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Falling For You

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I'm not happy Laura! Not happy at all. JACK. He's mean, he's hitting her. :(

And Martha and Lucas *shakes head erratically* I don't care how small the age difference is, it's just all wrong!

wrong, wrong, wrong...

You've left me trying to rid my head of these horrible images that keep coming at me. :P

And i'm trying to understand why Jack could do something so horrible. :(

Please update soon. :(

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Rachel, (that is your name isnt it? i think it is , im sure it said in your sig, but i cant see that while im replying lol) Jack is a beater-upper, but its not that bad. I like to be origional lol and no one else has written about him like that hehe. Lucas and Martha are a great couple, just think how cute it would be! And yeah, Rachel is just not good new in this fic haha.

Lol that was a long post hehe. I like to reply to what people have put though :). And thanks for all of your comments.

Yeh my names Rachel :)

Its not that bad! Oh good, Il hold you to that Laura :D

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