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Glad everything went well Angel A.

Re: Dating your friend's ex. I've been in this situation and its a tricky one but at the end of the day no guy is more important than your friend. In my opinion you should definitely consult her opinion before you make a move. You said she really dislikes him now but dislike can often be the best way of hiding the fact that she still has feelings for him and you might find that if you were to make a move she might not be as over him as you think. If you really believe the guy is worth it then go for it but my advice would be to definitely run it past your friend first and if she doesn't like it then accept her decision. I've had a friend go out with my ex and its the most hurtful feeling in the world, it feels almost like a betrayal when you still have feelings for the guy, even though its been over for a while. I've also been completly besotted with a friend's ex and it took a hell of a lot of will power to turn him down. At the time it seemed the hardest thing in the world but looking back now I know I did the right thing, me and him wouldn't have lasted long and she's still one of my best friends. At the end of the day it comes down to how much you value your friendship with your mate compared to your feelings for this guy. Sorry if thats not what you want to hear but I've always considered it to be an unwritten rule of friendship that you don't go with your mate's boyfriend/ex/guy she fancies...maybe thats just me though.

I also went to an all girls school but I made a huge effort to stay in touch with the guys I knew from my Primary school. Through keeping in with them I found that when I was about 16, all my friends from school only had girl friends where I had a really mixed group...still do. Most guys did assume that girls at an all girls school were either lesbians or man-mad (a lot of them where) but I managed to avoid both tags by having a huge mix of male mates as well.

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