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Falling For You

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:o A few weeks. I suddenly remembered this fic today and thought 'oo I'll go and see the first chapter' and I arrive to find that it's just not on here! I'm in despair. AND what's more I even updated my fic - three times! Shame on you Laura, shame on you. *shakes head* It's not good enough! I think we've all been waiting far too long. :P Please?
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Ok guys, you aren't imagining this, its the chapter!!! :o:O Finally lol.

Chapter One

“He knows, he knows and I’m going to get it when I get home”. Martha said to herself as she walked through the park, on the way home from seeing Lucas. She couldn’t stop thinking about that phone call an hour ago from Jack. She tried her hardest to convince him she was with Rachel, but Jack didn’t seem to believe her, no matter how much she said. The more Martha thought about it, someone must have said something to Jack about where she actually was. He never called her when she was out, never. This was the first time he had and she couldn’t help but wonder what made him do it. Jack was always sneaky though. If he ever found out Martha had done something that she shouldn’t or lied to him, even if it was just a little white lie, he would pretend that he didn’t know. Just to find out if she would tell him. And when she didn’t, if she didn’t, he’d let her know that he knew. Then he’d make her pay for it. Jack always told her how he hated lies, how they drive people apart and ruin relationships. He blamed Martha for their love growing cold, but Martha knew it was because of him. She was no longer able to love him, he had hurt her so much, both emotionally and physically.

Carefully and quietly stepping up the garden path towards the front door, her palms were sweaty, her breaths deep and slow, knowing what would be waiting for her on the other side of that door, if he knew. She stopped, at the door, not wanting to venture further. There he was sitting on the sofa waiting for her, he didn’t look too happy. Who told him? Who was it? Martha couldn’t think of who would tell him, the only people that knew she thought could be trusted. Obviously not, but it couldn’t be Lucas, she was with him the whole time. That only left one person….


Jack wandered around the house lazily, waiting for Martha to get home. He was bored and she had been out for hours. Jack was actually surprised at how much time Martha and Rachel had been spending together recently, they must have been getting really close. It didn’t bother him too much, everyone needs a best friend, he didn’t have to look far for his, Lucas was always there for him. Lucas was always on his side, always wanting to be the best brother he could be, so he had been Jacks best friend his whole life, Jack knew he would never hurt him.

Meanwhile, Martha wasn’t with Rachel at all. She was in the middle of a deceitful deed. A very deceitful deed that she knew she would regret later on, but right now, she didn’t care. Martha wanted to connect with Lucas on all levels, in every way. They had begun their “relationship” only weeks before, but she knew she was ready. Lucas made her feel something different to what Jack made her feel, something good. She craved this something all the time, and when she finally did see him, she couldn’t wait for it.


“Hey” Martha smiled, trying to hide her guilty face

“Where have you been today Martha?” Jack had that look on his face, he knew she hadn’t been with Rachel, his expression said it all.

“Oh” she paused, “I was umm, with Rachel, it was a bit boring actually” She smiled lightly at Jack, hoping he would stop asking questions.

“That’s really strange Martha, are you sure you were?” He grinned menacingly at her.


Jack jumped quickly off the couch and reached for the ringing phone. Pulling it off the cradle, and resting it against his ear, he recognised the person on the other end instantly.

“Hey Rachel” Jack spoke cheerfully.

“Hey Jack, is Martha home? I’ve got some good news for her”

And those words, seemed so harmless, yet were to bring so much pain and heartache later on.

Please Review :)

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Lora that was fantabulous! I'm so glad you've finally posted it :D

The descriptions were amazing, and I just wanted to read more. The way you describe their relationship was great aswell. Jack seems mean in this fic, and as I've gone off him on the show, this will just make me hate him even more :P

Aww Lucas and Martha, love's young dream. It would be interesting to see this happen on the show. Seeing as Martha and Lucas are close already. As for the little Rachel thing at the end...I think Martha is pregnant, but she doesn't know if it's Jack's or Luc's.

Fabulous writing Lora! I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to read more :)

Update soon hunnibee :)

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