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Can Happiness Happen?

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Type of Story: Long Fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: Matilda, Lucas, Jack, Martha, Belle, & Henry plus other bay regulars.

Genre: Drama, Angst.

Warnings: Sexual content and references to Death.

Summary: After what happened last year they just want to move on with their lives but a chance meeting between two people makes their lives complicated, their relationships suffer and Happiness seems to be a thing of the past.

This is the sequel to Cheating hearts and Psychotic affections, if you havent read that this may not make as much sense. It is about Luc and Maddie but also Ric, Cass, Belle, Jack, Martha and others.

Its set a year after the events in Cheating hearts and Psychotic affections.

Chapter 1 - Everybody Hurts.

"Could this be any better, seriously I think this is perfection" Matilda said.

"You've said that the past 12 times, i think you have a twisted view of perfection" Martha laughed, she smiled as she looked at her friend. Matilda stood there in a gorgeous wedding dress, twirling around.

None of them had forgotten last year but somehow they had managed to move on, none of them would ever forget Kim and he had been talked about often. Matilda didnt really speak about him much, but they all knew the guilt she suffered, but there were others suffering the same guilt...................


"Yes I know" Luc laughed as he sat in Noah's with his dad and Brother. "Seriously dad, Im not a child. I do know about that sort of thing."

"Yea dad I can vouch for that Ive witnessed his moves, although I dont wish to think about that too often" Jack laughed winking at Luc.

"My son the stud" Tony laughed. He hadnt looked that happy in a long time Luc thought. Jack laughed louder but Lucas knew the laugh was fake, he'd been doing it on and off for a year now. Luc knew deep down inside his brother felt guilty about Kim's death and not recognising Belle's mental state, but the biggest guilt was letting his dead mother down. Luc knew Jack had told her he would always protect Luc and because he got hurt Jack would never forgive himself.............................


Sat there laughing Jack was also watching his brother, Luc was smiling but he knew there was something else going on. Lucas could read Jack but he could also read his younger brother. Sat there talking about his up coming wedding, he knew that his brother blamed himself for Belle's state, Luc thought he could've done more been a better friend if he had it may never have happened. He felt guilty for loving Matilda and causing the whole situation between his friends. Jack knew that Luc's guilt stemmed from not being a better friend.


"Thank god the rush is over. I'm exhausted" Leah said sitting down.

"Yea me too" Irene said smiling yet her mind was wondering. "How could I not have known, she was like a daughter to me for 5 years" she thought "but at least she was improving now, well showing signs of remorse and compassion anyway. I should tell someone"she thought. Yet she still told no-one that she regularly visited Belle. Irene felt guilt to the whole town, but most of all to Barry who she loved dearly, but how could she tell him she was visiting his son's killer. He wouldnt understand that she could never let a helpless youngster down.................................


Sally watched her foster daughter fixing her bridesmaid dress, she was genuinely impressed that Cassie had agreed to be Maddie's bridesmaid, just over a year ago Luc was her boyfriend. In Sally's mind Cass was showing great courage and respect, she turned and said this to Flynn. he smiled and nodded but deep down he disagreed. He knew Cassie felt guilty about not noticing Ric's affection and letting Belle get too involved. She felt guilty for not keeping Luc's love. She felt guilty for the whole situation...............


All this guilt in a small town, people noticing the pain in those closest to them, yet no-one noticed the pain that one of their residents felt. Sat on the edge of the surf tears running down his cheeks. Ric hoped for someone to care, someone to notice him, but he knew from the experience of the past year that no-one would ever notice and no-one would ever come...........................................

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Chapter 2 - Bliss

Luc sat in his favourite spot in their garden, he liked the sound of that "our garden" he said aloud.

"Not again Luc" a voice said laughing. he turned red with embarrasment. "We have been here for 3 months" matilda said smirking.

"I cant help it. I like the sound of it" he said grabbing her and putting her on his lap. "So how did shopping go?" he said kissing her hand.

"Perfection" she said "all done but you wont know anything till the day" she teased kissing his cheek, as she got up and walked inside. He couldnt believe he and Maddie lived together, he couldnt believe she was going to be Mrs Holden, everytime he thought about her he seemed to manage to forget how they got together.

