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Can Happiness Happen?

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Thanks for the great comments guys. here is the next chapter.

Chapter 81 - Discoveries

"It was a good night wasnt it?" Belle said to Henry as they let themselves into their flat.

Henry laughed she hadnt stopped talking all the way home. He was so glad she was happy, he knew things wouldnt be easy forever, but for now one good night meant a lot.

"Henry. it was wasnt it?" Belle repeated getting anxious.

"Yes darling. Mum didnt even freak out about me living with you. I guess she could see that it would be pointless arguing as I am totally in love with you." He kissed her and pulled her on to the sofa.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" Belle asked pulling away from his embrace.

"Well I did have other things in mind, but if that is what you want to do, then thats what we will do" Henry said sighing.

They snuggled up on the sofa and began watching the film. It had nearly finished 2 hours later when they heard a crash from nextdoor.


"I havent seen him this happy in ages" Robbie said to Tasha as they walked along the beach behind Jack and Kit.

"I know its wicked. I just wish it hadnt caused Martha to leave." Tasha said sadly

"I Know babe" Robbie said stopping "But it wasnt really Jack's fault and too be honest I dont even think he knows"

"Knows what." Jack said walking up to them with Kit.

"Mac's gone Jack" Tash said "She has left the Bay. Jason dumped her because he thought she still loved you and then she found out about you two. I guess everything just got to much for her."

"Oh my god. She didnt have to leave" Jack said shocked at what he had just heard. "I didnt want that to happen"

"We'll leave you guys to talk" Robbie said noticing his elder sisters face. After they had walked off Jack and Kit sat down on the sand.

"Does it change anything with us, you knowing that Martha still wants you" Kit asked nervously.

"No darling not at all. Im just surprised thats all" Jack said grabbing her hand "One thing I have learnt from being with you is that commitment isnt as scary a concept as it was with Martha, which proves we were not meant to be. From now on its me and you all the way. I want to be with you forever Kit."


"We need to get in Henry it didnt sound good" Belle said as they stood outside the door to Ric and Cassies apartment.

"Ok stand back I will have to kick it down" henry kicked the door a few times but nothing happened.

"God what do we do" Belle said and Henry could hear the panic in her voice.

"Ric, Cass can you hear me" henry shouted but got no reply.

"I'll pick the lock"Belle said running inside to find something to use.

"Ok you try that and I will ring Jack" henry shouted to her.

Eventually Belle managed to get the lock undone she opened the door and ran in. She ran in the bedroom and screamed.

"Henry call an ambulance" Belle shouted......

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Chapter 82 - Character

"Dont answer it baby" matilda said as the phone started ringing, she was laying with her head in Luc's lap watchind T.V and being heavily pregnant she didnt want to be disturbed.

"I have to honey it may be important" Lucas said as he lifted her head and put a cushion where his lap had been. She laughed as she realised how well trained he had become.

"hello" he said picking up the phone. "yea Henry Ive got the number, yea of course I will ring her. No I havent seen Cassie but I will try and find her. Keep me posted."

"Whats going on Lucas" Matilda asked.

"Its Ric. Henry and Belle had to break into to his flat. They found Ric unconcious in the bedroom. He had fallen into a chest of drawers knocking everything over, the noise of that alerted Belle and Henry." Luc's voice was full of shock.

"Lucas what else is it? Ric is ok isnt he, he isnt dead?" Maddie said grabbing her husbands hand.

"No Maddie he is not dead, but they found Vodka and pills it looks like he was trying to kill himself. Henry wants me to tell Sally and find Cassie." Luc said

"Well come on then, lets go." Matilda couldnt believe what had happened. Something wasnt right, Ric had always been one of the strong ones.


"He will be ok wont he?" henry asked the Doctor

"We have pumped his stomach and physically except for being sore from his fall and dehydrated, he is fine. It is his emotinal and mental state Im worried about. Do either of you know what made him do this? the Doctor said.

Henry felt Belle flinch next to him. "No we dont sorry" he said.

The doctor walked back into Rics room. Henry put his arm around Belle supportively. "Whats up" he asked.

