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Can Happiness Happen?

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Chapter 21 - Unexpected Advisor

Matilda didnt know where to go or what to do she didnt want to risk trying to find Ric because she knew Cass would be with him and she didnt know what she would do if she saw her. Walking down the corridor she stopped outside her mum and Tony's room she opened the door and called out, but no-one replied, strange that the door was open she thought. Laying down on the sofa she let her emotions take over tears were faling down her face, she couldnt believe Lucas had slept with Cassie after he had made the connection with her. She understood that it was a bad situation and he felt scared but to be with someone else. The thought of Cassie touching Lucas, her Luc came into her mind and she ran to the bathroom and threw up she didnt know what to do now. Walking back into the lounge she noticed a letter on the side board and it was addressed to her. Opening it she sat down.


I know you probably didnt expect to hear from me and you have every right not to read this, but I just want to say Im sorry for all the pain I caused you. I know I can never bring back Kim or erase the hurt I caused you and Lucas. By the way I hear your getting married and I think thats fantatic (not that you care what I think). What you and Luc have is what I wanted with Ric, just watching the two of you it was obvious you were falling for each other. I know it wasnt the best situation for you guys to get together but look how far you've come. Im so sorry I nearly ruined it for you. Im beginning to realise that there is someone special out there for all of us and Ric wasnt for me. Your so lucky to have found Lucas, the connection you share is so strong never let that die Matilda.

Anyway Ive rambled on enough now. So I wish you a life time of hapiness together never let anyone take the love you guys have away. It obvious to all of us you are meant to be.

Sorry again


Matilda sat there open mouthed maybe Belle was right. Luc and her were meant to be and the stuff with Cassie was in the past. Her and Luc together that was the future, the pregnancy could be dealt with in one way or another as long as they were together.

She walked back to her room and found Lucas asleep on the bed, tear stains still on his face. She lay down facing him and kissed him on the cheek, he stirred. "I Love you "she whispered. he opened his eyes and smiled back at her.

"I love you too, Im so glad you came back. Im nothing without you"

"Dont get to carried away Luc we still have a lot to get through" she said touching her stomach.

"But we are together so we can handle anything"he said holding her close

They fell asleep in each others arms, both happy in their dreamlands, neither one realising that there was more drama ahead........

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Chapter 22 - Decisions

Martha sat on the lower deck it was sunrise and she was staring out at the ocean. She was still trying to take in what Jack had said, she never realised he felt like that, It makes sense now thinking back she thought. Especially since he gave Lucas their mums ring to give to Maddie. It should have been obvious she felt like such a fool, she may be a tomboy but she had always dreamed of the perfect wedding and the perfect guy, and now she had the perfect guy but will never get the rest of the package but that would be enough?


"Morning" Luc said as he rolled over and found Matilda staring at him, she smiled and it made him go weak, the simplest things made him quiver. I cant believe I nearly lost her. She rolled over so she was laying on top of him she leant forward and put her lips on his he kissed her passionately. He felt her hands all over him and he knew where this was going, he wondered if she would always make him feel like this. Suddenly they were brought back to reality by a knock at the door, groaning Luc got out of bed. Matilda giggled.

"Shouldnt you cover up" she said laughing.

He blushed and picked up a towel walking over to the door he decided he was going to kill whoever was on the other side. Opening the door he realised he hadnt stopped grinning. "Jack how did I know it would be you" he laughed.

"Sorry Lucas did I interupt again" he said sarcastically " I swear you two dont do anything else."

"Whats up Jack this bad mood thing really doesnt suit you" Luc said getting irritated all he wanted to do was go back to Maddie.

"I think Ive lost Martha" was all he could say.

"Ok tell me all about it but just let me get dressed first" Luc said walking back to the bedroom.


"Who was it darling" Matilda said as Luc sat on the bed while grabbing his clothes from the floor.

"Jack he needs me Im going to have to talk to him but I promise I will be back in a minute cause we have to talk"

"Ok I'll grab a shower and then wait for you here" she said seductively.

"You drive me mad" Lucas said kissing her quickly and going back into the lounge.


