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Unfinished Business

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UN finished business

(The cliff’s egde)

Tracey is sitting next to the cliff side looking over at the water when she gets a message on her mobile saying “I think we are ready”.

Tracey stood up from the cliff side and said “Babe we will finish what you began” before walking towards her car.

Tracey arrived back at her flat to be greeted by Sarah who was sitting waiting for her.

Sarah smiled at Tracey as she walked over and sat next to her on the sofa.

“Where did you go” Sarah asked.

“I thought considering it has been 18 months since out darling Eve has left us I would tell her that we will finish what she started” explained Tracey as she got excited about the fact they will be back in the Bay soon.

“I know it’s been 18 months since our loved ones died, Peter and eve was the ones we loved most, I can’t believe in the end I was actually falling for Pete, If we had a little longer I was so sure I could get him on side…., I never got to tell Eve this but I kissed Pete just before he left Jack’s engagement party. He really thought I was on his side, it was funny” Tracey told Sarah.

“I just couldn’t believe how good my timing was, I was going to wait another month before contacting Eve but luckily we found each other again, I was just upset that our plan could not go ahead, I don’t know who the cake girl was but I was going to let set the bomb off once you and Zoe had shot Peter….” Sarah explained.

“Well you will get your chance when we start again” said Tracey.

Back in the Bay…….

Dan, Leah, Ryan, VJ and Drew are sitting by Peter’s memorial plaque.

“Dad I know we didn’t see much of each other while you was alive but I know deep down we would of got along I just wished that we could get to know each other” Drew said with tears filling up in his eyes.

“I know you big idiot I thought you would of at least told me ya big dope” Dan said as he hugged Ryan.

“Who you calling a big dope” said a voice from behind Dan.

Dan, Leah, Ryan, VJ and Drew quickly turned around to see Peter standing with his hands on his hips.

Ryan runs over and jumps on Peter while saying “Uncle Pete your back”.

Dan, Leah and Drew just stood staring at Peter; they can’t believe what they are looking at.

“Well aren’t you going to say hello?” Peter asked with a grin on his face.

Peter put Ryan down and VJ ran over and hugged Peter.

“Well?” Peter asked.

Leah walked over and kissed Peter on the cheek.

Drew turned around and looked at Peter’s memorial plaque before walking over to Peter and punching him in the face.

Peter fell to the ground and just looked at Drew.

Drew walked off towards the beach not saying a word to anyone.

“You happy now” Dan asked Pete who was still on the floor.

“I’m sorry” Pete shouted to Dan who started to run after Drew.

Ryan walked over to his uncle and hugged him really tight.

“I think we better go back to the house and have a chat” Leah said while walking back to the car.

(Tracey’s flat)

“I think we should start with something big then let them now we are back” Sarah said while thinking about their next target.

“How about Peter’s son?” asked Tracey.

“Yeah that’s the best idea so far, let him know what t feels like to be Peter Baker’s son” said Sarah raring to go.


How will Drew be affected by Tracey and Sarah’s plans?

What will be the town reaction by the reappearance of their local detective?

Who’s life hangs in the balance?

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Episode 2

(Leah’s house.)

Peter, Leah, Ryan and VJ arrive.

“It seems a long time since I was here” Peter said as he entered the front door.

“Pete would you like a coffee?” Leah asked as she walked over to the kettle.

Pete sat down on the chair and asked Leah “Why are you not slapping me or ignoring me like Dan and Drew”

“Pete they are just shocked that you are alive for the last 18 months it has been hard on all of us. Then you just walk back into their lives how do you think they would react” explained Leah.

“I thought Dan would be a least happy to see me” Peter said.

“Dan will be once he makes sure Drew is ok, He thinks of Drew as his son” Leah said while sitting opposite Peter.

Dan and Drew enter Leah’s house.

Dan and Drew sit down on the chairs near Leah and Pete.

“Dan Drew I’m sorry” Peter said in a really sympathetic voice.

“I just don’t get how you are alive” Drew asked very confused.

“Well before I went to the wedding, I got a phone call from Claire”.

“Who’s Claire?” Drew asked.

“Claire is my ex girlfriend. When Claire spoke to me over the phone she told me that a villain that we put inside was being released the week after Jack’s wedding.

