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Can Happiness Happen?

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Chapter 51 - Christmas

"Merry Christmas baby" Luc said waking up and looking at his wife.

"Merry Christmas" She said smiling at him, part of her was still nervous, she felt like he was pulling away from her. No not today she thought. Today was going to be great.

Luc leant over and kissed her. "This is our first Christmas together as husband and wife" he said kissing her again. "Its going to be wonderful" he said knowingly.

"So, Presents?" she said jumoing out of bed and running down the stairs. Laughing Luc followed her.

"Be careful in your condition" he shouted after her.

Matilda was straight underneath the tree, searching through the presens trying to find hers.

"Darling arent you supposed to wait for me to give you your presents" he said smiling.

"Well come on then" she said.

They spent the next hour unwrapping presents they had bought each other.

"Maddie this watch is great, I love the fact that it is engraved with our initials" he said kissing her "I guess you want your main present now dont you?"

"Of course" she said putting her arms around him.

"Well we will have to go to our parents house for it Im afraid." Luc said grinning. He could hardly contain his excitement.

"Oh, Well come on lets get dressed. I want my present." She said.

Half an hour later they walked up to Beth & Tony's.

"Merry Christmas" Tony said opening the door.

"Merry Christmas" they both replied.

"Hi, I didnt expect you so early" Beth said greeting them.

"Luc said I had to come here to get my present" Matilda said looking confused.

"Well actually its kind of a present for all three of you" Luc said laughing at there confused faces. Taking a deep breath he got down on one knee.

"Matilda Holden will you do me the honour of marrying me again. Today in front of everyone we love?"

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Chapter 52 - Surprise number 1.

"What" she screamed "Today, no way there isnt enough time."

"Everything is planned" Luc said.

"You cant have" Maddie started.

"Everything" he interrupted her knowing she was going to start rambling.

"But I havent got a dress or make-up or anything" she said totally baffled.

"That I can help with" he said smiling. He opened the front door and there stood Cass, Martha, Tasha, and Sally.

"I believe we can be of service" Martha said laughing.

"You knew" Maddie said looking at Cassie.

"Guilty" Cass laughed.

"But you knew I was worried about" Maddie started but was interrupted by Lucas.

"Worried about what." he said looking confused.

"Nothing. I love you Lucas" she said kissing him.

"Well I hope you say that in a minute. Now I dont want you to get mad but I have chosen you another bridesmaid." He said seriously.

"Luc thats my decision I had who I wanted planned for our original wedding I dont want anyone else you shouldnt have interfered." She snapped.

"Well I guess I will leave then" A voice said from the front door.

"Kit" Matilda and Beth screamed at the same time.

"Merry Christams all" Kit said laughing as Beth hugged her tightly.

"Now women will you all please leave, we have a wedding blessing to prepare for" Jack said entering the room.

They all started to leave, Matilda went over and pulled Luc into a spare bedroom. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. "Your amazing do you know that? I cant believe you did all this for me" she said caressing his neck.

"I would do anything to make you happy" he muttered enjoying the fell of her touch.

"Well you certainly suceed at that" she smiled kissing him again.

"Do you think we have time" he said winking at her, he put his hand up her shirt and caressed her bare back.

"Save that thought for later.I have to get ready" she said "Seriously Lucas this was the best surprise ever"

"There are more to come" he said teasingly

"Tell me more" she said rubbing her hand over his body seductively.

"No you will have to wait " he moaned getting more and more turned on. He grabbed her and started kissing her.

Suddenly the door opened. "Guess who" Jack said laughing "I love interupting you two. Now put her down Luc we have stuff to do"

Maddie and Lucas said goodbye and she left.

"Come on brother dear lets make sure everything is ready" Jack said laughing as Luc stared longingly at the space Matilda had just occupied.

