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Furze likes idea of recording contract

Guest I Love Mark Furze

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Furze likes idea of recording contract

By Erin McWhirter, TV Writer


8 June 2006

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When Mark Furze, a popular contestant on the variety show It Takes Two, was told by a judge he deserves a recording contract it was music to his ears.

When Mark Furze, a popular contestant on the Channel Seven variety show It Takes Two, was told by judge Amanda Pelman he deserves a recording contract it was music to his ears.

The Home and Away star has recently signed up to be lead singer in a Sydney band so new they are yet to pick a name.

But Furze hopes record labels come knocking on their door.

"I would love nothing more than a recording contract in my band," said the 20-year-old.

"I don't know how I would go as a solo guy, I can't really see myself doing the whole pop 'Tammin' (Sursok) thing and pulling it off."

Furze's musical ambitions began early this year when he began answering advertisements in the local newspaper seeking musicians for a classic heavy metal band.

Original band members, drummer Jono Sodereorg and bassist Will Ward, gave Furze the nod along with lead guitarist Ben Sattler.

"It's nothing scary," Furze said of the band's style and sound.

"It's reasonably heavy, but more slanted on older stuff like early Metallica and Guns N' Roses. We are in the process of writing songs."

Initially Furze hadn't joined as vocalist, but since appearing on the Seven Network variety show he's taken on the frontman responsibly.

"Until this came a long I wasn't doing vocals," he said.

"I guess I have always known I can sing, but didn't think much of it.

"This show is training and brushing me for the band."

Furze laughs at the suggestion the nameless band might make a guest appearance on It Takes Two, but says he hopes they can do a pub gig before he gets voted off.

"Fingers crossed that I am still in the show in about a month," he said.

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I think he has a really cool voice, he sounded great in my opinion, but i'm byast, casue i'm in love, lol.

He's contracted to Home and Away till at least mid 2007, as he came into it in mid 2004 and signed for 3 years, so i can't see him leaving till then, when his contract's up, he may not renew it *crying face*, but i guess we'll just have to wait and see. I wish him all the best with his band and the rest of It Takes Two anyway, and he can come and play in my local anytime, i'd make him feel most welcome.

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He actually has a pretty good voice. However if this band gets signed I don't think Mark will stick around Home and Away for much longer.

That's a shame. He is a really good actor and one of the best characters in Home and Away. I hope he doesn't leave and besides, he will need to get his music career going before he does leave.

I'm sure he will stay for a couple more months yet. Anyway, he does have a very good singing voice so I'm sure he will do well.

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They dont seem to really take much notice of contacts though these days... well seven dont, but the actors probably do. I think he will keep in H&A until his band gets going well enough... and if it dosent he can always keep on Home & Away. And if his band does well enough & seven sue him, it wont matter because he will have enough $$$ to pay!!!

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