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Can Happiness Happen?

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Chapter 11 - Fun

"You guys up. Hello!" Robbie was shouting down the corridor. One by one doors were opening and the bleary eyed residents of the bay poked their heads out.

"Robbie what the hell are you doing its 7.30am" Martha shouted not looking impressed. "we are on holiday!"

"Can I hit him" Ric shouted.

"No" Robbie yelled " Hang on a minute, thats not your room Ric, you sly dog."

"Good point" Martha said coming further out of her room.

"Cassie Turner. I do believe that is your room" Robbie shouted louder. Ric turned red and shut the door.

"I guess that was a yes then" Mac said "About time they got together.

"Anyway the reason Im stood here yelling. I want everyone up and at breakfast in one hour and that includes you Lucas" he said seeing Luc duck back into his room.

"Ok, Ok" came Flynn's voice from behind one of the doors. "Just shut up now"

An hour later the 14 of them were sat together eating breakfast.

"So Robbie why was it so important to you that we all ate together" Jack asked.

"Because, Mr Holden we are on holiday it is the first morning and I want to declare that this is a day just for fun, whatever you class as fun you can do, and that Mr Dalby does not mean in the bedroom". Robbie said laughing, Ric went red again and hid his face behind Cassie's shoulder.

"So" Rob continued "Finish eating and go and enjoy yourseleves and people be warned I will be checking to make sure everyone is having fun"

Everyone started chatting about what they were going to do.

"Well I vote for the pool" Jack said. Lucas, Ric and Robbie agreed.

"Sounds good to me" Cass said closely followed by Martha and Tasha.

"What about you sweetheart is that Ok?" Lucas asked Maddie.

"Yeah sure whatever" she said not really concentrating.

"Lets go grab our stuff and meet at the pool" Jack said they all walked off leaving just Luc and Maddie.

"Whats up darling, you have been quiet all morning" luc asked her looking concerned.

"Im ok Luc, sorry I just didnt sleep well must be because of the ocean. Com on lets go get our stuff. I'll even let you choose which bikini i should wear" she said trying to distract him.

"Well if I have to" he said laughing " but I prefer you with nothing on"

"Calm down lover" she said smiling, grabbing his hand they walked back to their room.


"Incoming" Jack shouted as he jumped into the pool.

"That was cold" Martha screamed from her sun lounger "and now Im all wet." Jack had managed to drench both martha and tasha as they sunbathed.

"Nice going" Robbie shouted at Jack as he floated around the pool.

"Men" Martha said to Tash rolling her eyes.

"It looks like someone likes them" Tash said pointing towards the corner of the pool where Ric and Cassie were continually kissing.

"About time" they heard Jack shout they looked over to see Maddie and Luc walking toward the pool. Luc started to reply but was interrupted by Robbie.

"Dude I do not want to know what you have been up to that is my little sister."

"And my wife nearly Rob, so its perfectly natural" Luc joked back. Putting their stuff down Luc jumped in the pool, while Matilda just sat on the side with her legs in the water.

"How long have they been like that?" Maddie asked mac pointing at Ric and Cass.

"All morning have hardly even come up for air"Martha replied

"well I want the gossip" Maddie said lowering herself into the pool.


"Not here Cass, its a bit public isnt it" Ric said as Cass put her hands in his shorts.

"I suppose but I cant help it" she said knowing she was overcompensating, but she really wanted to have feelings for Ric.

"Its not that Im complaining believe me" he said kissing her again. "But I think Matilda might as she is heading toward us"

Removing her hands Cassie laughed. "Yea I guess I should save it for later."

"No complaints here" he said kissing her. I'll leave you girls to it" he swam off towards Luc.


"Shall we have lunch now?" Leah said to Dan

"Yea Whatever" he snapped.

"Whats the matter with you" Leah said

"Sorry leah, just feel in the need of a bit of relaxation, maybe we should join the others at the pool.

"Leave the young ones to it" she said.

"There not that much younger than us. There is only just over 10 years between us and Ric, Luc, Cass and Maddie, and even less with the others" he said defensively. He wanted to go to the pool he needed to talk to Cass he wanted to know what was going on with her and Ric. She cant be in love with him he thought. She just cant...


