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Everything Happens For A Reason...

Guest puja

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Story Title: Everything Happens For A Reason...

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Emma

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D L

Summary: Martha and Jack's friendship was something to behold but, a realisation and revelation changed everything. Now, after years of being apart, an unlikely source ventures out to bring them back together. What will become of their relationship? Will fate have the final say, once again?

Hey guys; I’m baaaccck! :) And back with another fic- thanks to some much needed persuasion. There are just a few things that I’d like to point out before I get started:

• I’m not at uni at the moment, so the updates might be quite regular. However, I cannot promise the same once I start back (sorry).

• The fic may be a little confusing as it moves between the past and present but please bear with it; don’t let that put you off.

• It is another Jack and Martha fic, but has got nothing to do with anything that has/or is going to happen in the show.

• Jack is 21 years old at the start of the fic.

• The fic is mainly set in Summer Bay and, excluding a few, all the characters will be fairly familiar.

• Krystal has ‘offered’ to be my proof-reader (thanks!) so, if you have any problems with the above, please tackle it with her! Lol!

Chapter 1

An unforgiving echo entrenched the Church as the only source of light flickered violently in the eerie atmosphere. It had only been four days since she was taken away from him, but the feelings were still so raw and painful. His heart felt heavy and the hurt remained engulfed, not wanting to subside. But Jack didn’t want it to; it was the only existing feeling of her he now possessed. The only remaining sensation of Tina- his beloved wife.

The Church was now empty. People had paid their respects in the Service a couple of hours ago and had now left. Jack remained seated on the pew in the middle of the Church. His motionless figure just wouldn’t move; no matter how hard he willed it to. This was where he felt closest to his Tina. He knew he had to be strong and not let his emotions get the better of him. He had to compress all the demons he was fighting- if not for himself, then at least for the sake of his week year old daughter; Emma.

Jack remembered back to the day he found out he was going to be a dad. He had never felt so happy in his entire life. He recollected the over-empowering emotions he felt when Tina told him. Tears of joy were soon flowing as he planned his entire life in that very moment; a life revolving around Tina and his unborn child. He couldn’t have been happier. But, that happiness was short lived. Jack shook his head, wanting to forget the moment when he found out. That split second that turned his life up-side down and made him just want to break-down. But he couldn’t. He was in no state to suppress his thoughts and emotions.



“Jack, I know this is a very hard time for you, but you have to understand, this was how Tina wanted it. They were her conditions.” Dr Smith tried to console him.

“How Tina wanted it?! Her conditions?! What about me?! I’m her husband for Christ sake. I had the right to know!” Jack shouted in disgust as the anger that was building inside of him was beginning to take control.

“Please calm down Mr Holden. This is a hospital, not your police station,” Dr Smith retaliated. Jack looked up at Dr Smith and acknowledged his plea. He slumped onto the chair and buried his face into his hands. “Look Jack, I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now but, you have to accept the way Tina has chosen to handle this. She knew from the start what this pregnancy meant for her and the dangers that lied ahead. But, you should have seen her. The grit and determination of that young woman was something to behold Jack” Dr Smith said as he put his hand on Jack’s shoulder “she was determined not to let this get the better of her,” he said. “Please Jack, don’t spend the last precious moments you have left together in anger; she needs you now more than she ever did,” he concluded.

“Come in,” said Tina in response to the knock on the door. “Hey, it’s you. You know you don’t have to knock to come in silly,” she said playfully with a smile on her face at the sight of Jack.

“Yeah… I know, it’s just I… oh, it doesn’t matter,” he said forcing a pretence smile on his face as he carefully closed the door behind him. “How are my two favourite girls doing?” he asked, rubbing his eyes that were still glistening with tears and then taking his daughter from Tina.

“Mmm, we’re both doing great. And, will you look at that, she’s only spent two minutes in your arms and she’s already asleep,” Tina smiled as she watched Jack put her down in her cot. “I now know you two will look after eachother when I’m go-”

“Don’t,” Jack said, raising his fingers to her lips “just…please don’t say… say it,” he said through the sobs.

“Jack please, you know I can’t see you upset,” Tina pleaded crying too, whilst cupping Jack’s face with her hands. “Baby, I know you have so many questions and believe me, I had those same questions going around in my head when I found out about the complications. But then, I remembered back to the day when I told you I was pregnant. The look on your face was priceless and there was no way I was going to jeopardise that. I was fortunate enough to bear our child Jack and for that, I want to thankyou”. She then paused for a moment, “Jack… I… I need you to promise me a few things for when I’m gone,” Tina stated, brushing away her tears. Jack looked up at her and deep into her eyes. He saw the bravery and intensity that she was preserving and was, at the same time, feeling agony and admiration.

“Yes,” was all that he could manage.

“Well, first of all, I want you to christen our angel Emma Martha Holden. Secondly…” she paused for a moment whilst trying to retrieve something from underneath her pillow, “secondly, I have written these letters for Emma. There are eight, I have labelled them, and for every birthday, Emma has to be given one to read. I want her to know about her mum. And finally, Jack… Jack, I want you to be happy; always,” she finished, whilst trying to close the flood-gate of tears that were now becoming uncontrollable.

“I love you so, so, so much Tina” Jack said. He held her tightly in his arms and cried into the curve of her neck.

