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Can Happiness Happen?

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Chapter 41 - Fights

"I dont know where else to look mate she's vanished"Alf said to Dan as they looked through maps of the local area.

"There has to be somewhere we've missed" he said harshly.

"Anything Grandad" Ric asked entering the Surf Club.

"Nothing mate" Alf answered.

"Im going to go and have another look" Dan said

"I'll come too" Ric said jogging after him.


"Jack can I have a word" Martha said as they sat in the hospital cafe.

"Sure Honey" he said his mind was on Lucas so he wasnt really paying attention.

"Has everything thats happened in the past few days changed your view on everything." she said

"What do you mean by everything" he said getting the feeling this was a conversation he didnt want to have.

"Well when I was out in the bush with Lucas all I could think of was you. What Im trying to say Jack is that I want to marry you, I dont want to wait. What do you think. She blurted out.

"At this moment in time I think your being selfish. My brother is in a coma, he is newly married and his wife is going through hell. How can you believe that marriage is a good topic of conversation." he yelled.


"I need to find her I cant face the thought of her not being around" Ric said to Dan. "I bet you would be the same if it was Leah?"

"Um, yeah whatever" Dan said

"Whats up Dan I get the impression that I have offended you in some way even on holiday you were strange with me. What is it?" Ric said

"As if you dont know, you stole her from me." Dan yelled.

"Who, what are you on about" Ric yelled back.

"Cass" Dan screamed "she was mine and you took her away from me."

"What" Ric said stunned "You and Cass I dont believe it."

"Believe it you fool. I was with her long before you were, and when she finds out I have left Leah. She will come back to me. you were just something to pass the time"

"Thats not true" Ric said lunging himself at Dan.

They were to busy fighting to hear Cassie's voice shouting for help.


"can you believe they got married with out even telling us?" Beth said to Tony

"well with Matilda and Lucas nothing would surprise me, they love each other so much it blinds them to everything else" he said laughing.

"I dont think its a laughing matter Tony" she said "I didnt get to see my baby get married. I cant believe it doesnt bother you."

"To be honest Beth at the moment Im more concerned that my baby could die, than whether I saw him get married or not." Tony snapped.

"God Tony Im so sorry. I didnt mean it like that I love Lucas you know that, Im worried too. Im just disappointed thats all."

"Save it Beth I dont want to hear it right now. Im going to the hospital" He said storming out.


I know thats not a great chapter just needed a bit of a filler before the next chapter. Which will be up soon.

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Chapter 42 - Babytalk.

Waking up Matilda blinked at the brightness of the room it had become a familiar place over the past few days, she hadnt left Luc's side no matter what anyone said.

"Morning sweetheart" she said kissing his cheek, she longed for him to answer her. She give anything to hear his voice. Picking up his hand she put it against her stomach.

"We need you Lucas, come back to us. Im supposed to be having an ultra-sound soon but I wont do it unless your with me."

Standing up she looked out of the window. She felt empty without Lucas, she knew he was still there but it wasnt the same. She was scared and alone and whenever she felt like that Luc would know and wrap his arms around her and make everything ok.

"Snap out of it" she told herself you have to stay strong for Luc and the baby. Sitting back down on the bed she started talking to him. " So what do you think a boy or a girl. I want a boy cause then he can look like you with your goofy smile and bright eyes, actually no he can have my eyes cause they are better than yours" she said laughing.

"I think you would want a girl" she continued "cause then you could protect her like you protect me, I hope you would want her to look like me. Can you imagine me as a mum I cant, but I can see you as a dad you will be brilliant and if you would just wake up we can start planning and telling people." She rambled.

"Come on Luc, I know you can do it. I know you dont want to leave me. I couldnt raise our baby without you. I wouldnt want to. We are a family Luc we need each other."

She put her head on his chest and listened to his breathing. "whatever happens I will never leave you Luc. I will always be here". Letting the tears fall she cried silently, then suddenly she felt a hand on her hair..........

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Chapter 43 - All safe

"Help" she shouted she had managed to hobble on to a path and she could of sworn she had heard voices ages ago. Maybe it was wishful thinking she thought.

