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Everything Happens For A Reason...

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Hey, a fellow Bollywood-er! Great! A fellow Star-Plus-er too??

Yeah, much of the inspiration has come from the film (i.e. the name Tina- I lack imagination!) but there will be a few changes- don't want K.J to slap a legal suit for copyrights! :D

But, its going to be difficult writing for Jack's character- SRK did a fantastic job- don't think my writing could match that!

I bet i will prove you wrong. You will definitely do an amazing job even better than KJ!! I read your other fic (sorry can't remember the name) and you did such a brilliant job and I am sure you will just as well but even better!!

Like I said before you made a outstanding start!! Well done Puja!!!

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Why do all your fics have to be sad? :(

I'm sad now.

I was really happy when I saw your fic. I saw you'd posted a fic and I clicked straight onto it.. I was very happy. Now I'm sad. :(

Great writing! Looks like a very interesting fic indeed.... but I'm still sad. :(

Yup, that's pretty much what I did - clicked on it straight away. And now I'm sad too. :( But fantastic writing all the same!

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Yay your writing a fic. Great start as well. Sort of reminds me of my fav book, PS I love you, with the letters :P Except in the book, she opens the letters every month and they were written by the late husband. But this is sweet. And her middle name is Martha :)

More please :D

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Hey, I'm back with chapter 2. Sorry for taking ages to post; big sister dearest decided to pay a visit from uni and a big sis/younger sis bonding session was required!

Hope the chapter is not too confusing. Just want to point out that the flashback has been done via the letter.

Thanks to Krystal for proof-reading once again; you're a star! :)

Chapter 2

To My Dearest, Emma,

Wow, my baby girl is now eight years old; Happy Birthday sweetheart! I am sure you have turned into a brave, sensible and mature young lady; just like your dad (apart from the mature part!) I know I am not there with you in person, but I will always be watching over you, in everything you do- just like a guiding star.

Emma, what I am about to share with you now is very important, and will mean you having to be just what I have described; brave, sensible and mature. I am about to tell you a story, a true story, about how I met your dad; almost eleven years ago when we were in Summer Bay High. Although this shows how we eventually met, what I am about to tell you is not so much about me, but another person who was very important for your father- Martha McKenzie.

Martha was your dad’s best friend at High School and they were always together. They had known each other for almost fours years before I even met your dad. She wasn’t like your average seventeen year old girl who thought about hair, make-up and boys all the time. In fact, she was quite the opposite- a tomboy. She was always the first to challenge a boy to a contest, and usually ended up winning. But, under all that toughness was a sweet, kind and considerate girl waiting to come out. The one and only; Martha McKenzie.



“Jack, are you coming?!” Martha screeched from the ground floor, “we’re going to be late for class!” she continued.

“McKenzie, we’re not joined at the hip you know!” Jack responded from above, clearly annoyed at being interrupted during his ‘flirting time’, “just go and save me a seat or something."

“Fine!” Martha conceded as she walked off in a huff.

Jack then turned his attention back to his female counterpart who was waiting for sweet nothings to be whispered into her ears, “sorry about the interruption,” he continued to flirt, “that McKenzie really needs to get a life” he finished.

“Oi, I heard that!” came a voice from behind. It was Martha.

“Woah, McKenzie, this is getting seriously freaky now. Everywhere I go, you seem to be there, like my shadow. I thought I told you to go and save me a seat?” Jack instigated as he left his female friend and made his way towards Martha. “If I didn’t know any better, then I would think you had a crush on me McKenzie,” he cheekily suggested, raising his eyebrows and ruffling Martha’s hair.

“Get over yourself Holden!” Martha adamantly replied as she took a step closer towards him. “You know my motto very well, M-” but before she could finish, Jack raised his index finger to her lips, gesturing her to be quiet.

“McKenzie; please, please, please can I say it?” Jack said in an annoying and whiny tone, “I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this for almost four years now, so I want to know if I can get it right,” he said in complete sarcasm. Although Martha detected the mocking, she nodded in agreement. She stood there with her arms folded, head held up high, with a smile plastered across her face, knowing what she was about to hear would please her to the core. “Martha McKenzie is independent and independence is the way forward,” Jack said, trying to mimic Martha’s voice. Martha just day-dreamed and smiled in admiration at her self-penned motto. “Now McKenzie, will you leave me be?” Jack questioned whilst clicking his fingers inches away from Martha’s face trying to snap her out of her thoughts.

