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Everything Happens For A Reason...

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This chapter is a bit of a beast. It has a lot of dialogue- I tried to cut some of it down; but failed miserably!

Chapter 5

The breakfast treat was now in full swing. Emma had only been there one hour but she was already having so much fun. Beth had made a big feast for breakfast with all of her favourites; pancakes, fruit salad, sausages with runny eggs- the whole works. After such a big breakfast, she was now enjoying watching TV with Tony and Lucas. Emma had decided to wait and open her presents after when Jack got home from work. Even though she was dying to open her gifts, she thought the wait added to the excitement.

With all the fun and enthusiasm of the morning, Emma had actually forgotten about the whole, ‘Mission Martha’ scenario. It was only after watching TV and at the sound of the word, ‘letter’ that her memory was triggered. She looked up at both Tony and Lucas, who were sat at either side of her on the sofa, and pondered at what their reaction would be. Would they help her? If they agreed to; then how would they? As far as Emma could recall, the name Martha had never been mentioned in front of her before. And if it had, it was only when Jack was annoyed with her and he made it a point to recite her whole name, ‘Emma Martha Holden’. But, would Tony and Lucas even know who Martha is?

“What’s up Em?” Tony questioned curiously as he noticed the worried look on her face, “is everything alright?”

Emma looked at him with her big, blue eyes. She knew this was the right moment to mention it. Maintaining the stare and taking a gulp, Emma faced Tony so she was sat directly opposite him, “Granddad, you know earlier I said to you and Uncle Luc that I had something to tell you? Well, can I tell you now?” she asked. At the sound of that, Lucas suddenly turned his attention away from the television set, shuffled across along the sofa so he was sat closer to Tony and Emma and listened on intently.

“Yes of course sweetheart, what is it?” said Tony.

“I can’t really explain it very well” Emma said as she took out the letter from her denim skirt pocket, “will you read this?” she prompted as she placed the white folded up sheets onto Tony’s palm. Tony looked up at Lucas with a nervous and concerned expression on his face. Lucas returned the same look as Tony cautiously opened the letter; not knowing what to expect.


(Ten minutes later)

There was an awkward silence in the living room where Tony, Emma and Lucas were sat. Both Tony and Lucas had read the letter and were trying to come to terms with and process Tina’s wish. Not able to bear the silence any longer, Emma finally spoke up, “Granddad…granddad, what do you think?” she said quickly whilst tugging the sleeve of his shirt.

“Erm” Tony sighed, “I…I don’t know what to say love” he said truthfully, “this is so…unexpected”.

“But will you help me granddad? Will you help me find Martha and bring her to daddy?” she asked with a hint of plea in her voice.

“Emma…this is not…it’s not easy sweetheart. I don’t want to give you any false hopes” Tony solemnly said.

“Dad, you do remember her, don’t you?” Lucas questioned.

“Not remember Martha McKenzie?!” Tony exhaled as he smiled broadly and reminisced, “that’s impossible. She was a one in a million that girl and she was Jack’s best friend. She was always around at our house, do you remember Luc? I even became really close to her; she was that kind of person. I remember, if the two of them ever got into an argument, I always sided with Martha. Jack used to hate it” he said as he let out a small laugh, “but, the truth is, she was like the daughter I never had…but then she left. She left without saying a word to anyone” Tony finished as he rubbed his eyes.

“I think I must have been about Emma’s age when they first became friends and I remember her well. You’re right dad; she was just that kind of person. Someone very hard to forget” Lucas contributed.

“Now I want to find her even more Uncle Luc” Emma said excitedly as she jumped slightly from her sitting position and was now standing.

“Emma, like I said before, I don’t want you to get your hopes up unnecessarily. We don’t even know where she is. For all we know, she could be living half away across the world in perfect bliss” Tony exclaimed sternly.

A wave of disappointment overcame Emma and this was shown in her face. Even though it sounded really silly, she hadn’t even contemplated the idea of Martha’s life. What if she had a boyfriend? Or worse still; married? “Dad!” Lucas said rather angrily at his father’s tactless approach, “there was no need to be so harsh” he whispered as he put both his hands on Emma’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry” Tony apologised as he knelt down to Emma and gave her a kiss on the forehead, “it’s just that this is such a long shot and I don’t want to see you disappointed” he admitted as he comforted her.

“Hey dad, I’ve just remembered something” Lucas said sounding perkier and optimistic, “ok, well, I don’t think I’ve got the family tree wrong. If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t Martha Mr Stewart’s granddaughter? He’ll surely know something. I mean, if we can just get Martha back to the Bay, we can let nature take its course” he smiled innocently.

“You know what Luc, you might have something there mate” Tony replied in admiration to his sons’ moment of brilliance.

