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Emily Symons, who played Marilyn

Guest -Chris-

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Aaaaw Emilys fantastic! I love her character in Emmerdale. She seem so genuine in the article. Thanks for posting it! I think I can remember her in home and away. Only because my mom and my cousin use to make me watch itand I think we have got a few old episodes on tape somewhere. We couldn't go anywhere before watching that first! Use to drive me crazy but now I'm the one watching it and they don't anymore. lol

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An article in todays Greenguide in the Age, with former star Emily Symons, who played Marilyn, can be found on the papers website, Click here She talks about Emmerdale the show she is now in, as well as mentioning Home & Away,

I think Emily is a fantastic actress both on H&A and now on Emmerdale. I also like the way she doesn't speak badly of H&A, as she realises that's why she got the role. Kip Gamblin could learn a thing or two from Emily.

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