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Chapter 53 - Suprise 2 & 3

"Everything looks great Alf, thanks" Luc said. They were stood on the beach. The residents of the bay had created the perfect scene. They had an alter, a white arch covered in roses an aisle with chairs either side, there was a brass band ready to play, and flowers and balloons were everywhere. Luc couldnt believe it.

"It looks amazing dahl" Irene said squeezing his shoulder. "It looks like your bride has arrived" she said nodding towards a limo that had pulled up outside the surf club.

"The surprises are out of sight arent they?" Luc said looking around.

"Yes dont panic" Jack said "Now lets take our places" He guided Lucas to the front of the aisle.


"Why am I nervous" Maddie asked her mum " Im already married".

"Because there are people here this time" Beth replied laughing. "You look gorgeous Maddie, Im so glad I get to see you get married well at least blessed".

"Me too" Kit said smiling she looked stunning in her red bridesmaid dress, as did Cass, Martha & Tasha.

"I'll go take my seat " Sally said "But before I go, Matilda Im afraid Tony cant give you away."

"What, Why! He is the closest thing Ive got to a dad" Matilda screamed.

"Well Luc has organised someone else to do it" Sal said smiling.

"Who " Beth said anxiously

"Me" someone said from appearing from behind them.

"Scott" Matilda screamed. Beth just stood there opened mouthed.

"Well I figured a Hunter male should give you away and I didnt think Robbie would do a great job, so I thought I would offer my services."

"Im so glad your here" Matilda said nearly crying.

"Now that will ruin your make-up" Someone said

Matilda turned around. "Oh my god" she screamed. Stood in between Cass and Tasha was Henry. He walked over and hugged his sister.

"Think you can handle another person giving you away." he asked

"Of course" she replied linking arms with both her brothers. "Lets go get me married again."

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Chapter 54 - Thoughts

Matilda's thoughts

I cant believe he did all this for me, he really is amazing. I cant believe I wondered what he was up to, even doubted him. I will have to make it up to him.

Lucas's thoughts.

She is so beautiful. I cant believe how lucky I am. I want today to be perfect she deserves it. I have an amazing wife and she is carrying my child. Life doesnt get any better than this.

Cassie's thoughts

He loves her so much you can see it in his face. I wonder if anyone will ever love me that much. Ric loves me I know that but would he sacrifice everything for me. Lucas nearly died saving Maddie. Thats pure devotion.

Ric's thoughts.

She looks like perfection. I cant believe she is with me. I have to tell her today. I know whats right and this is.

Jack's thoughts

I dont know how he does it nothing phases him. It makes me wonder if we are even related, the thought of all this terrifies me, but I hate watching her with someone else I didnt think it would bother me but it does. Should I move on? What can I do?

Martha's thoughts.

I want this, Maddie is so lucky, I guess she chose the right Holden. Well at least Im moving on with Jason, he is really great. Im going to ask him later, that will help me get over Jack.

Unidentified persons thoughts.

They all look so happy down there. I wonder if I will ever be that happy. I wonder if they will except me. I think I will stay out of sight as suggested. They are not ready for me yet......................

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Chapter 55 - Love & Marriage

Matilda stood next to Lucas gazing into his blue eyes. They had said there vows and they both had tears in their eyes, and they werent the only ones most of the congregation were quietly moved by the event.

Everyone was now walking into the surf club for the christmas dinner reception. Before Lucas and Matilda could walk in Tony stood up and clinked his glass.

"Will everyone be upstanding for Mr & Mrs Holden" he shouted. Everyone clapped as Luc and Maddie enetered and sat down.

"Luc" Maddie whispered as everyone was tucking into the food. " I think today should be the day we tell everyone."

"Whatever you want darling, its up to you" he said smiling at her. "I will include it in my speech".

"Speaking of speeches I think Henry is about to say something." she said noticing her brother standing up.

"Ladies and Gentlemen and Ric" he said "Could I please have your attention. I just want to say a few words on behalf of the Hunter family. Firstly Maddie you look stunning, secondly Lucas I hope you know what you have married or blessed or whatever we witnessed today, she is hard work trust me. But seriously guys I hope you have a long and happy life together and Luc if you ever hurt her you will have 3 Hunter men after you."