“Jack,” Tina said, bringing his head within inches of her face and stroking away the tears that had soaked his red fiery cheeks. “Kiss me, one last time. The infamous Jack Holden kiss,” she laughed slightly. Jack moved closer to Tina until thier noses were touching. He slid one hand on her cheek- resting the thumb under her ear- whilst rubbing her back with his other hand and captured her lips. The kiss lingered for what seemed like mere seconds to them, but probably an eternity; neither wanting to relent.

End of Flashback


That was the last moment he had spent with his wife, Jack thought to himself. A small tear began to emerge from the corner of his right eye. The droplet made its way down his cheek and perched itself onto his top lip. That was his first sign of emotion throughout the whole of the day. He looked down at his hands and caught the shimmering sight of his wedding ring. The radiant sparkle from the ring reminded him of the first time he saw Tina, and the smile she flashed at him; that gorgeous smile.

Jack was too engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t even realise Tony was sat besides him. Tony shuffled closer towards his eldest son. It killed him to see his son in so much pain, and there was nothing he could do to put an end to it.

“Come on mate,” Tony said to Jack whilst putting his hand on his son’s shoulder, “Emma’s missing her dad."

“Come on dad, I want to go home,” said Jack whilst getting up and straightening his jacket. “I need to fulfil my promise to Tina; I need to be with my baby girl”. With that, both Jack and Tony left the Church together.


Eight Years Later

“Dad, dad! Wake up, its 7’o clock in the morning and it’s my birthday!” Emma screamed whilst jumping up and down on her dad’s bed to try and get him up.

“Angel, Daddy was working late last night, he needs to sleep,” groaned Jack as he attempted to pull the sheets over his head.

“Daddy, please! You know what I want; just tell me where Mummy’s letter is? It’s her last one and I want to read it,” She explained getting excited.

“Sweetheart, it’s on the table, in the kitchen; I left it there last night be-” but before Jack could finish off his sentence, Emma had already sprinted her way downstairs. Jack smiled to himself. He knew that each birthday, no matter what he bought her, it had no value in comparison to her mother’s letters. He was very proud of the young woman he was seeing before him; his little angel.

Emma got to the bottom of the stairs and glanced over at the table. As her dad had said, the envelope labelled, ‘8th’ sat in the middle of it, being propped up by a vase. She walked up to it cautiously feeling very nervous and sad. Emma knew this was the last of her mother’s letters and so was slightly wary of reading it. Because of the previous letters, Emma felt she knew her mother very well. She was warm, kind, gentle and pretty humorous. She felt a bond with her mum, even though it was through writing, and was worried that she was going to lose that ‘connection’. Emma knew that what awaited her in this letter was something very important, that’s what her mum had said in her last letter. After reading that comment, Emma was eager to open her ‘8th’ letter last year, but her dad had refused, saying that he promised to give each letter, every year. With those thoughts in mind, Emma sat down at the table and picked up the envelope. She carefully tore around the top of the envelope, being extra careful not to rip the letter. She took the letter out and immediately noticed the length of it- it was several pages long. Emma closed her eyes, took a deep breath and began to unravel the note…

*CHAPTER 2- What’s written in the letter?*

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Krystal has offered to be my proof-reader (thanks!) so, if you have any problems with the above, please tackle it with her! Lol!

Ha ha very funny, lol.

That was fantastic! I wasn't sure if I was meant to be sad during the hospital bit or feel like gaging. So I settled for both, lol. Certain amount of sadness for Tina and Jack and then the kissing bit was when I went ooooo.k enough, lol. :P

It was written brilliantly (like every you do) and I can't wait to see where it goes! Isn't Emma just adorable :wub:

Now, that's first chapter out of the way. When can we expect the next? :P

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Why do all your fics have to be sad? :(

I'm sad now.

I was really happy when I saw your fic. I saw you'd posted a fic and I clicked straight onto it.. I was very happy. Now I'm sad. :(

Great writing! Looks like a very interesting fic indeed.... but I'm still sad. :(

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Wow!! That was amazingly written!! You described the emotions of the characters so well!! Poor Jack!! I feel sad for him now :(

Did the idea of this fic come from the bollywood film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? If you have no idea of what i am talking about then just ignore me. it just sounded familiar to me.

Anyway great start Puja!! I wonder what's it says in the letter for Emma.

I think I know but won't say anything as it could be totally wrong. Please update soon!!

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I can't believe you are writing another fic! It's brilliant so far, with all the flashbacks! I love it....and the name choice :P I think the letters going to be really sad, especially with it being the last and all that :(

Please update soon, sad sad, but great chapter

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Wow!! That was amazingly written!! You described the emotions of the characters so well!! Poor Jack!! I feel sad for him now :(

Did the idea of this fic come from the bollywood film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? If you have no idea of what i am talking about then just ignore me. it just sounded familiar to me.

Anyway great start Puja!! I wonder what's it says in the letter for Emma.

I think I know but won't say anything as it could be totally wrong. Please update soon!!

Hey, a fellow Bollywood-er! Great! A fellow Star-Plus-er too??

Yeah, much of the inspiration has come from the film (i.e. the name Tina- I lack imagination!) but there will be a few changes- don't want K.J to slap a legal suit for copyrights! :D

But, its going to be difficult writing for Jack's character- SRK did a fantastic job- don't think my writing could match that!

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