She kept going and suddenly she saw them. "HELP" she screamed.


Still laying on Luc, Matilda froze. Did she really feel that? She wasnt sure, she sat up slowly and looked at Lucas, stroking his face she whispered "Luc did you do that?".

Her heart swelled as his eyes flickered open. "Luc" she screamed "I knew you would come back to me. Oh god I love you".

His only answer was a weak smile.


"God, cassie" Ric said seeing her in the distance, leaping up he started running towards her closely followed by Dan. Reaching her he picked her up in his arms. "Thank god" he said kissing her cheeks over and over again.

"Ric" she said" No offence but I've been out here for ages, do you think I could have a drink."

"Here" Dan said handing her his water. "Glad to see your ok" he said trying to get close to her, but Ric started walking off holding Cass tightly in his arms.

"Not now Baker" he whispered quietly.


"Jack he is awake" Maddie said running into the hallway where jack was sitting trying to calm down after his fight with Martha.

"What" he said with a smile. He had heard what she said but didnt quite believe it.

"Get a doctor quick" she said. He could hear the elation in her voice. Jack found Dr Gibb and ran back into the room. Looking at his brother he grinned, Luc was still deathly white but there was a familiar sparkle in his eyes.

"He hasnt spoken yet" Maddie said to the doctor "But he is definately ok isnt he?"

"If you could just give me a minute with him I will let you know" Dr Gibb said.

Exiting the room Jack hugged Matilda. "I dont know what you said in there but it looks like it did the trick, what were you talking about?"

"The baby" She said smiling "I guess Luc definately wants to be a dad."


"She is going to be ok isnt she" Ric asked the nurse outside Cassie's room.

"We will keep her in overnight, she is dehydrated and has a minor fracture in her ankle, but other than she is fine. She is a lucky lady."

"Im the lucky one" Ric whispered.

He went into her room, she was asleep, he sat on the edge of her bed. Watching her he thought about what Dan said, so what if she had been with him that was the past, she was his now. "Im never going to let you go" he said out loud.

"Good" he heard her mutter. Ric lay next to her and held her while she slept.


Watching through a gap where the door hadnt shut properly. Dan's heart broke, he needed to talk to her but he knew Ric wouldnt let him near her. He would have to wait. All that mattered now was that she was safe.


"Is he ok?" Jack asked as Dr Gibb left Lucas's room.

"He is still frail, but on the whole he seems fine. He has had a lucky escape."

"Can we see him" Jack asked hopefully.

"I think he would like that" Dr Gibb said smiling.

Looking at Matilda's face Jack smiled "go on in, I can wait. I will ring dad and then come back."


Opening the door to his room Matilda suddenly felt nervous, she looked at him, he had his eyes shut. She walked over and sat on the bed, and he opened his eyes. They sat there for a few seconds just staring at each other. Luc lifted his arm and stroked her cheek. She suddenly felt complete again. Tears ran down her face but for once they were tears of happiness. She leant down and pressed her lips to his.

"I love you Maddie" he whispered his voice croaky. She could contain herself anymore, she grabbed him so tightly and never wanted to let go.


Jack watched the scene between Maddie and Luc with a strange look on his face, he knew what he had to do. He had to face Martha eventually.....

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Chapter 44 - Heartbeat

It had been 3 days since Cassie had been found and Luc had woken up. Jack still hadnt found the right words to say to Martha, they hadnt spoken for days and he felt bad. He had been kept busy with Luc and he knew that Mac was helping Sally find her strength again. Sal now had feeling in her legs but wasnt strong enough to stand.

He knew he had to talk to her and today was as good a day as any..


"Do you think your up to it?" Matilda said to Lucas as he lowered himself into the wheelchair.

"Im ok darling, weak but ok and there is no way you are doing this without me." He said smiling at her.

Kissing the top of his head, she laughed its now or never then" she said as they left his hospital room.


Pacing the flat Jack was getting more and more agitated.

"Hi Jack" Martha said in a worried tone.

