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New Channel Seven show

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From Tv Week.

A new show called celebrity survivor will soon be airing on channel seven. The Show is shot on the island of vanuatu. A spokesperson has recently siad that some male contestants got in trouble for cutting down a coconut tree, instead of climbing to get the coconuts. Wonder if whoes on the show??? :huh:

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Nicolle Dickson (who played the infamous Bobby) is on the show and I remember hearing that someone else formerly from Home and Away was too. :P

Wow she's going on it?! :o

This sounds a lot like "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here"

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We had 2 series - it's one of the only reality shows I've ever watched and probably my favourite!

You've only got two seasons of Survivor? Which ones did you get? In Australia we have got all 12 seasons of Survivor, and the 13th season 'Survivor: Cook Islands' is about to begin! Plus we've had one Australian made season on top of that. Survivor is my fave show, but I hate the idea of Australia creating another version, especially if it's with celebs.

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