Belle put her head on Henry's shoulder. "This isnt like Ric is it, you dont think its because of me do you? I mean I dont want to sound arrogant but he did say the day he came to the flat that he felt guilty because of what I did." Belle was nearly in tears.

"When did he come to the flat?" Henry said but then seeing his girlfriends face he stopped. " Sorry thats not important. I dont think its anything to do with you and if anyone says it is just ignore them."

"Dont worry Belle its not your fault. Its mine" Cassie said from behind them.


"Shall we go to the hospital too" Matilda asked Lucas. They were in the car on the way back from Sally's having already phoned Cass.

"No I think there will be enough people there and you need to rest darling you are over 8 months pregnant. We have to think of you and the baby." Luc said sternly.

"Yea I know, but Im worried about Ric, so I wont be able to sleep anyway" Maddie replied.

"Well lets just go home and relax. We can phone the hospital through the night to make sure he is ok." Lucas said. He didnt want to worry Maddie but he was worried about Ric too this was so out of character.


"He's awake if one of you wants to go in" the doctor said a few hours later.

"You go Cassie" Henry said not sure if it was actually a good idea. Cassie hadnt said much since she had arrived. Henry had no idea what had happened between them.

"Thanks" She said and walked slowly into Ric's room. The next thing Henry and Belle knew she was back out and running down the corridior.

"You go after her and I will see Ric "Belle said to Henry. He agreed and chased after Cassie. Belle stood up and hesitantly walked into Ric's room.......

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Only a few chapters left now so Im going to try and post them all today.

Chapter 83 - Friendship

"I didnt expect you to walk in." Ric said his voice dry and scratchy.

"I will go if you want me to" Belle said looking at him. He looked awful really pale except for his eyes which were red and puffy from crying.

"No its fine stay. Thanks for being here and for saving me. The doctor said it was my neighbour" Ric smiled at her but she could still see the sadness in his eyes.

"It was Henry too" Belle said sitting down. She didnt really know what to say to him. Should she ask what had happened to make him do it.

"Im sorry about the way I treated you" Ric said sincerely.

"I deserved it. All I want now is to live a normal life with Henry." Belle said honestly.

"You really do love him dont you?" Ric asked staring straight into her eyes.

"Yea I do, its amazing" Belle replied,

"Your really lucky to have someone like that in your life. Someone you can count on no matter what" Ric said strangely.

"Well you do to dont you?" Belle asked "Cassie I mean"

Ric didnt say a word just started to cry.


"Cassie, wait will you" Henry said running out of the building after her.

"Just go away Henry. I need to be alone" she said sitting down on the grass.

"Talk to me Cassie, what is going on? Why did Ric do that to himself?" Henry asked her.

"Because I hurt him, because Im a horrible slag who cant stick with one guy" She started to cry.

"Cass you love Ric why would you cheat or is that it dont you love him?" Henry asked completely confused.

"I think I do Henry, but if I did I wouldnt have slept with someone else would I." Cass explained to Henry everything that had happened with Dan. Her feelings for Lucas how she had tried to blackmail him, how Dan had blackmailed her.

Henry sat there and listened not quite believing everything he was hearing. He couldnt believe how messed up she had become. He didnt know what to do so he simply gave her a hug.


"Ric its not your fault. Cass and Dan did it not you. You didnt make them, you cant punish yourself for it." Belle said shocked at everything Ric had told her about Cassie.

"I know but how am I supposed to deal with it and move on" he asked her.

"With the help of your friends" Belle said squeezing Rics hand.


"It will be ok" Henry said releasing her slightly from his hug.

"Thanks Henry for listening" Cassie said looking up at him. Before Henry knew it she was pushing her lips on to his.

"Cassie. NO" he shouted standing up "You cant help yourself. You have to stop confusing friendship with Sex."

"Im sorry Henry I thought you wanted me you were being so nice" She ran off and Henry walked back into the hospital to see Ric........

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Chapter 84 - Family.

"Ric is doing ok" Luc said to Matilda.

"Im glad it was nice of Belle to phone wasn it?" maddie said "Luc come here" She motioned for him to join her on the sofa. Lucas sat down and Matilda snuggled into him holding him tightly.