She watched him from the kitchen, sat there shirtless, he looked so good she thought, she saw his smile fade and knew exactly what he was thinking. "No" she thought not today shewaont take anymore away from us, this is our time. "Lucas" she called "Come here please"

"Sure" he came in quickly "Whats up?"

"Just this" she said kissing him and running into their room, he took the hint and followed. He hoped he would never lose that spark he felt when he touched her.


"Can you believe our babies will soon be married" Beth said, as her and tony were sat in Noah's.

"Not at all, but I'm glad they are. Ive never seen Lucas look so exhilarated, he smiles so much more when Matilda's around." Tony said.

"Im fairly confident that Maddie has never been happier" Beth continued " anyway so when are we going to give them their present. I cant wait.

"No time like the present" Tony smiled.


"Luc , Stop it" Maddie said jumping on the sofa wearing just a towel.

"What. I know you like being tickled" he said running up to her and gently putting her over his shoulder.

"Put me down, or I will steal you towel" she said trying to grab the towel from around his waist.

"Promises, Promises" Luc said laughing.

"Hey guys have we come at a bad time" a voice from the front door said. Opening the door Matilda still over his shoulder. Luc grinned there stood Jack and Robbie. "Sorry we couldnt help but over hear" Jack laughed.

"No problem" luc said trying to put Matilda down with dignity.

"Brothers" Matilda laughed as she ran off to get dressed.

"We just came to plan your bucks night" Jack said " but if you would prefer to have fun with your hottie then we can leave." he teased.

"Dude thats my sister not a hottie" Rob groaned.

"Im sorry Rob definately a hottie " Luc said " Now if you guys dont mind I have unfinished business."

"Too much information" Rob and Jack shouted at the same time while walking away. Leaving they ran into Beth and Tony.

"Hey guys are they in" Tony asked

"Yep" Jack replied " but I wouldnt dad lets just say Luc is using the Holden charm"

"But" beth started to speak.

"Trust me mother dear" Robbie interrupted "You are better off Blissfully unaware.

"Ok I get the hint" Beth laughed "but guys I have to tell someone and you guys will do. Guess what we have bought them as an early wedding present."......................................................

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Chapter 3 - Plans

"Wow, thats amazing" Jack said

"We figured everyone deserved it after last year" Tony said.

"I cant believe it wait till I tell Tasha" Robbie said sounding slightly stunned.

"You cannot tell the others until we have told Lucas and Maddie." Tony warned

"Ok, ok, well take my mind off it then" Robbie said "Bucks night plans will help"

"Do you guys really have to have one , I thought a family meal would be just as good" Beth teased.

"Woman, Please be quiet" Jack said laughing as they walked down the road.


"Anyone home" Cass shouted as she entered the house. "Good" she said aloud when no-one replied, she pulled a journal out of her bag and began to write.

Everything around me seems so picture perfect, so why is my life so screwed up. I cant tell anyone whats going on, they wouldnt understand and I cant seem to stop it. He makes me feel wanted and since Lucas I havent felt that. I know Ric would if I let him but that wouldnt be fair he feels strongly, I couldnt use him like that , when all I really want is Lucas, knowing that will never happen hurts so much, so I guess thats why I do it. No-one can ever know, they wouldnt understand, I mean he is married for gods sake.


How can love hurt so much and cause so many problems Ric thought to himself, as he walked along the beach, he loved Cass so much but he couldnt risk anything happening to her, he had loved Belle once, well he thought he had, and look at what had happened to her.

"Ric, HI" A voice brought him out of his thoughts, running towards him was a blonde girl.

"hi Charlie" he said, he had known her at school but hadnt seen her for years until 3 months ago when they had bumped into each other in a bar in Yabbie Creek.

"So when are we meeting up again" she said winking at him.

"Tonight" he said without feeling, he had been sleeping with her for 3 months now. There were no emotions involved on his part and he didnt really think she felt anything for him, it was just comfort.

"Sure normal van" she shouted as she walked off.

He hated what he had become, he honestly thought he and Cass stood a chance after last year, but nothing had ever come of it. I guess she blames me too he thought.