“Look Holden,” Martha sighed, “the only reason I came back was to warn you that we’ve got Mr Bradshaw for English today, and everyone knows how much he hates you. So, if you don’t want to spend the afternoon in detention, let’s go; now!” she said whilst tugging at his arm.

Jack’s face dropped at the sound of Mr Bradshaw. Although he would never openly admit it, that man really scared him. “Err, yeah… come on then… we’d… we don’t wanna be late, do we?” He stuttered as Martha laughed at his nervousness. “Not all of us are teachers’ pets,” He said winking at Martha as he grabbed her arm and started pulling her in the direction of the classroom.

“What can I say, it’s an art,” She answered back, adjusting the collar on her shirt and repaying the wink back. After taking a few more steps, Martha stopped in her tracks, “Jack, what about?” and then signalled towards the girl Jack had just left and ignored.

“Oh Damn,” he said, running back to her, “Ermm…Carly…Anna…Brit-,”

“Jemma,” whispered Martha from behind.

“Ah yes, Jemma. I knew that. So, how about the Diner tonight? I’ll pick you up at seven?” He continued whilst pinning her slightly against the wall and placing a strand of hair behind her hear.

“Jaacckk, do you think I’m stupid?” questioned Jemma. Jack looked up at her, slightly puzzled. “Do you think that just because I’m blonde and not th-that brainy that I’ll just agree to anything?” She pressed the matter, “I mean you don’t even know my name.”

“Oh no Jemma, it’s not like that at all,” Jack said, feeling kind of flustered. “Ask anyone, even McKenzie, my memory is like a sieve. I’m very bad with names. And, if my intentions were bad, I wouldn’t have suggested the Diner. You see, for me, to make a relationship work, friendship is key. Without friendship, what’s the point?” He continued to sweet talk. “I wanna explore your mind Jemma,” He said, taking her hand and kissing it gently. “That’s why I suggested the Diner instead of the movies.”

“Oh Jack!” She said giving him a quick kiss on the lips, “I got you so wrong. Yep, the Diner will be great. I’ll see you tonight,” She said as she walked away with a grin on her face.

“Result!” He muttered, feeling extremely pleased with himself as he walked towards Martha.

“Jack, why do you always go for girls with only half a brain cell?” Martha questioned. “Anyone with the tiniest amount of self-respect and intelligence would not have agreed to go out with you after failing to remember their name. And, that line you spun her with about friendship and relationships, what a load of bull!” she laughed.

“Hey McKenzie” he said grabbing her by the waist, “All these girls are just a bit for fun, until I find the ‘one’. And, I’m hurt to think that you thought I was lying about the whole friendship/relationship idea,” He said in a baby-ish manner, “I’m being honest. The girl I decide to spend the rest of my life with would have to be my best friend. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, maybe there’s hope for us yet,” He said, winking at her playfully and dragging her away.

Martha was dumbfounded. How could Holden, Jack Holden, bear such deep thoughts? She continued starring at him. He was talking to her but none of it seemed to be going in. Was she beginning to see him in a different light?

*Chapter 3-The letter continues…as Tina arrives in Summer Bay.*

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Aww I'm a star. Feel so loved now :P

That was fantastic. Cocky Jack is hilarious. I loved this line:

“I wanna explore your mind Jemma,” He said, taking her hand and kissing it gently.

LMAO! I could so just picture that serious face saying that. And what he said to her at the end, AWWW :wub: I love this fic, lol. Brilliant update :D

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Awww that was amazing and Jack and Martha are so cute. Lmao at Jack, he is so funny and such an idiot

Loved this bit:

“Oh Damn,” he said, running back to her, “Ermm…Carly…Anna…Brit-,”

“Jemma,” whispered Martha from behind.

“Ah yes, Jemma. I knew that

Hehehe :lol: , brilliant chapter, please update this soon, can't wait to read more :D

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