"Earth to Lucas, are you listening?" Jack said waving his hand in front of Luc's face.

"Sorry Jack what did you want?" Luc said

Jack followed Luc's gaze and laughed. " Yes brother dear, she is yours amd I guess she is kind of hot"

Luc's gaze was permanently fixed on Matilda, as she walked with Cass to the juice bar to get a drink.

"She is hot" Luc said, watching her walk around in a Red bikini. "She's amazing"

"You love her I get it Luc. I think we all know that" Jack said " but your not usually quite this obsessed about her"

"Its not that Jack. There is something she isnt telling me. I know it" he confided in his brother.

"All I can say is ask her Luc, thats the easiest way of finding out" Jack said tapping Luc comfortingly on the shoulder.

"Maybe Im scared of what she says" Luc whispered to himself.


Walking back from the pool leaving Tash and Robbie there, they looked like the perfect group, but each one had something on their mind.

There is something wrong. Luc thought.

I need to end it with Dan. Cass thought

Is it all too good to be true. Jack thought.

How do I tell him. Maddie thought.

Am I all she wants. Ric thought

How long do I have to wait. Martha thought.

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Chapter 12 - Reassurance - Maddie and Lucas

"So we'll meet in the bar at 6 " Luc said to the others as he opened the door to their room, he held the door while Matilda walked in and then followed. Laying on the bed he watched her as she took off her bikini and put on a towelling robe.

"Lucas, will you hold me" she said laying down next to him.

"You never have to ask, I'll always hold you no matter where we are or what were doing. I promise I'll always be here to hold you." He said as she turned and snuggled into him. He kissed the top of her head and then rested his head on hers. "Matilda, what is it? You have been strange all day."

"You love me, dont you Lucas?" she said quietly

Sitting up he looked at her, she looks frightened he thought, he put his hands on her cheeks and cupped her face, looking her directly in the eye he said "Matilda, I love you more than anything. Im nothing without you, I couldnt be without you. You already know all this."

"Just feeling insecure I guess" she said leaning on him. "Im ok honestly Lucas. I just needed to hear it. Now why dont you go and shower while I have a nap."

"Ok well come get me if you need me" he said not totally convinced.

"Ive worried him" she said to herself "I didnt mean to , poor thing his mind will be racing now." she knew that Luc would be racking his brain trying to understand what had just been said between them. "Maybe I should go and reassure him" she said.

Luc stood in the shower letting the hot water run all over him, that was so unlike her he thought. She's never been the type of girl that gets insecure, maybe I havent made her feel loved lately. He closed his eyes and started to think of things he could do to make Maddie feel better.

The next thing he knew there were lips on his and hands on his wet chest, he opened his eyes and smiled. "I thought you were tired" he said.

"I love you too Lucas " was all she said as she turned off the water and led him back to the bedroom. She laid him down on the bed and straddled him, kissing his neck and chest. He moaned with pleasure. The moment over took them and they made love, after they lay together entwined.

"That was amazing" luc said still breathless

"Your amazing" she said running her finger up and down his chest. She knew it made him tingle. "Lucas tell me what you see our life together being like."

"Well" he said pulling her closer to him. "We will be husband and wife, and live in our perfect little house. We'll save money and go travelling for years. Eventually we will come back to the bay to settle down, we will have kids, but all girls so they can be as beautiful as there mum, and we will grow old together and always be happy." he said laughing at how corny he sounded.

She kissed his chest and then rested her head on it, "It sounds wonderful Luc" she whispered. If only it could really be like that she thought tears forming in her eyes, she closed them and fell asleep listening to Luc's heartbeat.

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Chapter 13 - Reassurance - Cass and Ric

"It was fun in the pool today wasnt it" Cassie said as they entered Ric's room.

"It was great Cass" he replied "I'll just have a quick shower and change and then we can go to your room so you can." he said taking off his shirt and opening the bathroom door.

"Whats the rush, I thought we could pick up where we left off" she smiled at him and patted the space on the bed next to her. He hesitated, the paranoia that he heard her say Lucas was still in his mind. Get over it your going to lose the girl you want if you carry on being paranoid he thought to himself. He walked over and kissed her, and before he knew it they were fooling around again.