Same time, Same place. Cass read the text on her mobile. part of her was excited and part of her dreading the evening ahead. She stood up and walked toward the door just as Ric was walking in.

"Hot date" he asked looking at what she was wearing.

"Something like that" she said.

"He couldnt believe she felt nothing for him, he ached everytime he saw her. I guess this is what Luc feels for Maddie he thought, maybe I should talk to him.

Walking to his room he drifted off into a fantasy world thinking about Cassie, the familiar feeling of desire washed over him as he left the house to meet Charlie. He had always hated Men that used women and now he was one of them he thought.


"Are lives are pretty good arent they" Maddie said as she and Luc sat on the sand watching the sunset.

"Pretty perfect considering everything" Luc said.

"Hey is that Cass over there" Maddie asked

"Yea she is heading our way she'll come over when she is nearer" Luc said.

Cass had already seen them, and was trying to figure out how to avoid them, she was already late to meet him and the thought of having to pretend she was ok with them being together made her feel sick, she had already planned on not being at the wedding, she couldnt watch it happen. The only reason she had agreed to be a bridesmaid was cause she had felt guilty because they had been hurt because Ric loved her. Bracing herself and letting out a deep breath she walked over to them.

"Hi" she said brightly "Been up to much?"

"Well Lucas has been showing me the Holden charm " Matilda said running her hand up and down Luc's leg. The thought of them together was killing her.

"I dont think we need to talk about that" Luc said sternly. he always changed the conversation when Cass was around, Matilda thought it was cause he was embarrased but it wasnt that.

Im glad he stopped the conversation Cass thought and then it hit her why, she should have realised earlier, Maddie had no idea that they had slept together when she was missing, thats why Lucas was uncomfortable when they were all together. She knew Luc and he must be hating himself having to lie to Maddie, a plan started forming in her mind, she may get the life she wanted after all, she couldnt believe she had not thought of it before.

Saying goodbye to them she ran off to meet him.


She was late, he was worried hoping no one had realised where she was going, he heard the door to the house open, and he saw her, wearing a really small strapless dress, he couldnt take his eyes off her, she looked hot, he couldnt believe he was doing this, it was so unlike him, but he wanted her more than he had ever wanted his wife. He grabbed her and started kissing her passionately, they hadnt even spoken, hadnt left the doorway, but he didnt care, the feeling of pleasure took over him as they kissed again. It was wrong he knew it, but he couldnt stop it he was falling for her, he needed Cassie............

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Chapter 4 - Obsessions

"So love, How are you today?" Irene asked as she entered Belle's room. Belle hadnt been sent to prison but to a psych unit, until she could show she fully understood her actions.

"I'm ok Irene" Belle said looking up. She was sat crossed legged on her bed. "How is everyone at home?"

"They are fine darling, eveyone's well. Luc and Maddie are getting Married still, thats nice isnt it?" Irene said tentatively, she didnt want to mention people who had been involved last year, but Belle's doctors recommended that she did to try and get Belle to open up. "Tony and Beth are planning some sort of surprise for before the wedding, they havent mentioned it but I can tell" she continued rambling.

"And Ric?" belle interrupted. "Is he with Cassie now?" there was a sadness in her voice as she mentioned Ric.

"No dahl, he isnt. They both seem happy but they are not together. Ric is still alone as far as I know."

"I guess thats my fault" Belle said slowly tears running down her face. "But at least Maddie and Lucas are still happy, I never hated them you know Irene. I just got confused." she paused for a while before saying "Irene could you get me some paper and a pen please. I want you to take a letter back to the with you."

"Who for sweetie?" Irene asked....


"Ric lay back on the bed in the caravan, Charlie leant against his naked chest. They had been there all night and now it was nearly lunchtime.

"We should get going soon" Ric said he didnt like the silence between them, they were acting as if they were together and that made him uncomfortable.

"Really baby, do we have to. Im having so much fun here" Charlie said kissing his chest.

"Well maybe not right now" he smiled rolling on top of her and kissing her. He hadnt heard the door open behind him.

"Oh god, sorry Ric I didnt know you were here. I'll leave" Cass said sounding startled.

