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Phone off the hook

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Phone off the hook

Northern Territory News/Sunday Territorian

29 May 2006

MEMO all weirdos: stop trying to call Home and Away's Jason Smith.

The actor, who plays Robbie, is sick of changing his phone number.

"Most of the time I can have my number in the phone book: there are so many Smiths, nobody can find me," the 21-year-old says.

"The crazy fans probably ring every single one," Smith says.

But not so long ago one crazy fan took it too far.

"Someone actually posted my mobile-phone number on the internet," Smith says darkly.

"And I've had my share of crazy stalkers. It happens in real life."

Apart from dealing with over-zealous fans, he is happy with the state of his private life.

Smith met his girlfriend, hip hop dancer Laura New, when performing in series two of Dancing With the Stars.

The pair were practising their dance moves in the same studio when love blossomed.

"It seems going through the series and finding someone is somehow entwined," Smith says.

He was sitting next to former Dancing contestant Bec Hewitt and her husband Lleyton at the recent Logie awards.

Though the Hewitts were criticised for taking their baby, Mia, on stage in what some described as a "shameless publicity stunt", Smith thought it was a nice gesture.

On Home and Away, he is Robbie Hunter, the screen husband of Isabel Lucas. Lucas dates fellow Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth.

Smith insists there's no tension on set.

"We're just acting and it's not real, and at the end of the day we go home to our real partners," he says.

Home and Away

SCTV Darwin, weeknights, 7pm

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I suppose that dealing with crazed fans comes with the territory.

Personally, if I was going to waste my time stalking somebody, I'd choose a better target that Jason Smith. ;)

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Personally, if I was going to waste my time stalking somebody, I'd choose a better target that Jason Smith. ;)

Yeah totally agree...there are better people to 'stalk' than Jason Smith.... Not that i would know anything bout stalking!!! Jokes hehehe

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'There's no tension on set' maybe. But the poor door frames on the set would be under a bit of tension, trying to get Jason's huge head through them! If I was being stalked, or had experience of it, the last thing I'd to is go to the newspaper and say how I've been in the phonebook and that fans have posted my number on the 'net..... Someone's getting a bit big for their boots IMO.....

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