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Falling For You

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Topic Title – Falling For You

Topic Description – well, the main characters are Martha Lucas and Jack but most of the other characters are at least metioned at some point.

Type of story: somewhere in between a long fiction and a short fiction (i think its ling, yet compared to many on here its quite short.)

Rating: Id sat T but maybe A as the story progresses

Main Characters:Jack Martha and Lucas

Genre: Mixture between probably romance and drama

Warnings: I dont have any warnings for now, if there is anythink bad in any of the chapters, which i doubt there will be, I will warn at the start of the chapter

Is Story being proof read: Sometimes

Summary: The summary is below.

Ok so I got bored yet again :P This is a different story, I think it's actually going to be a long one for me :P I'm going to try my hardest to make it long lol so sorry if people don't like long ones :lol:

It is set 2 years into the future.

Heres just the summary for now, chapter one will be up in a bit when I finish it :)

Summary :: Martha and Jack have it all. They are young lovers and have been totally inseparable for almost 3 years now and everything is going great. Or is it? Have they got the perfect relationship that everyone sees, or is it just an act? Is Jack’s brother, Lucas, too close to Martha? Delve into their lives and find out for yourself what lies behind the closed doors of this family.

Please tell me what you think :)

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when i saw the title, the Jack/Martha/Lucas part i was afraid Martha and Lucas might 'share' something. Laura, if anything happens between them, if Martha breaks Jacky's heart, i will be very upset.

Now please update :D

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