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Love And Hate...

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Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance (make this a link)

does story include spoilers: yes/no

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

summary: 5 lines max

Hi! This is my 2nd fic. please read and review

Chapter 1

Martha was Kneeling on the other side of the door looking through the keyhole.

“I think I’m in love with you Jack…” said Tasha. She put her arms around Jack and kissed him. Jack pulled away after a few seconds. Martha watched horrified and silent.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” said Jack. He pushed her away. He picked up his Jacket and opened the door. He was shocked to see Martha standing in front of him, with tears in her eyes. She took her wedding ring of her finger and threw it on the floor. She then ran away.

“Martha wait!” he shouted. He put his face in his hands. He picked up the ring and put it in his pocket.


Martha sat in the diner, crying. Tony came up to her.

“What’s happened?” he sat down across from her.

“Is it Jack?” said Tony. Martha looked up at him and then burst into tears again.

“Thought so,” said Tony. “What’s he done this time?”

Tony noticed Martha wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

“Where’s you wed…” He started, but didn’t get to finish. Jack rushed into the diner.

“Martha, it wasn’t my fault! She pulled me,” said Jack. Martha got up, pushed him out of the way and ran out of the diner.

“Do you want to sit down and tell me what’s going on,” said Tony. Jack sighed and sat down where Martha had been sitting.


“I never knew Tasha could be like that,” said Tony after listening to Jack’s side of the story.

“You can’t tell anyone about this!” said Jack.

“Robbie deserves to know!” said Tony.

“Martha’s probably told him…” said Jack, depressed.

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Thanks for reviewing, here's the next chapter:

Chapter 2

“How’s Lee doing?” asked Matilda.

“She’s decided to get rid of the baby,” said Lucas.

“Is that a safe choice?” asked Matilda. Lucas shrugged and Beth entered.

“Mum?” said Matilda.

“Yes?” said Beth.

“I invited Liam over for dinner tonight. Is that okay?” asked Matilda. Lucas looked out the window.


Lucas hadn’t wanted to hear that answer. Matilda had met Liam two weeks ago. He was all that she talked about.

“I’m going over to Ric’s,” said Lucas.

“I’ll come too,” said Matilda.


“… So mum said its okay for him to have dinner with us tonight!” said Matilda. Cassie tried not to Yawn. Lucas fiddled about with his hands and fingers. Ric awoke from a 10 minute sleep. They had been there for nearly an hour and all Matilda had talked about was Liam, Liam and Liam. Not to mention a bit more of Liam. Ric got up.

“Me and Lucas are going down to the beach for a boy time,” said Ric.

“Boy time?” said Cassie.

“Yes!” said Ric and he dragged Lucas out the door. Once they got to the beach they started talking.

“How long was I asleep?” said Ric. “Did she notice?”

“You slept for about ten minutes and no, she didn’t notice,” said Lucas. “Too busy talking about Liam…”

“Have you met Liam?” said Ric.

“Yeah,” said Lucas.

“What’s he like?” said Ric.

“He’s a bit full of himself,” said Lucas. Ric noticed that Lucas didn’t like this guy.

“Do you want to have your dinner at ours tonight?” said Ric.

“Sure. Thanks,” said Lucas.

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