"Cass, wait" he shouted but she was already gone.


Even Ric is moving on, cass thought as she entered her room, she had ran back from the van. Why cant I move on she thought, sure her married man was nice, but he wasnt Lucas her one and only love. "Time to put my plan into action" she said grabbing her phone, texting she wrote "I need to see you. Van 28 at 3.." she sent.

There was a knock on her door. "Come in" she yelled.

"Hi" Ric said entering "I wanted to explain about what you saw"

"No need" she said "Its great that you have found someone"

"Well its not really like that "he tried to explain "its more of a casual thing"

"Thats good too" cass said "Dont want to be tied down at our age, do we?"

"Are you ok? Cass" he quizzed "You seem a bit distracted."

"Me, Im fine just got to meet Lucas in a bit and need to get ready I have no idea what to wear" she held up a really low cut top, "Maybe this" she said looking at ric, removing her shirt in front of him she changed her top, she knew she was pushing the right buttons with Ric. She could see him blushing, He might be helpful with my plan she thought. Grabbing her phone she kissed him on the cheek and ran out.

She was acting strangely flirtatious. Why was she meeting with Luc, that was unusual he thought realising even though it was a year later he was still jealous of Lucas Holden.

"Whatever Cass and Luc are up to Im going to find out" he said to himself................

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Chapter 5 - Meetings

"I think we should get them all here at 5, and tell them all together." Beth said

"Sounds like a good idea to me" Tony replied.

"What does?" Matilda said entering her old home.

"Having a meal later on, for all the wedding party just to sort the little details out." Beth said quickly

"Sure, ok" Maddie said "But thats a lot of us, will be a lot of food."

"Well there is obviously Lucas, Bestman Jack, then there is the ushers Ric, Robbie,Flynn, Dan and Myself" Tony said

"Plus, Me and You maddie, and the bridesmaids, so thats Cass, Martha and Tash, but I guess we should invite Sal and leah as there husbands will be here." Beth said winking at Tony. Matilda noticed this but before she could ask what was going on Tony spoke.

"Wheres Luc, Maddie?"

"Meeting Jack I think" she said "I'll text him and tell him to come here for dinner, you guys can tell the others, I had better go home and change and then I will come back and help it is almost 3 now."


Lucas was sat in van 28 trying to figure out why he was actually there, he had lied to Matilda and he hated that, he wasnt even sure why he had lied. His phone beeped, he got it out of his pocket read the text and smiled it was from his girl, I should leave he thought standing up. Just then Cassie entered the Van.

"Hi luc" she smiled

"Hi, look I cant stay long I have to go and have dinner at my dads" Luc said quickly.

"Im going to your Dads too" she said " anyway thats not for hours. I wanted to talk to you Lucas. I know we spoke about this before we found Maddie last year and I agreed to be your friend Luc, but i cant I still Love you and I want you, so why dont you just come here and kiss me."


Having dinner with everyone was the last thing Ric wanted to do, but he had to go, "look on the bright side" he told himself "Maybe you will get to explian things to Cass, and you want to talk to Luc to try and understand all the things your going through. It might not be so bad, it was only a few hours after all."


Startled Luc looked up " What makes you think I would Im marrying Matilda soon, I wont ruin that for anything." Luc was practically shouting.

"Matilda, yes" Cass said "She knows I take it then, about when she was missing last year. You made love to me Luc not her me."

"she doesnt know Cass it was nothing. We didnt make love it was sex we both needed comfort. We were vulnerable. Please dont ruin everything for me." He was nearly crying now he knew he couldnt go on if he lost Maddie.

Cass knew Luc, he was weak and thinking of hurting Maddie was his biggest weakness. "I wont if you do what I say Luc" she said walking towards him..............

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Chapter 6 - Rejection

Pushing herself closer to Lucas she pressed her lips on his. "Kiss me Luc" she whispered. She couldnt quite believe it when he actually returned her kiss, she knew she had badgered him into it but she couldnt help but enjoy it. Pushing herself into him more she felt his body tense, she started running her finger up and down the buttons of his shirt, then very slowly started undoing them.