"Hi" he said "Sit down and listen" was all he could manage.

With a deep sigh he started to speak. "Look Mac this is really hard and I dont want you to think this is anything to do with you , its all my hang ups. What im trying to say is. I cant be with you anymore."


"How does it feel baby?" Luc said smiling at his wife.

"Really cold" she answered laughing. They were about to see their baby for the first time and she couldnt contain her excitement. Everything was getting back on track, she would get Luc home soon and they could start planning there lives properly. "look baby" she said pointing at the screen.

Luc couldnt speak, he couldnt believe that what they were seeing was their baby, they suddenly heard the heartbeat and Luc couldnt contain his feelings. A huge smile appeared on his face and his heart felt like it would explode. He had no idea what he had done to deserve the life he had, but he knew he was going to try his hardest to keep it happy.

"So Doc, how far gone am I?" Maddie asked.

"From the size of your baby I would say 3 months, thats generally classed as the safety period, so hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here. I will leave you two alone for a minute to digest everything." she said.

"You havent said much Lucas are you ok?" she said looking at him, Matilda stood up and crouched in front of his wheel chair, gazing deep into his eyes she waited for an answer.

"I love you" he said motioning for her to sit on his lap. She did as he sugested and he kissed her. " I love you" he repeated "And I love our baby and I cant believe I came so close to leaving you alone. It breaks my heart to think of it" he said sobbing on her shoulder.


"Im sorry Martha" he said as he watched the tears fall." I cant be a husband, watching what Matilda went through when she thought she had lost Lucas, broke my heart and I dont want to give myself to someone so much that I cant be without them, its just not me."

"Get out Jack" was all she said.

He felt so bad he knew he had broken her heart.


"We have to tell my mum and your dad" she said "They were disappointed enough about the wedding."

They were both in Luc's hospital bed curled up. "We can face that another time" Luc said "I was thinking of something else" he winked at her.

"Luc we are in a hospital" she said giggling.

"Who cares" he laughed before he leant forward and kissed her.

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Chapter 45 - Brotherly Love.

"I cant belive we did that" Matilda said laughing.

"I can" Luc said smiling at her cheekily.

"I should get dressed in case someone comes in" she said pulling her jeans on. They heard a knock at the door and Matilda jumped back in bed covering her top half she laughed "Come in Jack" she shouted.

Jack entered the room and looked at them, Luc was all hot and sweaty and matilda's hair was all ruffled. Shaking his head he said" God you two are unbelieveable, Im going to leave the room so you can get dressed Maddie, but I will be back in two minutes. I really need to speak to you Luc." he left the room.

Giggiling still matilda got dressed and kissed Luc goodbye, "I will be back later Im going to go home and shower."

"I will be picturing that" he said seductively.

Matilda left the room and she heard him say "He's all yours Jack."


"so are you going to tell whats me going on, we have been sat here for half an hour and you have hardly said anything" Luc said he was getting increasingly worrid about his big brother.

"How do you do it Lucas?" Jack asked.

"What" Luc said confused.

"How do you love Matilda so much? How can you be sure its right? How do you lose yourself so completely in someone?"

"Wow, um, I dont know Jack, honestly you just know if its right I guess. I loved Matilda when I first saw her and I hadnt even spoken to her. Its just a natural connection. Whats going on Jack?"

"Martha wanted to marry me and I finished it. I just cant let myself get immersed in someone not like you can. I dont know how Lucas."

Lucas couldnt believe what happened next. Jack began to cry, he never usually showed emotion in front of anyone. Putting his hand on Jacks arm Luc sat there waiting for Jack to let it all out.

"Im sorry Luc" Jack said minutes later after he had composed himself.

"When did I become the older brother" Luc said jokingly.

"When you became a more mature man than me" Jack said honestly. " seriously though Luc. Do you think its just cause Martha isnt the right person for me, or is there something wrong with me?"

"have you thought that maybe its about mum?" Luc said quietly. "you loved her and lost her and you havent loved another woman untill Martha maybe your just scared of losing her too?"