Jack was just sat there staring into space. "Come on big brother what happened" Luc asked.

"I told her I didnt want to get married ever and she walked off she didnt even say anything. Now I dont know what to do"

"How about taking your own advice and go talk to her like you told me to do with Maddie." Luc said sternly

"Oh god sorry Lucas, I was so caught up with my own problems I forgot about yours, what are you going to do about the baby" Jack could have kicked himself for bothering Lucas.

"We were about to discuss it when you knocked" Luc said.

"Thats not what your grin said when you answered the door" Jack laughed as he got up and walked to the door. "I'll see you tonight anyway little brother."

"Whats tonight?" Luc said confused.

"Your bucks night you muppet, well and Maddies hen party. I'll pick you up and 6 sharp.


I need to talk to him Martha thought Its the only way to know if what we have is strong enough to survive this. She walked back to their room and found it empty laying down on the sofa she waited for Jack.


Luc walked back into the room and found that Matilda hadnt moved she had fallen back to sleep. He crept quietly on to the bed and pulled the covers back he traced his finger up her spine and heard her giggle "Sorry I didnt want to wake you I know pregnant women need their rest" he said.

She sat up quickly "thats the first time you have mentioned it does that mean you've had time to come to terms with it.

"I guess" he said "the past day has made me realise I dont want anything to ruin us and I dont think that something thats part of both of us can do that"

"Does that mean you want the baby?" she asked cautiously

He thought for a moment and then looked at her staring deep into her eyes he kissed her. "I think I do " he said quietly.

"Me too" she said smiling at him.

He pulled her towards him and held her tightly he had no idea if they could do this but all he was sure of was he was going to try his hardest to make his family happy.

She pulled away and looked at him smiling and then the reality of what they had just decided hit her and she wanted to be close to him, with in minutes they were out of there clothes and passion had over taken them.

"I love you" she said breathlessly as they lay together. He couldnt say anything he was experiencing strange emotions stronger than ever before and it was overwhelming him. "Lucas whats wrong?" she said looking at him he had tears in his eyes. He fought them back and looked at her.

"If its possible I think I love you more now than ever before" he said kissing her,

She smiled at him and closed her eyes she felt him move beside her and the next thing his hand was on her stomach there was no flinching this time just the pefect touch from a doting lover and father to be.....

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Chapter 23 - Planning

"Martha wake up" Jack had got back to their room and found her asleep. "come on we need to talk"

She sat up groggily. "I know Jack I just dont know what to say."

"Well let me try. I know Ive changed everything but my feelings havent I love you Martha and that wont change ever, you are the girl for me and Im scared that marriage will change that. I like our lives they way they are but if that isnt enough for you I will understand if you want to break up.

"Jack come here" she said. He moved closer to her, "Your such a dork" she said kissing him "Lets take it one day at a time and see what happens cause I love you too!"

He grabbed her and twirled her around and then kissed her with so much passion they fell on to the bed. They were disturbed seconds later by a knock at the door.

"If thats Luc getting revenge I'll kill him"Jack said.


"Come on answer" Rob shouted at the door in front of him.

"Hey Robbie shout at the door all you like, but Im not in there" Ric shouted from outside Jacks room. Jack opened the door and laughed as Robbie came bounding down the corridor shouting party.

"The parties dont start for another 4 hours" Cass said " Why are we meeting now?"

"Well my dear Cassandra that is obvious, we have to plan and decorate and do whatever we have to, to make sure Lucas and Matilda have nights they will never forget or is that wont remember. So come on upstairs to meet the others we have to plan." he shouted running ahead of them.

"If there is still a wedding" Cass whispered to Ric " After what you blurted out."

"I dont know what your on about" Jack said over hearing them " but from what I witnessed earlier I'd say everything is perfect in Young lovers land."

"thank god" Ric said he wouldnt have forgiven himself if Matilda had a broken heart because of him.

Walking out on to the deck they met up with everyone else all ready to plan the wild night ahead.


"Do I have to go?" Luc whined

"Of course, its your party" Maddie said laughing at him.

"But I want to be with you." he said walking up behind her and putting his arms around her waist. " I like being with you."