"No Cass" he suddenly screamed " I cant do it to Maddie, Im sorry but get over it. I love her" and with that he ran out.

That was harder than I thought" she said to herself as she sat on the bed. She didnt really want to wreck their relationship, she knew Luc would never love her like he did Matilda, but couldnt she be with him now and again like her other man.


Sat on the beach looking out at the waves Luc's mind was racing he couldnt believe what was happening, he knew he should tell Maddie everything, but the thought of losing her was holding him back. He needed to talk to someone he just didnt know who or how.


"Hi glad you could make it at short notice" Beth said as Jack and Martha walked in.

"Hey, Jack have you seen Luc, I thought he was with you" Matilda asked

"Umm, Yea sure he went to get changed he should be here any minute" Jack lied

"Great" Maddie said "Oh hi Cass" she shouted as she saw her friend enter. 10 minutes later everyone was there except for Lucas.

"I'll call him" Jack saud getting his phone out of his pocket and walking outside. "Hey where are you brother dear" Jack said as Luc answered.

"Right behind you" Luc said smiling he had been outside for ages trying to figure out what to do for the best, and he still didnt know.

"Are you ok?" Jack said to him as they were about to walk in.

"Later" was all Luc managed to say before Matilda realised they were there. Putting her arms around Lucas they walked in. "Hi all" he said shyly, noticing Cassie he turned and kissed Maddie's cheek.


Somethings going on Jack thought, he could tell by the way Luc was acting and he has obviously lied to Maddie, but why? He knew Luc loved Maddie more than anything. I'll get to the bottom of this he thought watching as his brother mingled with everyone. He just needed to get Luc alone, which at that moment was exactly what Ric was thinking.


"Dinners ready" Beth shouted "Sit wherever you like"

Eventuallly everyone was seated and Luc found himself inbetween Matilda and Cass.

"Tuck in all, and we'll tell you after why you are all here." Tony said chuckling.

"Whats going on?" Tash asked

"All in good time my darling" Robbie said sshhing her.

They carried on eating, and Luc was feeling more and more uncomfortable. He couldnt believe he had been so stupid, would Matilda ever forgive him, he really hoped so. He looked at her and she smiled and put her hand under the table and on his knee, the familiar spark made him feel slightly reassured, he picked up his beer and felt more relaxed, he leant back in his seat thinking that maybe everything would be ok after all, and then he felt another hand touching him from the other side, he turned and glared at Cassie, and pushed her hand away. But it was too late someone else had already seen it............................................

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Chapter 7 - One on One's

It couldnt be, he wouldnt do that to Matilda. There was no way, he needed to speak to Lucas, actually maybe that wasnt the best approach, going to Cassie would be better, lets see what she has to say it was her hand on him, he wasnt touching her. Thats the best approach definately Jack thought


"Hey Luc, can I talk to you about something" Ric said as everyone was cleaning up.

"Sure mate, lets go out front" Luc replied. They walked out the front door. "So what up?" Luc asked.

"When you were with Cass, you fell for Maddie and Im sorry to bring all this up, but how did you know she was the right one, you guys were positive that no matter what you were going to be together." Ric rambled.

"Wow, not a deep conversation then" Luc said until he saw Ric's face "Sorry mate, the honest answer is I dont know, I couldnt stop thinking about her, and everytime I saw her I ached with desire. Then when we kissed she felt it too, and after we, well you know" he said blushing "we both knew that we couldnt be apart."

Ric studied Luc's face as he was talking about Matilda it was obvious he loved her completely. There is nothing with Cass Ric thought just my paranoia they were probably meeting about the wedding. "I guess I have to see if she feels the same" he said to Luc " I have to kiss her and see if she feels the spark."

"Sounds like a plan" Luc said "by the way who are we talking about?"

"Cass, who else" Ric said smiling as he walked back inside.

"I thought as much" Luc said to himself "maybe Ric will convince her she wants him and everything will be good" he sighed not really believing it.


"Hi Cass, how are you?" Jack said tapping her on the shoulder.

"Great thanks How are you?" she replied.

"Couldnt be better, look do you mind coming with me for a chat before the big announcement."

"Sure if you want" she said following him to Maddie's old room.