"Too True" shouted Robbie and Scott.

"I wont Henry, I promise" Luc shouted back as he kissed Matilda's hand.

"And anyway he is more scared of me than you 3 morons" Maddie shouted laughing.

"Too true" Ric and Flynn shouted, everyone laughed.

"Whatever" Henry continued. "Everyone raise your glasses to The not new Mr & Mrs Holden"

"well I guess its my turn now" Jack said " I had a bestman's speech prepared but it didnt seem to do Luc any justice so Im going to wing it."

"Oh God" Ric shouted.

"Right we all know that these two did not get together perfectly, but I think we can all agree that its obvious they are made for each other. Whatever the connection is between you two it is strong do not ever let it fade" Jack looked towards Martha and his heart sank as he realised she wasnt listening but was too busy kissing Jason.

"Anway you two share something amazing" he continued "Im really glad you found each other, although I do hope you get over your infatuation with having sex all the time, cause Im fed up of catching you" he smirked.

"Jack I cant believe you just said that" Maddie said blushing. As everyone else laughed.

"Sorry but its true, but I guess it is a sign that you love each other. So guys can I make a toast to Love" Jack said sitting down.

Everone raised there glasses as Maddie and Lucas embraced each other.

"Come on Lucas, Its your turn." Flynn shouted.

"Ok,OK." He said standind up. " Matilda and I have one more surprise for most of you. Some of you already know. So If I could ask my beautiful wife to stand and join me" he said holding his hand out to her. She took it and stood in front of him, he put his arms around and place his hand s gently on her stomach. " SHall we?" he said to her.

"Get on with it" ALf yelled.

"Ok guys, here goes. In just over 5 1/2 months there will be another Holden" Maddie said " We are going to be parents."

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Warning - Sexual content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Chapter 56 - Unlikely meeting.

Everyone in the Surf club was congratulating Luc and maddie but Henry had to get out, he felt like everyone was moving on and he hadnt really done anything since he left the bay 6 years before.

"22 and Ive never had a girlfriend never had anything more then meaningless one night stands, how sad am I?" he said out loud.

"Do you want me to answer that" Someone said. Henry turned and gasped stood there smiling at him was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"Hi" he said nervously.

"hey yourself" she replied "Looks like you could do with some company."

"Could be good, but not here lets go back to my sisters house she wont be coming back till tomorrow." he said confidently.

Half an hour later they were sat on the sofa drinking wine and chatting like they had known each other for years. Yet Henry didnt even know her name.

She is so good looking he thought, he felt a rush of excitement as she placed her hand on his knee. He grinned at her wondering if she wanted what he did, she returned the grin and moved her hand higher up his leg. He took the hint and leant forward and kissed her gently at first but it became harder and more passionate. There tongues were fighting for room, he felt her hands on his belt and groaned as she found him. He couldnt contain himself anymore, they stripped each other quickly and he was about to lower himself on to her when she stopped him. She pushed him softly making him lay down, she grinned as she saw the recognition on his face. She lowered herself on to him, he felt her back arch as there bodies combined.

"I like a woman that takes control" he whispered.

Hours later he woke up smiling she was asleep next to him he wrapped his arms around her naked body , he couldnt believe what had happened, he shut his eyes still grinning.

The next thing he knew he felt lips on his, he returned the seductive kiss and opened his eyes, she was smiling at him.

"I dont even know your name" he said softly running his finger up and down her spine.

They started to have sex again. "Belle" he heard her whisper.......

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Chapter 57 - Belle

"I think we should get going soon" Luc said to Maddie. The party was still going strong, everyone was enjoying the christmas spirit.

"Yea, ok. Lets start doing the rounds of goodbyes" she said laughing.

"Irene we are off, thanks for your help with the food and everything" Lucas said.