He woke up hours later with Cass leaning on him, at least she is asleep too he thought. Stroking her hair off her face he watched her kissing her cheek he whispered "Im totally in love with you."

"What " she said sitting up.

"Oh god, I thought you were asleep, Im sorry" he said standing up pacing the room in a panic.

"I just had my eyes closed" she said " did you just say you were in love with me?"

Taking a deep breath, he spoke " Yes, Im in love with you, and Im sorry I said it I know its quick, but you know Ive had feelings for you for years, so its hardly a shock. Now Im with you I cant help but say it I love you Cassie, and Im sorry if it freaks you out but its the truth. I dont expect you to say anything back."

Looking at him stood there, her mind was racing he looks so fragile she thought. "I love you too" she lied, she knew she didnt love him not yet anyway but he was a really great guy and she wanted to. Kissing him she could tell she had done the right thing in lying to him, it was obvious he needed her reassurance and there is no reason why I wont fall in love with him in time she thought.

He couldnt believe she loved him too, this is amazing he thought feeling so reassured. Luc was right when there is a spark there you have to go for it no matter what.

I will Love him Cass thought, I have too because without him I have nothing, if Cass actually told the truth she would be force to admit that Ric was the one reassuring her, not the other way around.

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Chapter 14 - Reassurance - Jack and Martha

"Hurry up Martha" Jack said "We dont want to be late"

"I expect the rest of them are having private moments Jack and enjoying the fact that they are alone not surrounded by the group." she said sadly.

"There's plenty of time for that" he joked.

"Jack do you know what day it is tomorrow?" Martha asked him curiously.

"Of course I do dear, its the day that 7 years ago you agreed to go out with me. I wouldnt forget that Mac!" he said suddenly sounding sincere.

"But Jack except for the fact that you now live with me and Grandad, nothings changed. Im not in a rush for marriage or kids, but I would at least like to talk about it sometime."

"Sweetheart believe me, we will have all that one day, I promise, I love you Ive never doubted that. I want to marry you one day. I just dont see the urgency, we are perfect as we are arent we?" Jack said sounding terrified.

"Yes of course" Martha said but to herself she was thinking what is he afraid of.

She felt bad for pressuring him, she went over and put her arms around him reassuringly. "Baby, we will never change, no matter what. Id wait a lifetime for you, just to become your wife." she said kissing his neck.

"One day darling" he said.

Why cant I just do it he thought, I know I love Martha. Maybe just this once I actually need advice from my baby brother, he was so sure about him proposing to Matilda.

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Chapter 15 - Tears

Midnight, top deck. Cass text Dan that evening. She knew she had to end it, she wanted to be fair to Ric, well as fair as she could be when she still had feelings for Lucas. It was now 11 pm. Ric was already asleep, looking at him she really hoped she would be able to love him as much as he loved her. Breaking up with Dan was her first step, it was a mistake from the beginning, if only she hadnt taken that job at the drop in centre, she had only known Dan as leah's husband before that, but then they were working together all the time nad things happened. Time was passing really slowly she thought looking at her watch. Leaning over and staring at Ric she thought about what she was going to say.


"Night Darling" Luc said kissing her.

"Night" she said as she rolled over.

It was only minutes later and she could tell he was already asleep. Bless him she thought. She got up left them room and got dressed. She walked out of the room and walked to the bottom deck, she shivered as the breeze swirled around her, yet she still stayed outside, she just needed time to think. To figure out what was going on in her head. Tears started rolling down her face, her perfect life was wahat she had always wanted and now all of it would change.

"Matilda is that you?" a voice said.

"Jack what are you doing out here" she said trying to wipe away her tears.

"Same as you by the look of it" he said handing her a tissue, without mentioning her tears. "How about we share our worries?"

"I guess "she said quietly

"So whats my brother done to upset you then?" he asked her.

"Nothing" she said honestly "Your dopey brother is wonderful, and he loves me and no one could love me more than he does."

"So whats wrong?" Jack said starting to get scared.