"Wow mature and brainy too. Must be all the sex" Jack said laughing. "Thanks Luc you have given me something to think about. Now lets change the subject."

Jack looked thoughtful for a minute and then said "So seriously how many times a day do you guys do it, cause from what I witness its pretty much all day. I think I have been going wrong somewhere?"

The only answer he got was Luc's pillow hitting him in the face and both brothers started laughing.

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Chapter 46 - Wants

"So what do you want to do today, anything whatever you want?" Ric said to Cassie as they woke up that morning.

She laughed "Anything I dont mind but please stop fussing you have been like this ever since you found me. It is really sweet but ever so slightly suffocating."

"Im sorry. I just dont want to lose you. Im in love with you and that Im afraid means your stuck with me." he said.

"I love you to Ric. Believe me." she didnt think he did believe her sometimes. "Why dont you grab some food from the diner and we can have a lazy breakfast in bed." she suggested.

"Sure" he said getting out of bed and getting dressed. "as long as you dont move." and with that he ran out of the room.

5 minutes later she heard a knock on the door I bet he has forgotten his keys she thought, grabbing one of his T-shirts she out it on and ran down the stairs.

Opening the door she said "You made me get out of bed that wasnt part of the deal".

"Well you can go back if you want darling, I dint have a problem with that" Dan said smiling.

"Dan, what are you doing here" she said shocked.

"I came to see my girl" he replied.

"Im not your girl anymore Dan. I have told you its over, go back to your wife."

"I've left her Cass, while you were missing, when I thought I had lost you forever it made me realise its you I want to be with. Take me back please Cass." Dan pleaded.

"Im so sorry Dan, you shouldnt have left Leah. I dont want to be with you. Im with Ric. Go make it up with your wife."

"I cant she is in the city, she didnt want to be around me. Anyway its you I love, we can be together now baby. I thought thats what you wanted" he said holding on to her hands.

"Thats not what I want, I have what I want and thats Ric." she said sternly.

"But please Cassie" he said begging.

"I think you heard what she said" Ric said coming in from the back door. "She is with me now Dan, Im sorry but thats it" as he said this he put a protective arm around Cassie.

"How can you choose him over me?" Dan said nastily.

"I have Dan please just go" and with a last longing look he left.

"Thanks" Ric said to her.

"What for "she asked

"Wanting me" he replied kissing her

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Sorry for the delay guys, I have had so much going on.

Chapter 47 - Dates.

Martha sat on the beach in a daze, she had been with Jack for so long she didnt know what to do now. It was all so new to her. Single life. Maybe it wouldnt be to bad she thought as a really cute guy walked passed and smiled at her.

"moving on already I see" Robbie said walking up behind her with Tasha.

"very funny" she said "just checking out what is on offer. I dont want to waste anymore more of my life I did enough time wasting with Jack."

"Dont say it like that Mac" Tasha said "You and Jack had good times."

"Sure yea, loads of good times, but it all came to nothing. Now it is time to move on. Starting with him" she said pointing to where the cute guy was sat further down the beach.

"Mac your not" Tasha said shocked at the turn around in her friend.

"Just watch me, this is the new Martha, What she wants she gets."


"I am so glad you can come home its been lonely without you" Matilda said packing Luc's stuff.

"You have hardly been at home" Luc said laughing." you've been here nearly every night."

"Well Im going home now and leaving you here" She said

"How am I supposed to get home" he said concerned that he had upset her.

"Your dad is coming to get you in an hour." She said "you have to wait for Dr Gibb to sign you out anyway" she blew him a kiss and started opening the door.

"Where are you going" he shouted.

"Its a surprise Lucas, Be patient."


"His name is Jason, he's the same age as me and doesnt seem to have any hangs up about commitment" Martha said choosing an outfit. "Im meeting him at Noah's"

"Well I hope you have a nice night. Rob and I might be in later, I hope you will introduce us." Tasha said still slightly worried about Mac.

"Of course" Martha replied happily "I wonder what it will be like being with another man after all this time"

"Mac your not going to sleep with him are you?" tasha said shocked at her friend.

