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Everything Happens For A Reason...

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Great fic so far. Love the Martha/Jack best friends at school pairing. And it was very sweet the way Tina made Jack promise that he would christen the baby Emma Martha Holden. Hopefully Mac and Jack didn't lose their close friendship when Jack got with Tina, and that she's been around since Tina died to help support Jack.

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Sorry for the long wait! I'm now back at uni so updates may continue to be inconsistent. It's a rather short chapter and not much happening.

Thanks to Krystal for proof reading.

Chapter 3

The letter continues

You see Emma; this is the kind of relationship your father shared with Martha, one of a warm friendship with a hint of childishness. They cared and looked out for one another and it seemed like nothing could get in the way of their friendship. But, that sadly was not the case. Everything changed when I arrived in Summer Bay High. The friendship that was once so strong and withstanding was beginning to show signs of weakness. The closer Jack and I became, the further apart he and Martha went.

Jack and I became very close, very quickly. I know you probably don’t want to hear about our relationship, which 8-year old daughter would, but we were attracted to one another almost instantly. At first, there were no problems- Martha and I were getting along great. But, the more time I spent with her, the more I realised she too was in love with Jack. She tried her best to cover it up but, to me, it was clear as daylight. I even pointed it out to Jack one time, but he laughed it off as a joke-which Martha overheard- and it was never mentioned again. That was, until Jack and I found Martha’s note a couple of days later. Even though Jack tried to dismiss it, I saw the look in his eyes the day he read that note. His eyes which used to sparkle with fun and mischief was now glistening with tears of hurt and frustration. That very letter revealed so much without saying very much at all.



Dear Jack,

I know you’re going to be really angry when you read this letter but there was no way I could have told you all this face-to-face. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you; Martha McKenzie is openly admitting that she is a coward! But seriously Jack, I’m not as strong as you think.

I have decided to leave the Bay for good and go back to the farm to dad and my brothers. In the last few weeks, I have felt so lonely and have missed them very much. Plus, dad needs help on the farm and its mum’s death anniversary in a week’s time. I guess the world will just have to do without the genius and brilliance of Martha McKenzie because, let’s face it, half a high school education is not going to get me very far!

Please don’t try and get into contact with me. I know you’ll find it hard not sharing all the gossip of your new girlfriends with me but, I’m handing that responsibility to Tina now- I’m sure she will be thrilled! Although, if you want to keep hold of her, you might want to consider getting rid of that habit! But honestly Jack, Tina is great. She has changed you so much that it’s hard to believe that you’re the same Jack Holden; Casanova of Summer Bay High. You have found yourself a worthy partner- I wish you all the happiness for the future.

Take care of yourself Holden. Martha.



After that day, Jack and Martha never spoke or met. People started asking about Martha’s disappearance at school but whenever her name was mentioned, Jack always made a conscious effort to ignore people’s questions or, worse still, walk out of the room.

The life I got after meeting Jack and every moment we spent together are moments that I have cherished. I would not have changed them for the world. But, there’s always been a constant voice at the back of my mind questioning my arrival into Jack’s life. If it wasn’t for me, would Jack and Martha have been together? Should they be together now?

I know how stubborn your father is and I know he won’t want to be in a relationship after me. But, maybe that’s because the right woman hasn’t come along? Maybe because Martha’s still not back in Jack’s life?

Emma sweetheart, I want Jack to be happy and for him to be so, he needs Martha back in his life. And, I’m giving you this big responsibility. I know on your birthday it should be the birthday girl who makes a wish but, will you fulfil this wish for your mum? Will you bring Martha back into Jack’s life? Inside the envelope there is a picture of Martha that was taken a few years ago now. I have taken the first step in this long journey; now it’s up to you to complete this walk. As I said before, I will be with you every step of the way. Make this mother even more proud of her daughter.

Love you always honey- Mum xxx

Chapter 4- how will Emma react?

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