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Betrayal and Revenge

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Jack walked down the stairs in his and Martha’s house in his boxer shorts and went to the fridge and got out a tub of ice cream and went to get a spoon when he looked over to the door and saw a lady standing there she looked very posh and had a long set of pearls hanging off her neck and a huge rock on her ring finger. “Jacky” the woman cried out and dropped her bags and ran and flung her arms around him. “Grandma” Jack said just then he heard Martha call out “just so you know you shouldn’t keep a woman waiting especially when she’s in this kind of mood” but stopped in her tracks when she saw a woman standing there wide eyed looking Martha up and down taking in the brunette girl with matching black underwear with one of Jack’s police shirts over her shoulders unbuttoned fully showing off her bear body but she quickly pulled the shirt shut when she realised what was happening but Mary(Jack’s Grandmother) was much more interested with what was on Martha’s ring finger. “So Grandmother” Jack said trying to break the silence between the three people “this is Martha my fiancé” Mary raised her eyebrows “can we talk” she said “um” “now” Mary said sounding agitated “ok” Jack said “I’ll be back soon” “ok” Martha smiled and turned to head upstairs to get dressed.

“I don’t approve” “I don’t care” Jack exclaimed. “I will not have you ruining your life just like your mother did she threw her life away on that no good father of yours and now your going to throw yours away on that good for nothing tramp” “Martha is not a tramp” “what was she getting around in she said raising her eyebrows. “She wasn’t getting around in it she just got out of bed” he finished she crossed her arms and huffed. “Whatever” he said “I can see your not going to accept this but the fact is I love Martha and she loves me we’re getting married and there’s nothing you can do about it and with that he headed for the door with Mary close behind him.

Jack and Mary walked into the kitchen and saw Martha in the kitchen cooking lunch Jack walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders “ah the perfect woman” Mary huffed and went to sit down at the table.

Half and hour later Martha had finished lunch and they began to eat. “So Martha what do you do” asked Mary “for work” Martha asked” “yeah” Mary said “I work at a bar called Noahs but I’m also in my second year of law school” “Law school” Mary asked “that’s impressive. ‘Yeah see” Jack butted in “ told you she’s the perfect woman”

“Hi I can’t talk long yeah I see what you mean about her” Mary said as she sat up in bed in the spear room. “Yep I’m following the plan exactly this girl Isn’t going to know what hit her ok bye” she finished and looked down at the picture in her hands “it’s ok sweet heart mother will make everything ok” with that she pulled out a sliver gun and held it in her hand “everything’s going to be ok”.

In Sydney Corey set his phone down on a table finally he was getting the revenge he needed.


What does Mary and Corey have planned for Martha.

Jack finds a crucial piece of evidence that could save Martha’s life but will he find her before it’s to late.

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LMAO! I love it!! Killer Nan! Lol.

I can totally imagine her, running around with the gun! :P Her evil eyes looking over the thick, unattractive specs. Lol.

Very nice! Looking forward to next chapter!

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Great start. That was so unexpected yet funny. Evil granny with suspicious eyes and sparkly silver gun!

On a more serious note: I can't believe Corey is behind all this! This is a great fic, very original storyline and i can't wait for an update!

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