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Love Blues!

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In line with the new rules for fanfics we'd appreciate it if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out the following form:

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Thanks, the Librarians.


Chapter 1

Martha was walking along the beach with the wind in her hair and the sand beneath her toes. Martha felt so sick and her throat was very soar and scratchy. She had been crying all day. She felt so betrayed when she was rescued from the bush 2 months ago and she found the love of her life and her husband Jack Holden locking lips with her best friend Tasha. They said that it was a first time thing and that it was just a spur of the moment and it wont happen again but how could she believe them?

When Robbie found out he was furious...and then Martha found out that he wasn't even the father of Tasha's baby and so how can Martha belive that Tasha won't taske advantage of Jack again... she had a reputation.

Robbie was so in love with Tasha that he forgave her, and Martha was in love with Jack soo much she couldn't forget that it happened. Although it was two months ago she keeps remembering losing her husband to her best friend. The divorce wasnt finalised yet and so technically she was still married and Jack used that as an opportunity at every moment to come to her house and beg for forgiveness but Martha slammed the door in his face, hung up the phone and blocked out his screams every day and cried herself too sleep every night.

But nobody knew the real reason she was still very mad at Jack, she wanted to run back into his arms every day but she knew thats not what she wanted but only what her heart wanted. Martha knew that if she moved away from the bay she would always have Jack with her.....not because Jack will always be in her hear but because shes 2 months pregnant.

Martha knows she has to tell Jack. She got up from her bed and walked over to his house. When he saw her approaching his face lit up with a smile. Martha took one look at the man who betrayed her and turned away but Jack tried to call her back.........

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Here is chapter 2 everyone

Chapter 2

Martha ran as fast as she could trying desperately to block out Jack's voice which was slowing fading away behind her! Martha was running so fast she wasn't even looking down but looking behind her at Jacks image getting further and further away from her.

All of a sudden she heard Jack's voice scream at her!

"WATCH OUT!!!" yelled Jack

With one gigantic scream Martha fell over the edge of the Summerbay Lookout Cliff. Jack was in shock. He ran to the cliff and looked down. A sigh of relief filled his body as he saw Martha dangling helplessly, holding onto a rock by one hand.

"Jack HELP ME!" screamed Martha.

At once Jack pulled Martha up and she toppled on top of him. The negetive energy that Martha felt towards Jack had evaporated and as they lent in their lips touched and Martha never wanted to leave Jack again.

Martha and Jack got up and startes talking about their situation, and how they were to continue. They decided that Martha would give Jack only one more chance. Then she felt the time was right.

"Jack, I'm pregnant!" blurted Martha

Jack stood up and bolted home without an explanation. Martha broke down in tears thinking that Jack didn't want the baby. When Martha got home she started crying untill she ran out of tissues.

Martha heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Jack she sprinted to the door but was shocked at what she found. Standing there in the doorway was COREY HENDERSON




Here is Chapter 3 of my fanfiction HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT AND PLEASE REPLY

Chapter 3

Martha stood in shock looking at Corey's cold face staring back at her with a smirk upon his face.

"Wha-a-a--a-a-at a-a--arrr--e-e--e you doing here?" Martha managed to mumble.

"Awwwwwww, you don't think I wouldn't come and visit my ex-girlfriend while i have escaped from jail? I'm crushed to say you don't know me very well" said Corey. "I suppose Jack hasn't told you about our plan?" asked Corey.

"What plan?" trembled Martha. Martha began stepping back as Corey was approaching her.

"The plan with Mumma Rose and I" Said Corey. A lot happened in the bush with you and Tasha that you aren't aware of.

Martha remembers. Martha forgave Tasha for kissing Jack but didn't forgive Jack. Instead of going with Jack she went on her honeymoon with Tasha and there was where Mumma Rose captured and threatened us. We managed to break free.


Meanwhile, Jack was pacing back and forth in his home going over the thoughts in his head that had been going through his mind for the past half hour bugging him.

"I have to tell Martha what happened out there with Mumma Rose and Corey, and now their plan may have worked"


Martha was becoming very scared. Corey began approaching her with a rope. "I'm going to kidnap you Martha, and take you to Mumma Rose and this time you will NEVER escape. Just because Mumma Rose will never get Tasha's child doesn't mean she can't get yours!" Martha RAN! She grabbed her phone and escaped into her bedroom. She rang Jack. "Jack please answer, please answer PLEASE ANSWER! Jack answered! "Martha I'm so sorry i ran but there is something I have to tell you" said Jack

"NOT NOW JACK! please help me Coreys here and he has a rope talking about some plan" yelled Martha.


Jack worst fears had been realised COREY WAS BACK just like he suspected. Jack dropped the phone and ran but remembered to get his handcuffs on the way out. He ran to Martha's and charged on Corey who was waiting outside Martha's bedroom door. "MARTHA I HAVE GOT HIM!! YOU CAN COME OUT NOW" screamed Jack. MArtha opened the door and gave Jack an enormous hug. After Corey was driving away in the police car Jack sat Martha down and said

"Martha Corey did something ..... and that's why he escaped 2 months ago....He's not going to stop untill Mumma Rose gets her hands on your baby




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Here you go.......The next chapter of my fanfiction

Chapter 4

Martha was sitting on the Summer Bay lookout cliff with her legs hanging helplessly over the edge. Martha couldn't help but feel that here life was like this, hanging helplessly about to plunge down and become lifeless for eternity.

"Martha? Are you okay? I know this is a great deal to take in". Jack said

"And just remember, that he may not have acted out his plan". Jack said to her.

"I was drugged, i have bruises all over me and I'm pregnant, I think that says it all". Said Martha

"Just because Jonah raped Tasha to get her pregnant doesn't mean that Corey raped you, I mean, i could be the father and then this would all be for nothing". Said Jack.

Martha started to cry. Jack tried to hug her but she pulled away

"If I'm pregnant with Corey's child then that means that Mumma Rose will come after me?" asked Martha

Jack didn't answer. Instead he sat in silence crying inside.


Matilda was sitting at home reading her favourite fashion magazine when Lucas walked in.

"Oh I'm surprised your girlfriend isn't with you, I still can't believe you cheated on me with her". Said Matilda

"FOR THE LAST TIME, I DIDNT CHEART ON YOU, I LOVE YOU, BELLE ONLY MADE THAT UP SO THAT SHE COULD SEPERATE US, but thats not going to happen cause i want to be with you." yelled Lucas

"I saw you too kissing Lucas, I'm not blind and I'm certainly not stupid" said Matilda

Matilda got up and closed her magazine and walked out.

" SHE KISSED ME AND I PULLED AWAY!!!" screamed Lucas

Matilda turned around only to give Lucas a death stare.

"You know what? I don't know what i even saw in you. You were a waste of time!" Lucas stormed out but he was already regretting what he just said as he could hear Matilda crying in the next room.


Matilda stayed the night at Martha's sitting on the couch, but it was disturbing listening to her cry all night, she was pregnant, why was she so upset??

Matilda decided to go for a walk along the shore untill she saw Lucas running her way. She turned around and made her way home ignoring Lucas' apoligies behind her

Matilda turned around. "I'm never going to forgive you Lucas, after what you said to me" screamed Matilda.

Matilda began making her way up her street when a big RED FERRARI speeded past her. She kept walking untill she heard it again and this time it was on the footpath heading straight for her! The drunken driver didn't see her and Lucas watched in horror as Matilda went flying accross the bonnet and lay in a pool of blood on the footpath...............


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