"Sit down" he said pointing at the bed, she did. "I dont know what game your playing" he started his voice stern "but if you do anything to hurt Luc or his relationship with Maddie, I'll come after you."

"Look Jack, I dont know what Luc has told you but I didnt force him to kiss me back, yea ok I initiated it, but he didnt have to reciprocate, we have history Jack. I cant help that. You know what happened last year you saw us together."

"He kissed you when?" Jack said not quite believing what he was hearing.

"This afternoon in a caravan, I thought he must have told you, so what were you talking about?" Cass said confused.

"I saw you put your hand on his leg at dinner. I thought you were coming on to him. I never dreamed that...." he couldnt finish his sentence,he couldnt believe that Luc had cheated on Maddie...


Walking back in the house after Ric, Luc saw Jack coming from the bedrooms, he wanted to talk to him, confide in him. Jack had always helped him always understood. "Jack can I have a word" Lucas whispered.

"Exactly what I was going to say" Jack said. His voice sounded strange Luc thought.

Following Jack to the garden he started to speak, but Jack interrupted. "Please dont tell me that you kissed Cassie Turner in a van this afternoon, please tell me you didnt betray Matilda, Please tell me that everything is fine and that you and Matilda will get married, and live happily ever after and that I didnt give you Mum's ring just for you to throw it all away Luc. Please." Jack finally stopped to take a breath.

"How did you, Honestly Jack its not how it sounds" Luc started to plead shocked at Jack's outburst.

"So its true you did kiss her" he asked

"yea but thats all that is going to happen, it didnt go any further, I swear its over. Please believe me" Luc pleaded

"Whatever Lucas" Jack said as he walked back inside.

Thats it Luc thought if Jack didnt believe me there is no way Matilda will. I cant tell her. He sorted himself out and went back inside.


"Oh good everyone is here" Beth said as she saw Luc enter.

"Right guys, the real reason your all here is a bit of a surprise" Tony started "From tomorrow afternoon onwards, we are all leaving for a 7 day cruise, Beth and I thought it would be a good way to unite again after last year and before the wedding."

"Oh my god" Tash, Maddie and Martha shrieked at the same time.

Great Lucas thought more time with Cass and a brother who doesnt trust me.

Great Ric thought a perfect time to make a move on Cass.

Great Jack thought hopefully this will bring Lucas to hi senses.

"Great isnt it" Leah said to Dan "It will be like a 2nd honeymoon"

"Great" he said when he was really thinking of how he would be able to sneak off and see Cassie....................................................

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Chapter 8 - Unexpected

"I cant believe they would do that for us" Maddie said as she climbed into bed.

"Its great" Luc said trying to sound sincere.

"It must of cost a bit, I mean I know your dad said he got a deal through a mate but still. She's rambling Luc thought, she rambles when she is excited, smiling to himself. He liked the fact that he knew these things about her, he rolled over and put his arms around her as she rambled on. "Dont you think Luc?"

"Sorry babe, what was that?"

"Wouldnt it be good if Ric and Cass could get together and then everyone could be as happy as we are." she said

"I think your slightly drunk darling." Luc said trying to steer the conversation away from Cassie.

"I think I'll talk to her about it" she said sleepily.

Moments later Lucas could tell she was asleep, he laid there watching her for hours, he knew he loved her and wanted to be with her forever, he just wished he could figure out what to do for the best. Ive got to make Cassie understand he thought. "I love you Maddie" he whispered in her ear as he fell asleep.


"Who is that at this time" Beth said to Tony as they sat eating breakfast.

"Its probably Robbie to excited about the cruise" Tony laughed as he opened the door. "Oh Irene hi, come on in."

"Morning Dahl's sorry its so early but I really need to talk to you about Belle." Irene said

"There isnt much to say is there" Beths tone changed.

"Look I understand your protectiveness Beth, I know she hurt Luc and Matilda, but I have something and I didnt know what to do with it. You see she has written a letter and I figured you two would be the best people to decide wether it should be read or not." Irenes face looked full of concern.

"Who is it for?" Tony said.


"Are you excited Jack"Martha said as she was throwing clothes into a huge suitcase.