“Yeah, I lust have got it from you dad” Lucas said smugly and proudly, “and in Jack’s case, it must have skipped him- the intelligence I mean” he beamed. Emma just laughed at Lucas’ sarcasm.

“Enough of the smartness Luc, let’s go and find Alf” Tony said as he left with Emma and with Lucas following closely behind.


Tony, Lucas and Emma had managed to track down Alf in the Diner and had explained everything to him; they informed him about the letter and Tina’s wish. Although uncertain at first, Alf did begin to show willingness to help.

“This is all well and good but we need to get Martha here. And, believe me, that’s not going to be easy. She left this place nine years ago and hasn’t returned once; not even to visit. She’s stubborn I tell you, heaven knows where she gets it from” Alf said as he took another sip of coffee. Tony and Lucas looked at one another and smiled.

“Well, I’ve kind of got an idea and I think it can work too” Lucas said whilst glancing at Emma’s smiling and expectant face, “but Mr Stewart, it will depend a lot on your acting skills”.

“This sounds interesting” Tony said, trying his best not to laugh at Alf who was now starting to look anxious.

“Well spit it out then!” shouted Alf.

Ok, I was thinking on my way to the Diner that for Martha to return to the Bay, something major would need to happen. Because, like you said Mr Stewart, she’s not been back once. So I was racking my brains thinking of ideas and then it just hit me. If Martha found out that someone she cared about was hurt, physically, then she’d drop everything to be by their side. And that’s where you come in Mr Stewart” Lucas continued.

“I don’t like where this is headed” Alf said frowning slightly.

“Don’t worry Mr Stewart; it’ll only be a fake injury. I wasn’t thinking about anything too serious…just a broken leg or something” Lucas proposed.

“A flaymin’ broken leg! Are you out of your mind boy?!” Alf screeched.

“That’s brilliant mate” Tony said in approval of Lucas’ suggestion, “that way it will give Jack and Martha plenty of time to spend with each other and then…who knows” he said gleefully.

“Yeah, yeah. Exactly what I was thinking dad. That’s my second brainwave of the day. I think I need to go home and have a lie down” he said jokingly which received a roar of laughter from around the table, “and we can ask Rachel to provide us with the plaster cast for the leg. Now all we need to do is get this plan into action, Mr Stewart, will you be able to ring Martha today?” Lucas asked.

“I was going to give her a bell today anyway to see how she was because…” but before he could say anything else, he stopped himself.

“Because?” Tony asked suspiciously.

“Oh no, it’s nothing” Alf laughed nervously whilst looking down at his twiddling thumbs, “I’ll ring Martha and let you fellas know how it goes tonight” he said changing the subject swiftly.

“Ah, look at the time, Jack will be wondering where we are” Tony said getting up from his seat. Emma and Lucas did the same, “you’re coming to Emma’s party aren’t you? You can tell us the good news there mate” Tony finished as he shook Alf’s hand.

“Thank you” Emma said to Alf as she clasped Tony’s arms excitedly and left the Diner; looking forward to her birthday party and the imminent arrival of Martha.

*Chapter 6*- Why is Jack upset? And, Martha’s baaaaack! :)

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aaaawww puja that was brilliant!!! glad you put lots of dialog in to it...it was soo hilarious when luc said about the broken leg it made me want to laugh but i couldnt because my sister was asleep!! cant wait for the next chapter...aaaww martha's coming :) more soon please hun...xx

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Oh no, why is Jack upset? Maybe hes thinking about his wife?

*one hug for Jacky coming right up*

I love Emma, she is so cute. This is written really well Puja, i can actually picture it in my head when i read it. For example this line - “Granddad…granddad, what do you think?” she said quickly whilst tugging the sleeve of his shirt. I could totally picture that, and its too cute :wub:

And Marthas coming back, cant wait to read about Alfs broken leg! Great thinking Luke :D

Looking forward to the next update!

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poor Jack i wonder why he's upset i hope he doesnt get annoyed at them for bringing her back... but i guess its been like ages since his wife died... this was a great chapter i love how there going to get her back lmao... they even are going to get "fake" plaster HILARIOUS lol :P UPDATE ASAP or NOW whoch ever one suits you :P


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Martha's dying. That's my bet. lol.

^^Dont even go there Nicole! :o

Im thinking shes pregnant, isnt she pregnant in every other fic. hehe

I hope you havent just jinxed that Nicole, id rather she be preggers than dieing :(

Nah, I'd rather she die.

Die die die.


Doesn't matter though, I won't be right.. I'm never right. Ever. And I don't get my own way. Ever. She'll probably be pregnant knowing my luck, just to annoy me. :)

And now I'm going to drop to sleep.. and I mean DROP.

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