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Charlotte Adams Appreciation

Guest Ross

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Can't find an appreciation thread for Charlotte so thought I would start one!

Charlotte is definitely in my top 5 favourite characters of all time. She was such a good, genuine person, loyal to her friends and always there for anyone who needed her help. She went through so much in her time in the bay - domestic violence from her fiance'; losing Jude, the man she loved, to Shauna; losing her twins. And then she had such a tragic end- about to go over to Vietnam with the money she inherited to help the children and do so much good, only to tragically drown before she left.

I feel she is such an under-appreciated character who had so much warmth and kindness.

So, discuss your thoughts of Charlotte here :)

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Charlotte was a favourite of mine too, it’s a real shame she was a ‘one year’ character (similarly to that of Stephanie during 96-97) she had a great on-screen chemistry with every cast member she worked closely with, and her presence added something different to the show. She reminds me of Rachel, I just hope she doesn’t suffer the same fate as Charlotte, both as an actress and character.

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