"Of course babe, 7 days with you wearing skimpy bikini's, will always excite me." he said smiling at her.

"Very funny. You just dont look excited and you should you have so much to look forward to, the cruise, your brothers wedding, a life with me! Jack are you listening" she said hitting him.

"Sorry babe, I was thinking about your bikinis again" he lied, he had a really bad feeling about this cruise and he hated not getting on with Lucas. I'll sort it with him. he thought.


"Hi maddie, what are you doing here I thought you would be packing everything you own like Cassie is" Flynn said as he opened his door to find Matilda stood there.

"Already have" she laughed " I have left Lucas sat on the case. Im here to see Cass is it ok if I go up?"

"Sure, you know the way." he smiled

Walking upstairs she was thinking about how to bring up the conversation with Cassie, she knocked on the door.

"Come in" she heard Cass shout. Maddie entered and laughed, Cassie's room looked like a bomb had gone off.

"Having trouble packing" Maddie said still laughing.

"I dont know what to take and I want to look good" Cass said not really knowing who she wanted to look good for.

"Out to impress a certain someone are you?" maddie said glad that Cass had given her the chance to bring Ric into the conversation.

"Maybe" Cass said, trying to figure out if Maddie knew what had happened with Luc and was playing games or if she was talking about RIc.

"Whats stoppping you giving him a chance, he is a great guy, he is obviously into you, and if my memory serves me right he's a pretty amazing kisser." Maddie said giggiling.

Relieved it was about Ric, Cass turned and looked at her friend. "You know Matilda, Ive been thinking about seeing how it goes and giving Ric a chance" She said not totally lying.

"Oh Im so glad, anyway I had better go and make sure my future husband hasnt unpacked all my things" she said laughing. "see you later" Husband she thought to herself I like the sound of that.

They are really getting married she thought realisation suddenly kicking in, maybe I should leave Luc alone and really go for Ric. I can try at least she thought but staying away from Lucas may not be that easy.


"So what do you think?"Tony said.

"I think we should let it be their decision" Beth said "I'll give them the letter when the time is right."

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Chapter 9 - Starting Over

"I cant believe we are finally aboard" Sal said as she stood on the deck looking out at the ocean.

"Looks amazing doesnt it" Leah said "I cant wait for this its going to be a brilliant week."

"Thats what I like to hear a bit of excitement around here " Martha said joining them "Jack hasnt really shown any, not sure whats up with him." she said looking over at Jack as he helped Luc and Tony with the bags.

"He does look a little forlorn" Sal said "maybe a holiday is just what he needs."

"Come on girls, do we have to do all the work" Tony shouted at them. "Beth has the keys to your cabins so grab one and we will bring the stuff."

"Lucas do you mind taking all of our stuff. Im going to go look around with Cass"Maddie shouted.

"Sure babe" he called back, he was nervous about those two being alone. He didnt know if Cass would ruin everything.

"I'll give you a hand Luc." Jack said "There is no way you can carry all Maddies stuff on your own."

"Thanks. My girl definately doesnt pack light" Luc said glad Jack was talking to him.

"So she is your girl, your only girl?" Jack questioned.

"Of course. I tried to tell you that yesterday. Im crazy about Matilda you know that, she's my world Jack. The stuff with Cass is complicated, she is confused, she still feels guilty about Belle".

"Dont we all" Jack interrupted "But we are all starting over"

"So will Cass, its just been hard, we've all had people to turn too. I'll sort it Jack I promise, you have to trust me." Luc said.

"I do Lucas, Im sorry its just I gave you the ring and thats a big deal for this family and I did it cause I believed in you two and when I found out about Cass, I thought you didnt respect that." Jack said with tears in his eyes.

Luc opened the door to his room and put the bags down, Jack followed. "I do respect that Jack, and I appreciate you giving it to me."

"Come here man" Jack said pulling Luc into a hug "I love you little brother." they hugged for a second then suddenly Jack shouted "Oh my god" and pushed Lucas away "Dad has really pulled out all the stops for you" he looked around the room. "Look at this place its massive, you even have your own hot tub. He best do this for me when I get married"

"Which will be when Jack" Luc said grinning.