The senior detective from the city told us that he wanted us to go into witness protection to keep safe. I was going to disappear into thin air after Jack’s wedding but then Zoe and Tracey arrived and the Barn blew up, I was injured and had serious concussion but they told everyone I was Brain dead, I was but I suddenly came round just before I was going to give Jack my liver, The worst part was pretending to be dead when you came into the room. Dan that was the worst thing I have ever had to do. I eventually was ok to be moved. They transported me to a hospital in the UK and Claire was with me.” Peter explained hoping they would for give him.

“Whose liver has Jack got?” Leah asked curiously.

“A donor was available from the donor list, but they told everyone it was mine to make my death more realistic” replied Peter.

Amanda walks threw the back door and looks at Peter.

“Amanda” Dan said hoping she wouldn’t scream

Amanda faints at the shock of Peter being alive.

Peter and Drew pick Amanda up and take her into the living room.

Amanda slowly opened her eyes to see Pete looking at her.

Amanda sat up and hugged Peter.

“You’re alive” Amanda said while holding on to him.

“Well I didn’t expect this response from you of all people” Peter joked with Dan and Drew.

Amanda let go of Peter and Peter explained to her how he is still alive.

“Pete does this mean only we can know you’re alive?” asked Leah.

“No I am back for good now” replied Peter.

“You know it’s going to be hard for the town to except your alive” said Dan.

“Yes that’s why I have returned, I want everyone to know” said Peter.

“So how are we going to break the news?” asked Drew?

“Well that’s up to you mate, any way you want!” replied Peter.

“Ok so I think we should do it tomorrow at my 19th birthday party, it’s being held at Sally’s place.

“But where are you going to stay until then?” asked Amanda.

“Here, you can stay here” said Dan not going to accept any other then a yes from his big brother.

(Beach hut)

“Wow you would never think that Summer Bay would have such nice beach huts would you?” asked Tracey while walking around their new room.

“Yes for Summer Bay it’s nice” replied Sarah.

“I just can’t wait until Jack Holden knows I am back and he is in grave danger” Tracey said with a massive grin on her face.

“Yes with no more Peter Baker in the way the plan should go full steam ahead” replied Sarah.

“I just can’t wait until I re visit the place where the whole town thought I “died”, I am going to have to take my camera their faces will make such good pictures” Sarah said while she looked over at the Surf club from her bedroom window.

“Trace who is that?” Sarah asked as she saw Drew and Dan carrying boxes from the dinner into their car.

“I don’t know must be Dan’s son” replied Tracey having no idea that Drew is Peter’s son.

“Open the window see if we can hear what they are saying” said Tracey

Sarah opened the window and listened to what Drew and Dan was saying.

“Dan thanks for this party I think my 19 will be better then my 18th and obviously you know why” Drew said as he put his party food in Dan’s car.

“so it’s his birthday and I assume he is having a party, but where is the party” said Sarah.

“I think it will be at Sally’s house which is where they normally hold the parties” replied Tracey as she got all exited about getting her revenge for Zoe.

Drew and Dan get into the car and drive to Sally’s

“Dan don’t you think Pete will want some of his old colleagues at my party?” Drew asked his uncle.

“Drew that would be a good idea but look a bit suspicious if we ask police officers to your party?”

“Let me just ring dad and see what he say’s” replied Drew.

“Dad its Drew, you know how you will be telling everyone you are alive tonight well wouldn’t you want some of your mates from work to be there?” asked Drew

Drew put the phone down and said “Dad said he has got a plan because he needs to see someone to get the ball rolling what ever he means” laughed Drew.

Dan and Drew arrived at sally’s.

Meanwhile at Leah’s and Dan’s house Peter is going threw his boxes when he comes across his warrant card.

“Hey Leah how did you get this from me?” asked Pete

“When you left the barn I found it where you was laying so I picked it up and kept it” Leah explained.

“Leah can you do me a big favour?” asked Pete

“Sure!” replied Leah curious of what Pete is about to say.

“Can you ring Jack Holden and tell him you need him for some reason just to get him round here” Pete asked nicely.

Leah walked over to the phone and dialled Jack’s number.

“Hi Jack it’s Leah could you come round please, It’s important I need your help on a police matter?” Leah asked

“I will be over in 10 after I have finished by shift” replied Jack.

“Thank you” said Peter worried about what Jack’s reaction will be.

10 minutes later.

Jack is greeted by Leah at her front door.

“Thanks for coming Jack, I will not take long” said Leah as she entered the living room.

“Please sit down” said Leah as she sat on the sofa.

“What do you need my help with” Jack asked.

“Well yesterday I kind of found a very interesting thing” Leah started to explain.

“Yeah….” Replied Jack.

“Well he has blonde hair and blue eyes” said Leah with a big smile on her face.

