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One Whisper, Too Many Secrets And Lies

Guest Billy

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Preview of first five episodes:

Episode one: Hit and Run:

Sally knocks down a favourite Summer Bay resident and leaves them for dead. A blonde bombshell arrvies in Summer Bay and sets her sights on a local hunk-whom? Also Cassie and Lucas lock lips and Selina makes a shocking return to the bay.

Episode two: Nighmare:

Massive shockwaves decend on Summer Bay as a Summer Bay resident is annouced dead. Riley attempts to steal Jack away from Martha. Cassie and Lucas can not resist tempation and our caught out by a local resident and Selina has got a secret admirer but whom?

Episode three: FRAMED:

Sally frames Morag for the accident and she is arrested for the manslaughter of the Summer Bay resident that died. Belle blackmails Lucas and Cassie about there secret relationship. Riley writes a fake note to Martha from jack saying "We are through" and Selina's admirer is finally revealed to be a local Summer Bay resident.

Episode four: Will:

The death of the local's will is read out and Sally gets the whole lot of what the person owned. Selina finds out she is pregnant with her admirers baby. Martha and Jack have a row so Riley can get Jack once and for all and Belle lets slip to Matilda about Lucas and Cassies secret relationship.

Episode five: Phycho:

Mtilda and Cassie have a fight which will lead to devestating consequences for one of them. Riley locks Jack in her cellar- why? Selina and her admirer embrace themselves with a nightmare from the past when a ghost reappears in there lives and Sally gets a letter saying "I know".

Hope you like it frist episode will be up on Monday.

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Cast List:

Alf Stewart (Confirmed to be leaving)

Sally Suanders

Morag Bellingham

Lucas Holden

Cassie Turner

Matilda Hunter

Ric Dalby

Belle Taylor

Jack Holden

Martha Mcckenzi

Riley Warden (New signing)

Peter Baker (Confirmed to be leaving)

Selina Roberts (Returning for a long period)

Kim Hyde (Confirmed to be leaving)

Irene Roberts (Confirmed to be leaving)

Barry Hyde

Leah Patterson (Confirmed to be leaving)

Dan Baker (Confimed to be leaving)

Amanda Vale

Colleen Smart (Confirmed to be leaving)

Josie Russell (Returning for a long period)

Hayley Lawson/Hunter (Returning for a long period)

Scott Hunter (Returning for a long period)

Vinnie Patterson (Returning for a long period)

Angel Parish (Returning for a long period)

Tasha Andrews

Robbie Hunter

Kit Hunter

Beth Hunter

Tony Holden

Violet Salle (New signing)

Ray Salle (New signing)

Corey Salle (New signing)

Maisy Salle (New signing)

Henry Hunter (Returning for a long Period)

The first episode will be up torrmorrow. Tell me what you think about the cast shake ups.

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Episode one: Hit and run:

Sally is driving along a side road not focusing on the road. She then hit’s a person and suddenly stops the car and goes out to check who it is. Sally then gasps as she sees Alf Stewart on the floor lying in pain. Sally tries to help Alf but then he sadly dies. Sally does not know what to do. Her mind is in all places and she decides to leave the body at the scene. She then drives off in her car very scared.


Meanwhile at the surf club Martha and Jack are having a drink when new blonde bombshell Riley Warden comes over to cause trouble between Jack and Martha.

Riley: Hi Jack, hi Martha.

Jack: Hi Riley

Martha: Hi (In a moaning voice)

Riley: What’s a matter with you?

Martha: You.

Riley: I’m sorry.

Martha: You, I am so sick of you trying to flirt with my boyfriend.

Riley: I’m not flirting it’s just you jealous.

Martha: Jealous of you, I hardly doubt it.

Riley: Fine I’m going, bye Jack

Jack: Bye.

Riley storms off pretending to be upset and Jack then has an argument with Martha.

Jack: Why did you do that for.

Martha: Don’t you start to.

Jack: You should have been more nicer.

Martha: Whatever.

Jack: Now where are you going?

Martha: Home.

Martha storms out leaving Jack to drink on his own and with a love triangle on his hands.


Lucas, Matilda, Cassie, Ric and Belle are having a sleepover at the beach house and Ric, Belle and Matilda go upstairs to find a DVD leaving Cassie and Lucas alone.

Lucas: Hi

Cassie: Hi

Lucas: So what do you want to talk about while there gone.

Cassie: Listen Lucas.

Lucas: I’m listening.

Cassie: I love you.

Lucas; What?

Cassie: I love you.

Cassie kisses Lucas and then he responds and they end up kissing then as they here the others come down they stop and pretend nothing has happened. Is there a new relationship forming?


Sally comes back to the caravan park and needs to have a drink. Just as she is about to Selina Roberts walks in and says “Hello Sally”.

Next time: Promotion:

Her murderous secret could be expose or will it.

(Shows picture of Sally)

There relationship could come to an end because of her.

(Shows picture of Jack, Martha and Riley)

They could be caught out.

(Shows a picture of Cassie and Lucas kissing)

And she has a secret admirer in the bay, but whom?

(Shows a picture of all the hunks in Summer bay and Selina)

Next time on One whisper too many lies………………

Tell me what you think about this episode and if you still want a free exclusive preview newsletter say newsletter please and i will Pm you one straight away. My nex tepisode will be up on Wednesday.

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