running to the station was the fact that Pete might not even want to see her, since it had only been just over a month since Pete proposed to her. He may just want to call off the wedding after the way she treated him last night. She felt terrible inside, disgusted with herself for treating him like he meant nothing to her. Pete meaning nothing to her was far from the truth, she was deeply in love with the gorgeous, sexy, loving Peter Baker.

Amanda maneuvered herself next to the toilet as she leaned against the wall. She moved her eyes down towards her stomach as she gently touched the slight bump that she just thought was fat after all the junk food she had eaten after Christmas. She smiled as she began to get used to the idea of being a mum again. She knew that if she could be happy with being a mum again then Pete would be able to stand by her and the baby.

She walked out of the bathroom carrying the pregnancy test. As she looked around the walls seemed brighter and not so dull as they had before she entered the bathroom. The carpet felt so much smoother to walk on, the picture of Ryan and Belle looked so much clearer to look at. The past few weeks of being depressed and emotional felt like she never experienced it, having a baby would be a brand new start for her.

The further she walked into her room the more she couldn’t contain herself any more, she put the positive pregnancy test on her bedside table before grabbing her coat and making her way down stairs. Everything downstairs seemed different but she didn’t have too much time to think about the room, she walked straight towards the door, opening it and not looking back as she headed to the station.

She walked almost dragging her feet, so lost in her own world, so preoccupied with thoughts of her future that she hardly noticed how slow she was walking. She couldn’t stop thinking about her, Pete, Ryan, Belle and Drew being one happily family, together at last the way it should be.

The further she walked the more deeper her thoughts become, she was in another world, that was until she came around as she heard her name being shouted from a distance.

“ Hey Amanda, is it ok if I come round and see dad later?” Drew was walking towards her, a smile on his face as he looked expectantly to her for her answer.

“Yeah of course it is.” Amanda struggled to hold back her joy.

“What’s with the big smile?” Drew looked at her curiously.

“Nothing, I will see you later.”

Amanda turned and started to walk to the station when she suddenly stopped, turning to look at Drew who was walking away from her. The shocking thought hit her like a lightening bolt, as the surroundings started to close in on her. Everything she looked at became blurry as the thoughts of her and Drew in bed together started coming back, the passionate sex they had in her bed that seemed so long ago. She is still staring into thin air as her eyes began to fill up with tears that sent her vision blurry, ‘He can’t be can he?’ Amanda thought to her self, ‘It’s got to be Pete’s'. She began to repeat the words over and over again, trying to convince herself that the baby was Pete’s.

To be continued.....

Will Amanda tell Pete he might not be the father of her baby?

Will Amanda stop things from getting out of hand?

p.s Thanks to Skykat for all her help :D

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I've already picked out a lot of my favourite bits in the stuff I sent back to you but I just wanted to post again in here what a great job you've done with this story.

The description is really good, you really get inside Amanda's head and I really got a sense that I was seeing things from her point of view. The opening was brilliant and the unpredictable outrages you already know I loved and I did get such a shock when I got to the place you've ended the first part at. I so didn't see that coming!

I'm not going to comment too much because I've read on a bit from what you've posted here and I don't want to give anything away so I'll review more fully once you've posted more. I just wanted to put in here how well I think you wote this and how much I'm looking forward to what comes next.

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That was amazing Lil! I loved it, you described Amanda's emotions so well. Like Skykat said I did not see the ending happening at all, but it is a great twist and I can't wait to read more. I am a little shocked to say that I am reading fics other than ones without Jack and Martha in it :P

Please update soon, I can't wait to read more, and I'm going to love bugging you on msn over this fic :P

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I hope the baby is Peters but if it was Drews, my gosh he (I'm hoping a boy) will be a looker :P Then again another Ryan would be cute, pure blond hair with blue eyes. I don't know now who I want the father to be!

Great description, loved the whole thing.

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So Pete isn't the father?? :o I wonder who it is?? Great Start. It was written beautifully!! Can't wait for the next part!! :D

Look back at the last paragrah..... that should give you a hint to who it may be.

Oh my gosh I can't believe i missed that!!! But you said may be who it may be so I am guessing Amanda has been with quite a few people while been with Pete!! Like I said before I really enjoyed the first chapter. You are a brilliant writer!!!

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