"No worries dahl." Irene said kissing them both, a wave of guilt came over her she knew she should tell them Belle had been released from the institution, she still had to go back regularly and had community service, but her doctors and decided that she not been aware of what she was doing when Kim died and Luc got injured. It had been classed as 'Accidental Death'. Irene couldnt let Belle live with her again as Barry didnt know she was back either, so instead Irene had rented her a flat and told her to stay out of sight for a while.

Irene looked at Luc and Maddie smiling as they said goodbye to their loved ones, she couldnt tell them yet not today. But everyone needs to know she thought, she just didnt know how to tell them.


"Belle your amazing that was fantastic." Henry said wrapping a sheet around his waist and walking to the kitchen to find another bottle of wine.

"Your not too bad yourself " she said smirking at him.

She felt like she was in control, Henry let her be, she had never felt like that with Ric. When she first saw Henry she had intended to use him for a bit of fun. She hadnt been with a guy in over a year and she had craved the attention, but now actually being with Henry she didnt know if she could just walk away. You know nothing about him she thought to herself, he may not even live in the bay. All she knew was that he was at the wedding blessing, but she wasnt even sure why he was there.

"Your certainly a christams present I didnt expect" he said handing her another drink. He sat behind her wrapping them both in the sheet, she leant back into his chest. I feel safe she thought. I could get used to this I hope he is a local, But in the back of her mind she knew if he was he would find out what she had done. They sat there for ages in silence just enjoying being togeher.

"We should get some sleep" Henry said kissing her neck, lets go to bed.

They walked into the spare room he was staying in and climbed into bed, he put his arms around her and she began to fall asleep instantly feeling happier than she had in years.

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Chapter 58 - Shocks

"It was a wonderful day. Im glad we got to see them get married" Cass said dreamily.

"Well Im glad I got to see you looking hot in that bridesmaid dress" Ric replied putting his Jacket around her shoulders. They were walking along the beach letting the water lap over their feet.

"It beautiful out here tonight" she said "What an amazing christmas day."

"Its not over yet do you want your present" Ric said grinning at her.

"You have already given me lots of things" she protested

"Trust me Cassie, close your eyes" he said "Please"

"ok,Ok" she laughed and shut her eyes. She could hear Ric moving.

"Ok Open them"

"Ric what are you, Oh my god" She said as she realised what was happening.

"Cass, I love you will you marry me?" Ric said he was down on one knee holding a ring out with waves lapping around him.


"Did you enjoy today?" Martha asked Jason as they made cups of tea in her flat.

"Yea I did, your friends and family are lovely. I feel so lucky to have met you" he said his blue eyes twinkling.

"Me too" she said "Look I know this is stupidly fast, but I would like you to move in here with me, I think we get on well and I dont see the point in waiting" She paused waiting for his response.

"Um it is a bit of a shock, but yea why the hell not. I was going to tell you this anyway, so here goes. I think Im falling for you Martha, everything feels right." he said

She hugged him and they started kissing. Jack Holden who? she thought.


"Yes Ric, Yes" Cass said throwing herself at him.

He laughed at her enthusiam and the realised what she had actually said. "God are you sure?" Ric asked stunned.

"Yes" she said kissing him. He placed the ring on her finger and then kissed her harder, He couldnt believe it. They got so caught up in their own moment they forgot where they were and ended up getting intimate on the beach where anyone could have seen them.


What have I done jack thought, he was walking home. He had just had meaningless sex behind the Surf club with one of Matilda's old school friends he wasnt even sure of her name. It meant nothing and he felt nothing, He wasnt even sure why he had done it, he just craved some female attention.

Shaking his head at himself he carried on walking, He didnt think it was cause he was trying to forget Martha. he was shocked at his own behaviour. Im not going to turn into one of those guys who always has random one night stands he thought.

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Chapter 59 - Contentment

"Oh my god, Im so happy" Matilda said dancing around their hotel room. they were staying at the sands resort for the night.