Peter walked in the room from his bedroom and said “constable Holden”

Jack looked over at Peter and ran up to him, he hugged Peter and said “mate what is going on”

Jack couldn’t believe his eyes; his best mate is back from the dead.

“I think I better explain” laughed Pete.

“I was in witness protection……..” explained Pete.

“But what about the liver transplant” asked Jack.

“A mystery donor came forward” replied Peter

Jack just can’t believe his eyes.

“So who knows your alive?” asked Jack.

“Drew, Dan, Amanda, Ryan, VJ and you” replied Peter

“I need your help, tonight Drew is having a 19th birthday party and I want Rice and Fitzgerald their because that is when I will tell everyone I am back” Peter said smiling at Jack because Jack is so happy he is alive.

“Yeah sure there not working today I will make sure they are there for around 7:30” replied Jack.

(Sally’s house)

“Thanks so much Miss Fletcher for having my party at your house” said drew.

“Your welcome and its sally now you have left school” replied Sal.


(Beach Hut)

“Are you ready for a spectacular night” asked Tracey.

“I sure am” replied Sarah.

“This night is going to be great” Tracey said as she put her top on.

“Yeah I will make sure we use our camera for mementos” Laughed Sarah

“I will meet you at the car” said Tracey.


(Sally’s house)

The party is in full swing everyone is having a great time.

Dan stands on a chair and say’s “everyone we have a big surprise”.

“I wonder what they have planned for you Drew” shouted Lucas

Drew turns around and say’s “I think this is for everyone else but me” Drew laughed at he looked at the door.

“Please can we welcome…..”

Peter enters the house and smiles at everyone who is looking at him.

“Stroke the flaming cows” shouted Alf.

Colleen looked shocked but ran over and gave Peter a big kiss.

Everyone was so happy to see Pete alive but they wanted answers.

Lara Fitzgerald was really happy to see Pete again that she started to cry.

Pete walked over to her and hugged her really tight saying “I am sorry but I had to”

Lara just looked at Pete and more tears fell down her face.

Pete eventually let go of Lara and walked over to his 19 year old son and handed him a box.

Drew opened it to find a watch with “My boy always and forever” engraved on the back of the watch.

Then Pete handed him a set of keys.

“Wow, where are the wheels” asked Drew.

“It will be here tomorrow first thing waiting when you awake” replied Pete.

“Drew what’s wrong” asked Pete because he could see Drew was upset.

“It’s Belle she is not back from her holiday and she said she would ring me, but I haven’t got my phone” replied Drew.

“You can use mine?” Peter said.

“She doesn’t know your number, I think I may jog back home and get my mobile” replied Drew.

“Ok I will come with you” Peter suggested.

“Dad is ok I will be fine anyway everyone wants to see you” replied drew

Peter laughed and hugged his son before Drew left to get his watch.

“Let’s take a look around before we go to the Party” said Tracey.

Tracey and Sarah drove near the Surf Club when they saw Kim heading down the road.

Tracey put her foot down on the accelerator and raced towards Kim who was crossing road.

Sarah started to shout Tick Tock and before Kim could do anything the Car had drover underneath him and he flew up in the air and landed hard on the road.

Kim helplessly lay bleeding on the road.

“Wow you are good” commented Sarah.

“I learnt a lot from Zoe” replied Tracey.

Tracey spun the car around and drove towards the party when they Saw Drew.

“He don’t know us pull over near him and let me do the talking” said Sarah.

They drove up to Drew and said “excuse me mates do you no Dan Baker?” asked Sarah

“Yes he’s my uncle are you a friend of his?” replied Drew.

“So your Peter’s son?” asked Tracy

“Yeah he is at my party now if you want him” Drew said.

Tracey was shocked and got out of the car.

“So Peter’s alive” asked a very confused Tracey.

“Yeah we only found out yesterday” replied Drew.

Tracey looked at Sarah then distracted Drew by saying “look what is that over there”. The as Drew turned around Tracey and Sarah managed to handcuff him then drag him towards the boot of the car, Sarah then threw a struggling Drew into the boot but not before putting tape round his mouth.

Tracey kissed Sarah then got in the driving seat. Sarah sat in the paasenger side and waited for Tracey to start the car and drive to the party.

Promo: Will Kim Survive?

Will Drew be found in time?

Who returns to help find Zoe and Tracey?

Who’s the next target for Tracy and Zoe?

***Bit longer episode***** Enjoy, please tell me what you think :)****

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