"Well sorry darling I need to go and get ready and I only have an hour now because you kept me in bed all day" she said pushing him on to the bed and walking into the bathroom.

"Didnt hear you complain" he shouted after her.

45 minutes later she appeared from the bathroom. Luc was stood with his back to her choosing which shirt to wear. He grabbed one put it on and was about to do it up when he noticed her.

"What do you think" she said leaning on the door frame seductively. He stood there open mouthed just staring at her. The deep red strapless dress she was wearing clinged to her perfectly, her hair was in subtle curls that fell around her face.

"If you trying to make me go out your not doing a good job" he said.

"Catch me if you can" she said running into the lounge trying to get to the door first. He jumped in front of her and picked her up placing her gently on the sofa.

"If Im right we still have 9 minutes to spare" he said kissing her, they fell back and she ended up laying on top of him.

"Lucas your never satisifed" she said laughing she started kissing his bare chest and his fingers were slowly tracing the inside of her thigh. They were so caught up in there own moment they didnt hear the door.

"Do you think we should tell them we're here" Martha said laughing.

Luc and Maddie sprang apart and looked up to see Martha and jack standing in the doorway.

"I think they know now" Jack said "Look Mac they didnt even make it to the bedroom." he laughed.

Maddie stood up leaving Lucas laying on the sofa with his shirt undone. "Bye honey" she said as she left with Martha.

"Come on lover boy" Jack said laughing at Luc "Do your shirt up and lets go have fun".

"Jack, I love you dearly but your timing sucks" Luc said laughing as they left the room.

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Chapter 24 - Mates

"Seriously Im not joking" Jack said nearly crying with laughter."We could have had a live sex show in front of us if Mac hadnt said something." The party had been going for a few hours and everyone was on the merry side.

"Just cause your jealous Jack " Luc said " If you want some seduction techniques from your little brother you just have to ask. Im willing to help. Dont want you letting the Holden name down with your lame attempts do we Dad?"

"Boys I am proud of you both for many reasons, but I think Im going to have to draw the line somewhere and I think your sex lives are a good place to start." Tony said shaking his head.

"Does that mean we are going to hear about you and Beth instead" Flynn said with a slight slur.

"Dude please, thats my mother" Robbie shouted lifting his head of the table.

"Wow he lives" Ric shouted " What happened to Robbie the beer monster?"

"Beer is overrated. I think we need a different drink. Tequila slammers everyone" he said stumbling to the bar.

"I think I had better give him a hand" Jack said laughing.

"So Luc the wedding is just two weeks away any nerves, doubts,regrets?" Dan asked.

"Not one mate, I know Im doing the right thing. Matilda is my world I couldnt live without her"

"Oh god Tony you raised a romantic" Flynn said interrupting Luc before he could gush anymore.

"I know but what can I say at least he pulled a hottie" Tony laughed.

"Tequila it makes me happy" Robbie appeared singing, they all grabbed one and on the count of three they all downed it.

"So what have you guys got planned for me, the night is still young there must be more to it, are we staying here or going to one of the other bars on board."

"Defiantely staying here" Ric said "there is karaoke later"

"Since when do you sing" luc asked Ric

Before Ric could answer they were interrupted. "Mr Holden, which one of you is Mr Holden" A female voice said.

"Which one do you fancy we have three" Flynn said finding the statement really amusing.

"A Mr Lucas Holden" she said. Luc turned to see who it was and stood in front of him was a woman dressed as a headmistress. He laughed "How did you guys manage to find a stripper when we are in the middle of the ocean.

"We can do anything when we put our minds to it. We are men" Jack said smacking his chest.

"Mr holden I hear you've been a Bad boy" she said hitting her hand with a cane. Before running it up and down Luc's leg.

"I cant believe this "Luc said going red "Matilda is going to kill me.


Half an hour later the stripper had gone and the conversations had got progressively worse.

"So Luc, headmistresses hey, never knew you were into that sort of thing" Ric said laughing.

"hey does that mean you fancy my wife"Flynn said laughing "I had better keep an eye on you."

