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Slipped Away

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I had an idea for a new fan fic. Thanks to the wonderfull Slipped Away, Flynn video.

It was a week since the death of her foster dad. Cassie felt as if a part of her had died with him, like her heart had been ripped into shreds. When she had found out he had cancer, she went into a state of disbelief, of shock. But when she was saying goodbye to him, it hit her. That it was really happening that it was true. She buried her face into her pillow, and cried. She had been on her room all day. She didn’t want to leave it. Her room was her hideaway from reality. Her own little hideaway. As much as she cried it still didn’t change the fact that Flynn was gone and wasn’t coming back, in Cassie’s eyes Flynn was her real dad.

It is only short as I dont know whether it is any good and worth continuing. So please let me know :)

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