"All in good time, wouldnt want to steal your thunder. Now lets go find the women who are smart enough to have chosen Holden men."


"So when are you going to make a move on him" Matilda asked Cass. They were sat at one of the many bars on the ship.

"Not sure, I'll just see how it goes" Cass answered "anyway I had better go and see my room" she said quickly.

"you cant leave me alone" Matilda said.

"Im not Im guessing the young man walking this way with a rose is coming for you." Cass said with a hint of jealousy. Maddie turned and saw Lucas walking towards them with a rose in his hand. Cass got up and walked passed him "Im sorry" she whispered. He smiled at her and walked over to Matilda handing her the rose.

"Thanks Luc, but why?" Maddie asked

"Jack bought some for Martha so I stole one" Luc said honestly. "But its also cause I love you" he quickly said. For the first time in the past couple of days he felt like everything was back on track, and all he wanted to do was be alone with Matilda.


"Here you go gorgeous" Jack said entering his room and giving Martha her roses.

"What are these for?" she asked.

"For being a miserable sod today, but everything is good now and Im going to make it up to you" he said throwing her on the bed. "this week is going to be all about starting afresh, No problems no hassles." he said kissing her.

"A nice thought Jack, but with all of us here, there is bound to be some sort of drama" Martha said laughing, but what she didnt know was that she was right....................

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Chapter 10 - Couples

It was nearly midnight and after a nice meal together everyone had gone to their own rooms.

"So when are you handing over the letter?" Tony asked Beth.

"Tomorrow" she replied "let them have tonight before we give it to them, we dont know what it says, so let them have a nice night together first."


"Are you going to join me?" Matilda called seductively to Lucas as she sat in the hot tub.

"I could be tempted" he said pouring two glasses of wine. He carried them over and put them next to Maddie, he then stripped off and climbed in next to her, he felt so relaxed everything was so perfect. He picked Madtilda up and sat her in between his legs, kissing her bare shoulders, he put his arms around her small waist. "I want to stay like this forever" he whispered in her ear.

"Me too" she said leaning back on him. "I hope everyone is this happy."


"Dont be such a wimp" he said to himself as he paced up and down the corridor. Ric had been pacing for half an hour. "Just Knock" he said to himself for what seemed like the 100th time. Taking a deep breath he knocked on Cassies door.

"Hi Ric" she smiled as she answered the door.

"Dont speak" he said walking towards her, he put his arms around her and kissed her, it was the most intense kiss he had ever experienced. He pulled away and looked at her hoping for the right outcome.

"Ric, I dont know what to say" she said quietly


Laying there listening to leah's deep breathing was driving him mad, he hated having to pretend they were the perfect couple. Climbing out of bed he started pacing, it was so hard knowing that Cassie was down the corridor, but he knew he had to wait if he didnt play this right people would find out. I hope she is ok in her room alone Dan thought.


"Ric, what do you want me to say?" Cass said after a minutes silence.

"Tell me you felt it Cassie, tell me that there is a connection between us and that Im not imagining it, and that we can be together."

"I felt it " she lied she knew she had felt something, but it wasnt the same as what she felt when she was with Lucas, but maybe in time she would feel more.

"Oh cass" he said kissing her again passionately. "I ve wanted this for so long" he couldnt believe this was happening he felt exhilarated but scared, he suddenly wasnt so sure how far he was supposed to take things now.

Sensing his hesitance Cass took the lead and pulled his shirt over his head, eventually they were both naked on her bed. Ric was feeling things he had only ever imagined. As the intensity between them built he thought he had heard her say something, it cant be he thought she doesnt still, no way it must have been my imagination.

They both lay there breathing heavily, she knew she had said it and hoped he hadnt heard, she really had tried not to but it just slipped out, she had said Lucas.


He looks so innocent when he's asleep Matilda thought watching Lucas, but he's definately not she smirked to herself remembering there earlier antics. Snapping herself back to reality she said "I have to focus on the matter at hand, the reason Im still awake" getting out of bed and going to her bag she grabbed something out of it, she turned at looked at Luc, she walked over and kissed him on the cheek. "I'll be back soon baby" she whispered.....................

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