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Falling For You

Guest loobieloo

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Yeah Im going to update soonish lol . im planning it all out thoroughly first so its even better :)

And you can call me Laura :D

Ahh ok, Laura. :) I'm looking forward to this. And I guess planning is wise, I always seem to go completely off track with all my stories. :D I really should follow your lead and do some planning too. lol

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Ive actually just been reading your fic, jackandmartha!!!, which you havent updated in like forever!!!

Ill update this when you update your fic :P

Oh dear *hides* Please don't do that. You'll be here forever waiting, I promise you. :P I know I have to update, I'm really going to try... But krystal will be doing a guest chapter for me very soon so you will get one update at least! Hopefully her writing will inspire me to continue it! :)

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