"Well you never know" Mac winking


"So why did you have to pick me up, whats my wife up to?" Luc asked his Dad as they left the hospital. He had refused his wheel chair so was walking slowly as he was still frail.

"I still cant get used to you having a wife. My little boy is all grown up." Tony said ruffling Luc's hair.

"Dad. I have been a grown up for a while. I have finished Uni, and after christmas I will be starting work for the Mayor.

"I know son and Im proud of you." Tony said with a beaming smile.

"Now stop changing the subject and tell me what Maddie is up too"

"Get in the car and you will find out" Tony said winking.


"Hi" Mac said walking up to Jason.

"Hi" he replied kissing her cheek. " I got you a beer is that ok, you didnt strike me as a cocktail kind of girl"

She laughed "Beers great, I a bit of a tomboy at heart, shall we sit down."

They went and sat at a corner table and the conversation flowed easily. This is a great first date she thought, before she realised what she was doing her hand was on his knee, it felt natural. Maybe losing Jack was not such a bad thing. If he didnt want her then someone else would and maybe Jason Dean was that guy.


"Why are we here?" Luc asked as Tony stopped the car.

"I will let the lady explain" he said driving off.

Luc turned and saw Matilda she was wearing a floaty summer dress and her hair was tied loosely.

"You look amazing" he said no matter what she wore she always took his breath away.

"Thanks" she said "now come with me" she led him down a slope and told him to close his eyes. When he opened them he smiled. In front of him was a picnic, she had gone all out. There was champagne, all sorts of food and rose petals everywhere.

"Whats this in aid of?" He asked sitting down next to her.

"Do i need a reason" she said smiling.

"Knowing you yes" he replied " Are you after a better christmas present?"

"Why what are you getting me " she said curiously.

"I have an idea" he said laughing.

They laid together watching the sun set. "This is the perfect way to spend an evening" Matilda said looking lovingly at Luc.


"Do you want to go for a walk?" Jason asked her.

"Sure" she said grabbing his hand. They strolled along the beach not realising they had been seen. Jack was sat on the beach watching them.

He didnt know how he felt, sure it was weird seeing her with someone else and she had moved on quickly. But he didnt think he actually cared....

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Chapter 48 - Plotting

"So baby, what I suggested at the picnic, do you think we can?" Matilda said as they walked back to their house slowly.

"Honestly Maddie I dont think it is a great idea at the moment, not with everything thats happened. i dont know if Im up to it yet." Luc said knowing what he said was about to cause an arguement.

"But Luc, thats exactly the reason we should" she said whining " and before we know it the baby will be here and then we will never get the chance.

"Just let me think about it?" Luc said

"Fine whatever" she said storming off, she knew Luc was still to frail to keep up with her.


An hour later she sat on the sofa wondering where he was, she couldnt believe he hadnt come home. She couldnt believe he didnt like what she had suggested. She had really thought the picnic would be the best way to approach the subject,

"The problem is he knows me to well" she said to herself "he knew I had an ulterior motive."

She sat there planning another way to make Lucas do what she wanted.


"So when are you going to tell us what this is about?" Ric said staring at Luc.

Luc had sent text messages to a number of the bay residents asking them to meet him. He needed their help.

"The first condition is that what Im about to say never gets back to Matilda, Beth or my Dad" Luc said looking around at his friends.

"Sure, just tell us" Robbie shouted.

"Right guys this is what I need you to do?" Luc said nervously.

After about 10 minutes he finished and waited anxiously for there reaction.

"Wow Luc, thats a big ask, and we only have 3 days" Tasha said. "Im not sure its possible."

"Of course its is" Irene said.

"Damn right" Alf agreed "This is what living in Summer Bay is all about, We will make it happen Lucas."

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Chapter 49 - Suspicions

I wonder where he is now Matilda thought, it was the day after Lucas had turned down her idea, and ever since he was acting different with her.

"He is definately up to something" she muttered to herself as she washed the dishes.

"Who is?" a voice from behind startled her.

"Oh, hi Cass." she said seeing her friend "What are you doing here?"

"I need a favour and the only person I can think of to help me is you" she said smiling.