"I have to tell Luc something, something that could change everything, and I dont know how to."

"Tell me Matilda, I might be able to help. It wont go any further I promise." Jack said.

Ok here goes she thought, she had to tell someone and Jack was nearly family.


"Hi Dan" Cass said walking up to him.

"Cass, Ive missed you " he said kissing her cheek. "Whats going on with you and Ric, Its been driving me mad watching him touching you all the time. Why did you let him spend the night in your room?" Dan said his tone getting angrier.

"Look lets talk" Cass said getting nervous "Sit down."


Luc rolled over and stretched his arm out expecting to touch Maddie. He was stunned when he realised she wasnt there.

"Maddie" he called out getting out of bed, he turned the light on and walked into the the other room. After searching the whole of their cabin, he got dressed and went out in search of her. "Where is she?" he muttered to himself as he walked down the corridor


"Wow Matilda, I have no idea what to say" Jack was shocked. "The only thing I can suggest is talk to Lucas, he'll be fine, whatever happens next he will be with you, every step of the way I can guarantee it, He loves you, look at everything you went through to get together. He will be with you through anything." Jack believed every word he had said about his younger brother.

"I know you right Jack, but its difficult. Anyway enough about me whats your problem maybe I can help." She said.

"Too be honest Matilda, I think you already have. Come on I'll walk you back to that dopey brother of mine." he said putting his arm around his future sister in law.


"Cass this cant happen" Dan said pleading at her.

"Look Im sorry it has to, go back to your wife, to your family. Be happy Dan, thats what we all deserve. Thats what I want to have with Ric. Happiness." she said sternly

"You'll regret this Cassie, one day you will, you'll see" he said storming off.

Breathing a sigh of relief she looked out across the ocean. She didnt notice Lucas watching from a distance, he had stumbled across them in his search for Matilda. I wonder what that was about he thought.


"Lucas, I need to tell you something" Matilda said walking into their bedroom, full of the courage Jack had given her. She was shocked to see thathe wasnt there. She laid on his sighed of the bed putting her head on his pillow. There was a faint smell of his aftershave on it, It was comforting she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

15 minutes later Luc walked in, he was relieved to see she was there. He undressed her and pulled the covers over her. He had no idea why she had gone out but he didnt care. Climbing in next to her he pulled her closer to him and held her tightly.

"Luc" she murmed in her sleep.

"Im here darling" he said stroking her hair.

"I need to talk to you" She whispered.

"Tomorrow darling, just sleep" he said kissing her cheek "Whatever it is can wait".

"Ok" she sighed as she rolled into him even more. Tomorrow morning definately she thought. Tomorrow everything will change......................

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Chapter 16 - Timing

"Maybe we should just wait, I dont want to ruin the holiday for them." Beth said to Tony as they ate breakfast.

"But when we get back there is the wedding and you will keep putting it off, you have to give them the letter now. they can handle it they are strong together whatever Belle wants to say they can cope." Tony said sternly.


"Morning Lucas" Maddie said as she came out of the bathroom and saw that he was awake.

"Hi wanderer" he replied "Where did you go last night?"

"I was actually with Jack, I went out to think and he happened to be out there doing the same thing"

"What did you have to think about" he said suddenly sounding scared.

She walked over and sat on the bed, looking him straight in the eye, she said "Lucas, Im pregnant"

His face went white "But you cant be we were always careful werent we?Oh my god" standing up muttering to himself he walked into the bathroom and closed the door. "This is mad" he said to himself as he sat on the floor. "this is not how we planned things"

"Lucas please dont shut me out" he heard Matilda shout through the door. He got up and opened it

"Luc" she said walking in "are you angry with me?"

"God maddie, Im a lot of things but angry with you isnt one of them" he said pulling her close to him. They sat there holding each other neither of them knowing what to say or do.


"Dad you in here" Jack said knocking on their door.

"Yep mate come on in" Tony shouted

"Morning" Jack said, Tony was sat on the sofa reading the paper.

"Hi son, everything ok you look a little tired." Tony said "Actually if your tired cause of Mac then I dont want to know." He said laughing.