"Im strictly a one woman man Flynn, You will have to tell sally for me and make sure you let her down gently." Luc said with a twinkle in his eye. Flynn went to jokingly punch Lucas but missed and fell of his chair. The laughter from there table could be heard for miles.

"Right lads before we degrade ourselves anymore I think its time for me to make a speech." Tony said standing up.

"I would like to thank you all for being here, evenif you are not concious" he said pointing at Robbie who was passed out at the other end of the table. "Anyway, Lucas my son. Im so proud of the young man you've become and I know you will be a wonderful husband to Matilda."

"here here" Flynn said from the floor where he was still laying after falling of his chair.

"So come on guys raise your glasses to Lucas, may he and Maddie make each other happy forever.

"And may they learn to lock doors when they are at it" Jack chipped in. They all Laughed.

Lucas looked around his family and friends, he'd had a wonderful night and was looking forward to going back to his wonderful woman, but he had a feeling Jack wouldnt let him off that easily........................

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Chapter 25 - Laughter.

"Are you sure your ok with me being here?" Cass asked matilda.

"Ive told you a thousand times in the past few hours Im fine with it, I wish it hadnt happened but it did, its in the past Luc and I are getting married in two weeks and we're having a child. Thats all thats important now. All you can do to help me now is hide the fact that im not drinking. We dont want everyone knowing about the baby till after the wedding." Matilda said quietly

"Ok, well you can have one drink, and then after that I'll keep going to the bar and you can pretend your drinking vodka & tonic, but there wont be any vodka in it." cass said already slurring slightly.

"Ok as long as you remeber the plan" Maddie said laughing at her.

"So lets get this party started" Sally said "Lets play a game."

"Truth or Dare" Leah shrieked "I love that game"

"Ok I'll go first" Maddie said "Someone ask me a truth."

"Right" Martha said with a twinkle in her eye. "After witnessing what I did earlier I want to know exactly how many times you and Lucas had sex today." Leah started giggiling uncontrollably.

"Good question Mac" Tash laughed.

"We dont have sex we make love" Maddie said putting on a stupid voice.

"Not sure I really want to know I think I will go to the bar" Beth said blushing.

"I will help" Cass said jumping up.

"Come on answer" Martha prompted.

"Well from what I can remember at least 6 times" Matilda said laughing " but it would have been more if your boyfriend didnt keep interrupting."

"Not bad going " Leah said "Maybe I should trade Dan in for a younger model, and by the sound of it these Holden men have the stamina." she giggled

"The Holden men are off limits" Beth said returning from the bar with Cass who carried Matilda's drink.

"So who is next?" Sal said "Cass your turn."

"Truth" Cass said

"I'll ask" leah said "Who is the best lover you've ever had."

Cassie's heart sank. She knew it was Lucas but she couldnt say that, obviously she couldnt mention Dan's name. "Ric" she said lying. "It has to be Ric".

"It must be love" Tash said winking at her " Is he a big boy then?"

"tash you cant ask that he is my cousin" Martha said disgusted.

"What he is cute and I just wondered, you have to keep your options open" Tash said laughing and spilling her drink at the same time.

"Oi Woman you are with my brother" Maddie said throwing a drinks umbrella at Tash.

"My turn dare" Sally interrupted.

"Ok sal, I dare you to go up to the barman, grab his ass, kiss him on the lips and walk off without saying anything." Martha said

"Not a problem" Sally said getting up the alcohol had given her a major confidence boost.

"I cant believe she is doing it" Cass said crying with laughter as they watched Sal approach the barman.

Sally did exactly as she was told and walked back with a grin on her face. "he's cute" she said.

"You tart Sal, wait till we tell Flynn" Beth said nearly sliding off her seat.

"well like Tasha said us women have to keep our options open.

Matilda suddenley stood up. "Right ladies what shall we do now I need entertaining."

"All in good time Maddie" Beth said laughing.


I dont think that is as good as the mens party I found it easier writing theirs. The next chapter is better as it involves both parties. hope that chapter wasnt to bad.

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Chapter 26 - Drunk

"Back in the summer of 69" Flynn and Dan shouted into the microphone, They had been singing for a few minutes.