"That must mean shopping" Maddie said.

"Of course I need to find a nice dress, Ric is taking me out somewhere and I want to look hot." Cassie said hoping Matilda would take the bait.

"Lets go" Maddie answered smiling. Grabbing her keys, they walked out the house. Cassie glanced to her left and saw Robbie, she put her thumb up to him and he grinned.


"It will be here somewhere I guarantee it" Robbie said letting himself and Tasha into his sisters house.

"I hope your right" Tasha answered "It will make everything a lot easier. Lets start looking and then meet the others at Irene's"

"I know my sister she would never have thrown it away." Robbie said starting to look through cupboards.

10 minutes later he walked down the stairs. "Told you" he shouted at Tash "Here it is"

"She is going to kill us for showing this to everyone" Tash said laughing.

"We will let Lucas take the blame" he laughed as they left the house.


"Come on answer" Luc said to himself as he pace around his Dads house on his mobile. "Finally" he said as he heard the voice on the other end.

Jack laughed watching him. Lucas was stressing out. "I hope they all agree" jack said to himself he knew this was important to his brother.

"Thanks bye see you soon" Luc said smiling at Jack.

"I take it that went well" Jack asked.

"Yea thats two people done, I just need the other four and everything will be on track." Luc said grinning.


"Im telling you, he has been differnet, distant and never at home" Matilda said to Cass as they sat having a smoothie.

"Its probably just the pregnancy making you paranoid" Cass replied.

"No he is up to something. Lucas Holden cant lie, there is something wrong. Maybe he is having doubts about the baby. Oh my god maybe he is having an affair Cass" She shrieked.

This could go very wrong before it gets better Cass thought to herself.

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Chapter 50 - Christmas Eve

"What else is there to do" Lucas said to himself as he looked at the lists in front of him. It was christmas eve and tomorrow he had to pull it off without a hitch.

"Everything going according to plan" Ric said entering the house.

"Yea I think so just not quite sure how Im going to get her, dad & Beth there." Luc said thinking of ways.

"I thought Cass was helping you with that?" Ric said

"No she will sort Maddie out when we are there before everything starts."

"Sounds like a lot of effort to me mate. Why are you bothering?" Ric asked.

"Because its what she wants and as her husband I have to at least try and give her everything she wants." Luc said smiling as he thought about what she was going to say when she finds out what he has done.

"Mate hide everything she's coming" Ric suddenly said.

Luc threw everything underneath the sofa cushions and he and Ric sat on top of them and quickly turned on the T.V.

Matilda entered carrying bags. "Hi" she said quietly.

"Hi honey how was your day" Luc said.

"Fine" she replied walking into the kitchen and putting her bags down. He is definately up to something she thought. She looked at Luc and Ric, they kept giving each other knowing looks. I know he wouldnt cheat she said to herslef over and over. Luc loves me, so there must be something else going on.

She is suspicious Luc thought watching her, well tomorrow she will know and hopefully she will be extremely happy.


Walking along to the surf club Jack laughed out loud at himself. I must look so strange he thought. He was carrying loads of balloons, he could barely see what was in front of him. Entering the surf club he couldnt believe it, nearly all of the bay was there helping in some way or another. Alf was painting something, Sal & Flynn were setting up tables. Rob & Tash were carrying glasses, everyone looks so happy he thought and then he saw her and his heart sank.

Martha was folding napkins she looked so gorgeous he thought, I love her, I know I do I just cant give her what she wants. He was about to go over to her when he saw jason walking towards her, Martha grinned at jason and Jack turned away.

"Why am I such a coward" he whispered to himself "Commitment cant be that hard".


"I wonder where everyone is, this place is like a ghost town" Beth said to Tony as they drove into the bay.

"I know its like we went to Yabbie Creek and everyone else evaporated" Tony said laughing.

"There must be something happening" Beth said curiously.

"Maybe eveyone is busy with Christmas things" Tony said.

"Yea babe, probably. We are going to have the perfect Christmas this year. I can feel it" Beth said. She didnt realise how right she was.

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