"It was great of Jack to send us away for the night, at least we know he cant walk in on us this time" Luc said laughing.

"I wouldnt put it passed him" Maddie said as changed into her Pj's " But i dont think there will be anything to walk in on. Im shattered." she climbed into bed.

"Me too" Luc said stripping down to his boxers and climbing in next to her. "Come here" he said, Matilda shuffled over to him, he held her tightly. He heard her breathing change and realised she was already asleep. He looked her and smiled goofily. Everything was perfect. He couldnt ask for more


Over at the caravan park Ric was thinking the same thing as he watched Cass sleep next to him. He was going to get married, he couldnt quite believe it. All these years he'd dreamt of Cassie and now she agreed to be his wife. His heart swelled with pride. Life couldnt be more perfect.


Belle was asleep in his arms. Henry couldnt take in what he was feeling, all he knew was that he didnt want to let her go. he wanted to find out everything about her. He hadnt heard much from the bay since he had left so he didnt know if she was local but he had to find out. If she did live in the bay he didnt think he would be able to go back to the city after the summer.

She was everything he wanted Cute, Sassy and Smart. He knew he wanted to be with her she made him feel content. He kissed her cheek and laid his head next to hers. Perfection he thought.

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Chapter 60 - Morning after

"I guess Henry and Kit are still in bed" Maddie said as they entered their house and she suddenly remembered their house guests.

"Gives us more time on our own then" Luc said.

"Why Mr Holden, Do you ever think of anything else?" Maddie said seductively.

"Not when your around he said laughing as she started undoing his shirt.

"Is she here?" Henry's voice interrupted there moment.

"Nice timing brother dear." Matilda said " now what are you shouting about."

"Is who here" Luc asked

"Um dont worry never mind" Henry said he didnt feel like telling them about Belle he just wanted to find her.

"Henry, you said she, did you bring a girl back here last night?" Maddie said teasingly "And now you have list her how careless."

"Thanks for your sympathy" henry snapped at his sister. " Yes I did have a girl here and we had an amazing time and I dont know how to get hold of her now, so if you dont mind im going to get dressed and try and find her."

"Wow, he overreacted slightly" Maddie said as henry left the room.

"Whoever she is she got Henry hooked" Luc said knowingly "He's got it bad"


"Where were you girlie. I came here last night after the wedding blessing and you weren't here" Irene said.

"Im sorry I went for a walk, but dont worry I kept out of sight. It was really great though" Belle said dreamily.

"Somethings different about you. Are you taking your tablets" Irene was worried Belle ahd a far away look in her eye.

"Yes Im taking my meds Irene" Belle said "Its just that Ive met someone, someone who doesnt know anything about me, someone who just wanted to be with me."

"Thats nice love, but be careful dont get to caught up with one person. you know what happened with Ric"

Belle flinched at his name. "It wont be like that Irene. Im better now. I just want a normal life." she protested.

"So whats his name then, this mysteryguy?" Irene said giving in.

"I dont want to say I want to get to know him better myself."


Henry walked outside and stopped he had no idea where to start looking. He sighed there was no way he was going to let her slip away. He looked around trying to figure out where to start. Then he noticed it there was a note pinned to the door. He opened it quickly.


I really enjoyed being with you and if you did to, meet me tonight, Stewarts point at 8. Dont tell anyone lets just keep it ourselves for a while.


B x

His heart skipped a beat, he couldnt believe she wanted to see him again....


"Do we tell anyone yet" Ric said as he and Cass laid in bed wrapped in each others arms.

"Not for now lets just enjoy it ourselves" she replied she still had doubts they were moving quickly and that scared her, but she did love Ric so what could go wrong.

"We will have to tell Sal and Flynn especially if we are going to move out" Ric said.

"Lets find a place first and then tell them. For now lets just stay in bed all day and enjoy being with each other" Cass said stroking his chest.

"Sounds perfect " RIc said as he pulled the covers over there heads.........

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