"I cant believe those two" Ric said laughing. "But Luc its your turn next."

"No way" Luc slurred

"Sorry Lucas" Tony said "It is your go next but your not going alone, us oldies thought that we would have a laugh at your expense, so put these on you two. Robbie and Jack will be joining you too."

"You are kidding" Ric slurred as he looked into the bag at his costume.

Moments later the 4 of them appeared in costume. Flynn, Dan and Tony couldnt contain their laughter as the 4 men stood on the stage and started singing "YMCA".

"They are the ugliest Village People I have ever seen" Dan laughed.

"Didnt realise you were that way inclined mate" Tony said punching Dan.

They sang for hours and everything for Lucas became a bit of a blur........


The girsl were now back in Beth's room with numerous bottles of alcohol and random bar snacks they had found on their way back to the room. They were in the process of watching Grease, and were quite happily singing along to "Hoplessly Devoted to you". They had already watched Dirty Dancing, and Maddie was beginning to feel exhausted but she knew she had to carry on otherwise they would start asking questions. Thats if they noticed she thought looking around the room.

Tash was out for the count slumped over a bottle of champagne. Mac and Sally were singing there hearts out. Her mum was laying on the bed with one eye closed trying to focus on the TV. Leah was asleep on the bathroom floor. Cass was sat next to her trying to keep her eyes open. Matilda's thoughts were interrupted by a crash from the next room.

"What was that" Leah said appearing from the bathroom bleary eyed.

"MEN" Martha said in a sinister voice.

All they could hear from the next room was "SSSHHHHH!"

Opening the bedroom door they all burst out laughing. Jack was stood in a policeman's uniform doind the YMCA still, while Tony was holding on to the wall with a beer in the other hand and what looked like a plant on his head.

"Hi guys" beth said as she tripped over and landed by Tony's feet.

"Hello my woman" Tony said joining her on the floor.

"Where is Lucas" Matilda asked.

They both started laughing. "In your room" Tony said only just managing to get the words out.

"Right girls Im going to see what state he is in" She said "Thanks for a great night."


She opened the door to their room and could hear the faint sound of Lucas's snoring coming from the bedroom. She opened the bedroom door and laughed. Luc was laying in the middle of their bed with a bright pink bikini on, an indian headress on his head, only one shoe and getting married written on his stomach. Even in this state she still thought he looked cute.

She got changed and climbed into bed beside him, slowly pushing him on to his own side. he stirred next to her and put one arm around her shoulders, she nuzzled into him.

"Im sorry Mad" he slurred "Im drunk"

"I know honey it doesnt matter. I love you anyway" she said smiling

"Matilda I think you should marry me." He said

"Luc honey, I think we have already covered that part we are getting married in two weeks." she laughed

"Thats good then" he slurred as he passed out again.

Matilda lay awake leaning on his chest listening to his heartbeat, imagining there life together. "Mrs Holden" she said to herself as she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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Chapter 27 - Morning!

"Hi" Cass said as Ric entered her room. "Where were you last night?"

" I slept in Robbie's bath, and dont ask me why I dont know. All I know is that standing is not a good thing. I need to lie down." he answered

"Why do you think I havent moved" She said laughing as Ric climbed into bed next to her


"Leah is that you" tasha's voice called out as she blinked in the daylight.

"Thats my name, but im not sure if i am me."Leah moaned.

"You sound drunk still" Jacks voice filled the room, yet they couldnt see him.

"Jack where are you" tash shouted. Suddenly a leg appeared from behid the sofa.

"Here" he shouted back" Wherever this is?" he laughed.

"has anyone seen my husband?" Leah asked.

"Last time I remember seeing him he was giving Flynn a piggy back down the corridor." Tony said appearing from the bedroom with beth just behind him.

"where is Sally" beth said sounding concerned.

"I think she went to her room with Mac" tash answered.

Tony walked to the front door and opened it and burst out laughing. They all got up to see what he was laughing at.

There in the corridor slumped against the wall were Flynn, Sally, martha and Dan all sound asleep.

"At least we all made it to a room" jack said laughing.