"Actually it cause of Matilda" Jack said seriously

"Well I knew my sons were close but thats taking it a bit far isnt it?" Tony joked

"Vey funny dad, or slightly sick" Jack said laughing.

"Anyway what did you want?"

"Cant a son just come and say hi to his Dad?"Jack said

"Jack something is up I can tell, so just spit it out which one of you is in trouble, you or Luc?"

"neither of us are in trouble, Im completely confused about something, and Id say by now Lucas is going through a major life changing moment."

"So another day with the Holdens then" Tony said " well seeing as your here tell me whats up? Luc I will deal with when he asks for my help."


"Luc talk or say something" she said stroking his head which was in her lap, they were still sat on the bathroom floor.

"Im just shocked" was all he could manage to reply.

"I know baby, I know" she whispered "We dont have to decide anything right now, but lets at least move out of the bathroom" she said. Standing up she pulled him up with her they walked into the bedroom, he sat down and she started getting dressed.

He suddenly looks so young she thought, Im not sure if we are ready for this, We love each other and didnt want to wait to get married, but a baby were only 22 she thought. Why is this happening now?


"All I can say is the decision is yours son" Tony said seriously looking at Jack.

"I knew you would say that"Jack said laughing.

They were interuppted by Beth entering "Sorry didnt mean to interupt I just came to grab the letter, no time like the present to do it" she said looking at Tony.

"Letter? We have been away for 2 days and your already writing to people Beth, thats just weird" he said smiling at her.

"Not quite" she said picking up the letter and walking to the door. "Your dad can explain."

"So what was that about" Jack asked as Beth left the cabin.

"Irene has been visiting Belle and the last time she was there belle wrote a letter to Matilda, we dont know what it says but we have been waiting for the right time to give it to her?" Tony said.

"The right time "Jack shouted standing up "And the fact that I just told you that Luc and Maddie were going through a life changing moment struck you as the right time dad?" he got his phone out of his pocket and pressed some buttons "Damn it" he said as beths phone could be heard ringing in the other room.

"Jack mate what is it, what are you not telling me."Tony shouted

"I cant dad I promised, Luc will tell you when he is ready trust me, We have to find Beth before she gets to maddie, trust me now is not the right time to hear from Belle."


I wish I could say something to make her feel beter, I hate that scared look on her face, but I know its probably on my face too. Im not ready to be a father, a husband yea, I can take of Maddie but a child im not ready yet, but how do I tell the woman I love that I dont think I want our baby? Luc thought.

He was about to speak to try and put some sort of words together when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. Thank god he thought.


Sorry I havent posted for a long time, been a hectic week It was a friends birthday so there was lots of alcohol involved. But i will be posting lots from now on.

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Chapter 17 - Confusion

"hi mum" Matilda said opening the door she just wanted to put her arms around her mum and cry like a little girl.

"Hi sweetheart, just thought I would pop on and say hi" Beth said knowing as soon as she saw her daughter tht something was wrong. "Where's Lucas?"

"Im here Beth" he said appearing from the bedroom "I was just getting dressed".

"Have I interupted something" Beth quizzed looking back and forth at them.

"Not at all" Luc lied "I was just going to go for a walk" walking towards Maddie he kissed her cheek, but she pulled him in for a hug, his hand accidently touched her stomach, and he flinched she felt it, he knew she did. "I'll be back soon" he whispered to her as he walked away. He felt like he was abandoning her, it was tearing him apart but he needed time.


"Lucas" Jack shouted as he saw his brother walking in the corridor ahead.

"Luc" Tony shouted too, but Luc still didnt hear them.

Running up behind him, Jack tapped him on the shoulder. "What are you up to?" he asked

"Just out for osme air" he said lying. Jack knew he was lying but he also knew his brother did not want to talk in front of their dad.

"I'll leave you to it"Tony sais sensing something was going on. "I'll go and find Beth."

"She is in our room dad" Luc said quietly. After Tony had left Luc looked at Jack "You know" he said

"Yea how are you feeling about it" Jack looked at his little brother and his heart went out to him, he couldnt imagine how Luc was feeling.

"Terrified, Scared, really not ready and really in need of a drink" Luc said quickly.