"Babe, whats wrong" he asked

"Nothing just glad we are happy" she said leaning up to kiss him passionately.

"I will always make you happy" he said pulling her closer to him.

"Oh god Lucas" matilda moaned.

"I know im good honey but I have barely touched you" Lucas joked.

"No Luc, the baby its coming. I think that was a contraction." Matilda screamed.


"So what shall we do tonight, go out or stay in" kit asked Jack as they finished dinner.

"I think we should stay in so I can do whatever I want to you whenever I feel like it" Jack said pulling her on to the sofa.

"Your a nightmare Jack Holden" kit said laughing as she leant in to him and they settled to watch T.V.

Maybe I should do it Jack thought to himself as he watched Kit or maybe its not what she wants. God why is life so complicated how am I supposed to know what she wants.


"Push Maddie" Luc said a few hours later, they were in her hospital room. "Push" he said again as he brushed her hair off her face.

"Luc if you say that one more time, Im going to kill you" Matilda shouted at him.

The doctor smiled at him sympathectically. "Not long now Matilda" she said.

"Your amazing" Luc whispered in his wifes ear. He was so proud of her he was almost in tears. The sound of a baby crying brought him out of his thoughts.

"Your parents" the doctor said.

"We are parents Matilda" Lucas repeated


"Its now or never Holden get a grip" Jack said to himself he sat up and looked at Kit.

"What" she said grining at him.

"Well I wanted to ask you something, but Im not sure you want to or well I dont know so I will just say it." He stuttered.

"Go on Jack" she said and at that moment the phone rang. Kit got up to answer it.

"Oh my God" Jack heard her say.

"Jack we have a nephew" she shouted running back in to the room.

"Move in with me" Jack blurted out......

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Final Chapter.

Chapter 85 - So can happiness happen?

" I cant believe we are Grandparents" Tony said to Beth they were sat in their house, they had just received phone calls from both Lucas and Jack.

"I cant believe Kit and Jack are moving in together" Beth said laughing "I never saw them getting together"

"Everyone has had a hell of a time lately" Tony said thinking about what everyone had been through.


Ric lay in his hospital bed staring into space. He didnt know what would happen from this point onwards but he was determined that no one would ever hurt him again, no one would ever get that close to him. He wouldnt let them. He lay thinking that was the best plan to protect himself from pain. He rolled over and wiped the tears from his face.


Henry and Belle are walking along the beach hand in hand.

"I love you Henry" Belle said stopping and staring at him. "Im so glad we met I cant imagine my life without you."

"You will never have to" Henry said "Belle Taylor will you marry me?"


"Are we really going to live together" Jack said still in a state of shock.

"Im game if you are Holden" Kit said laughing

"Well lets go get your stuff then. I dont want to waste any more time" Jack said kissing her passionately.


Martha looked around the small bedsit she was living in. How has my life come to this she thought to herself as tears fell down her face.


Dan sat on the cliff tops thinking of his life. He had lost Leah, lost Cassie. He didnt know how to make things right. He was lonely and he knew he only had himself to blame.


Robbie and Tasha sat in there house looking at photographs from the cruise.

"It really was great" Tasha said kissing him.

"Thats cause everyone was together" Robbie replied "I doubt that will ever happen again.

"But at least we still have each other" Tash said laughing.


Cass sat in the apartment she shared with Ric, slowly she started packing her things. She couldnt believe Ric had nearly died because of her.

"I am the slag he accused me of being" she said as she cried into Ric's pillow.


"He's amazing" Matilda said looking at her son.

"Just like his mum then" Lucas said kissing the top of her head. "Hi Adam I am your daddy". He took his son off Maddie and cradled him with one arm while wrapping the other arm around his wife. "I never knew I could have this much happiness in my life" he continued.

"If only everyone could be as happy as us" Maddie said kissing her husband and then her son.

"We are just lucky" Lucas said smiling.

"I guess happiness comes and goes, everyone has it at some point" Maddie said thoughtfully.

"Ours will never go darling, I promise you that" Lucas said as they lay on the hospital bed together cradling their son between them.


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