Matilda had been up ages being sick. she could have done with Lucas to comfort her but he was still out of it, she had manage to strip him off and clean him up without him noticing. So she wasnt surprised he hadnt heard her in the bathroom.

Laying back down on the bed she looked at Lucas sleeping peacefully, life couldnt get much better she thought. Suddenly another wave of nausea came over her and she ran to the bathroom. She had been in there a few minutes when he appeared behind her.

"Sorry I didnt mean to wake you" She said.

"Dont apologise are you ok?" he asked concerned.

"Better than you I think" she said looking at the state of him, helping her up they walked back into the bedroom. Matilda sat up and Lucas laid across her his head in her lap.

"I cant believe there is a baby in there" he said touching her stomach.

"Believe it honey" she said " In two weeks time we will be married and in about seven months we will be parents"

"When we get back we shouuld find out for definate how far gone you are" he said thoughtfully. When she didnt reply he looked up and saw that she was asleep. he moved her so she was in a more comfortable postion. He stood up and went for a shower.

Letting the water run all over him, he let his mind wonder, and it came to him. Why shoudnt they. It made sense, no-one need know, well not unless they wanted them to. He would have to see what Maddie thought but he didnt think she would moan. They could still do everything they had planned when they got back to the bay.

He couldnt wait for her to wake up so he could tell her his plan.............................

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Just a quick short chapter.

Chapter 28 - Agreement

"I dont know Luc" she said surprised she had woken up to find him sitting over her busting with enthusiasm." Could we do it?"

"If you want to, we can. I know there is nothing I want more, but if you dont want to do it this way I will understand." he said hoping she would agree.

"I cant believe we are even talking about this" she said pacing the room "but yea lets do it".

"Really" he said not quite believeing she had agreed. "Right ok I will go and sort some things out and I will be back as soon as I can. I promise." he said as he ran out of the room.

She laughed, she hadnt seen him that excited in ages, suddenly he came running back in. "I forgot something" he said.

"What" she replied.

"This" he said tilting her backwards and kissing her. The next thing she knew he was gone again.


"Tell me honestly what you think jack, will it be ok" Lucas said quickly hoping for acceptance from his big brother.

"Mate if that is what you need to do, then do it I will make damn sure everything will be Ok?" Jack said hugging his brother.

"Thanks" Lucas said as he got up to leave the room.

"Luc" Jack shouted after him "I love you, now go do it!"

"I love you too Jack" Luc said as he ran off down the corridor.


An hour later back in their room Luc was rambling constantly. "Everything is done are you sure this is what you want" he asked petrified that something would go wrong.

"Without a doubt" Matilda replied honestly there was no doubt in her mind.

"I will see you soon then" Lucas said kissing her and leaving the room.

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Chapter 29 - Love

Twenty minutes later Lucas was pacing up and down waiting for her, this is it he thought, in a little while they would be husband and wife.

"Here she is" the minister said to him Luc turned and looked toward the door. Even though she hadnt had time to plan an outfit she still took his breath away. By the time she had got to him they both had tears in their eyes. Luc lost track of what the minister was saying he couldnt take his eyes off her. She's beautiful he thought, it was like he was seeing her for the first time. Suddenly it came to the point where he had to say his vows and he wasnt sure he could speak. Slowly everything came back to him. Looking deeply in her eyes he said.

"Matilda, I promise you that no matter what happens in our lives I will be by your side. I will always love and protect you. The moment i saw you I loved you and that love has grown everyday I have been with you. Now stood here I realise Im the luckiest man alive, because I have you. I love you and that will never change.

By the end of it he could hardly get the words out. He took a deep breath and listened as she started to speak.

"Lucas, I cant remember who I was before I met you I feel like Im complete when your with me and I dont want to ever be without you. You will always have my heart, body and soul. Everything I can give to you I will. I will love you for eternity." tears were rolling down her face and he wiped them away. She looked lost in her own world he thought.

The next thing he heard was the minister telling him to kiss his wife. He had got so caught up in the moment he couldnt even remember putting the ring on Matilda's finger but there it was. He looked at her and then kissed her so passionately he felt like his heart was going to explode. He couldnt believe they were married, his wife, His Maddie.


