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Lost Horizon (Sally & Flynn's song)

Guest MiddyOil

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note: the link has now been updated so that it works again - when it expires again if anyone still wants it, just ask me to reupload!

I just searched and it looks like while there are a few seperate threads of people asking about the song/wanting to find it, it doesn't appear as if anyone ever did post it (if they did, sorry but I can't see it anywhere!), so I thought as I was lucky enough to find the album (Blackeyed Susans - Shangri-La, just in case anyone still doesn't know!) while on holiday in Australia earlier this year, here is the song! (I do recommend everyone tries to get the album too though as the other songs are great too!)


ps trivia - in episode 4121 (I won't describe it in case anyone hasn't seen it yet but it's the last time the song appeared) where Sally puts the CD on, the packet she's holding IS that actual album!

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