Walking into the chapel, Maddie couldnt quite hide her emotion. Lucas looked so handsome, she couldnt believe he was about to become her husband.

Now stood with him looking into his eyes she was lost. Everything around her was a blur all she could see was him. The vows passed in a daze. She couldnt fight the tears everything seemed so powerful she had never experienced anything like it.

She held his hand and slipped the ring on his finger. She recited the words the minister said, but because she was so completely taken with Lucas she kept losing track of the ceremony. The next thing she knew Lucas was kissing her and it felt so different to her more intense than ever before and all she wanted to do was hold on to that moment forever.

"I love you Mrs Holden"she heard him say.

"I love you too" she whispered, she felt like her legs wouldnt be able to hold her up and she would fall if it wasnt for Luc's arms around her.

They kissed again lost in there own moment glad it was just them. There moment, the beginning of there marriage.

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Chapter 30 - Mr & Mrs

"I cant believe it" she said as they lay entwined in their bed. "we are married"

"Its amazing" he agreed " Come here and kiss your husband"

Anytime, anywhere" she said kissing him.

They lay there still for a moment. Until he spoke again. "When should we tell people. I mean only Jack knows and we are having a big wedding in two weeks, well we are supposed to be.

"Lets not say anything yet Luc. I want it to be just us for today" she said cuddling into him. There tender moment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Jack" they both said in unison before shouting for him to come in.

They heard him enter the lounge and then he was stood there in front of them, in their bedroom.

"What you dont even get out of bed to greet me anymore" he said laughing

"Saves time if we stay here" Matilda said winking at him.

"Anyway enough of that. Did you do it?" he said excitedly sitting down on their bed.

They produce there hands from under the covers so he could see there new shiny wedding rings.

"We did" Luc said proudly

"Congratulations you guys. I love you two" he said pulling them into a big hug.

"Thanks Jack" Matilda said holding on to the covers, to protect her modesty.

"I cant believe my little brother is married" he said letting go of Maddie and tightening his hug around Lucas.

""I'll leave you two to talk" Maddie said sensing a Holden male bonding moment. She wrapped a sheet around herself and stood up.

"Dont go to far" Luc said blowing her a kiss.

"Im only going to the shower husband dear" she replied laughing.

Once they could hear the shower going Jack spoke. "So how was it? Were you nervous?"

"To be honest Jack, its all a blur. Every emotion you could think of takes over and all i could see was her. I got totally caught up in the moment, in her.It was like we became one person. God jack I cant believe she is mine, I'm the luckiest man in the world." He said tears in his eyes again.

Holding his younger brother tightly Jack smiled. He could never imagine having that overwhelming feeling for somone, losing yourself completely in them. He was too selfish to much of an individual, but he was so proud that Lucas wasnt like him.

"So when are you telling Dad and Beth?" Jack asked

"Not yet, so keep it to yourself Jack. I am trusting you."

Of course. No question" he said "But you might want to hide those shiny rings you are both wearing when others are around, they might be a bit of a give away.

"Good point" Luc said thoughtfully " I think we should make it a surpise for everyone in the bay not just Dad and Beth. Maybe instead of the wedding we are supposed to be having, we could have a blessing but not tell anyone until they arrive"

"Sounds complicated Lucas, I dont know if I could keep quiet that long" he joked.

"Honestly Jack, do you think Dad will be hurt that he wasnt there, for that matter are you?" Luc asked hoping he hadnt hurt his family.

"Dad will be cool, because your happy and the same goes for me. Any fool can see that you two are crazy about each other and from what you described I would say it was better for you that no-one else was there, you have shared something so special its unbreakable. We can celebrate another time. What you have done is just for you two" Jack said sounding slightly envious.

"I couldnt agree more" Maddie said appearing from the bathroom she was wearing just a toewl and was still wet, she went and sat on Lucas and started kissing his neck slowly. He grinned at the sensations he was feeling.

"I guess I had better leave" Jack said shaking his head.

But he got no reply as the new Mr & Mrs Holden were totally caught up in each other.

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