"Its only 11am Luc, are you sure thats a good idea"

"Dont lecture me Jack, right now its the only Idea I've got"

"ok well I guess I had better come with you" Jack said seriously worried about his brother. Walking over to the bar they bought 2 beers and went to sit down. After 5 minutes of silence Jack said "So what are you going to do?"

"Ive no idea Jack, I want to mary Madde and have kids eventually, we had plans though just us for a few years, time together, and now its all changed and I dont think I can handle it." Luc had tears running down his face.

"What about Matilda what does she want?"

"I dont know" Luc said "I didnt really ask, I need to get my head around it, I'll talk to Matilda later. I dont want to hurt her but I need to figure out what I want to say before I can speak to her otherwise I'll end up hurting her more and I cant risk losing her." Luc had tears running down his face.

"Its ok Luc, It will be ok" Jack said hugging his brother.

"How Jack your older than me could you copewith being a dad?"

Jack thought for a moment and honestly said "Lucas, I cant even handle the thought of marrige or proposing, Your a better man than me."


"Are you going to tell me whats up" Beth said to her daughter.

"Nothing mum honestly its just a silly arguement everything will be ok" she lied, she couldnt face telling her Mum not without Lucas.

"Well ok, anyway the reason Im here" Beth saind reaching for her bag, she was interupted by a knock at the door.

"Can I come in" Tonys voice sounded from the otherside.

"Sure Tony" Maddie shouted.

"Hi" he said "Just came looking for Lucas" He said staring intently at Beth. "But im guessing this isnt the right time, its always good to do things at the right time and this isnt it" he rambled.

"Tony are you drunk" Matilda said staring at him glad of the distraction.

"No sweetie, Just high on life" he laughed.

"Well Luc isnt here" she continued confused about how Tony was acting.

"Well how about I take you beautiful women out for a drink?" He said hoping Beth realised what he was trying to do.

"Sounds great" Beth said winking at him. She had no idea what he was on about but realised it had something to do with Belle's letter.


"Luc, this is one thing I cant advise you on, Ive never had to deal with this" Jack said sadly he wanted to help his brother but honestly didnt know how.

"I know, this is something for me and Maddie to talk about, can you do me a favour and find her. I need her" Luc said as he got up drink in hand.

Jack watched him walk off to the end of the deck, double checkinh that Luc was ok, he got up and went to find Matilda.


"Jack hi" Beth said as he approached them "Are you going to join us, Mac wil be here in a minute."

"Yea great" Jack replied "but could I just borrow Matilda for a bit?"

"Sure" she said getiing up and walking to him.

"Luc needs you" he said "Just go and talk to him"

"Jack he didnt seem to realise I needed him when he walked off"

"It was just the shock Matilda, please give him a chance he loves you, you know that he wouldnt deliberatley hurt you."

"OK" She said walking to where Jack had said Luc was.


She saw Luc up ahead, and stood watching him for a few minutes. I dont know what to say she thought and that scared her she had never been lost for words around Lucas, so why now. I cant do this I cant talk to him yet she thought and turned and wlaked away.


He saw her walking away, and felt his heart breaking. They were falling apart when they should be supporting each other but for some reason he couldnt make himself follow her. I dont blame her for any of this so why am I punishing her he thought. Pull yourself together he was telling himself over and over again, you are not going to lose her you can do this, go and find the woman you love. He walked a few steps in the direction she had gone, but then sat down and carried on drinking his beer. I'll find her later he thought.

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Chapter 18 - Friendship

Wanting to clear her head Matilda decided a swim was a good idea, she figured some of the others would be in the outside pool and she wasnt ready to face anyone, so the inside pool would be better. Grabbing her stuff from her room she walked down the stairs to the pool. She walked out of the changing rooms and looked around, she was glad to see there was only one other person in the pool, he was swimming underwater, so she walked around to the other side and slipped herslef into the pool. Starting to swim she felt herself relaxing slightly. After swimming for half an hour or so she stopped and leant against the side of the pool letting the water float her legs out in front of her.

"Maddie what are you doing down here?" a familiar voice said interrupting her thoughts

"Ric, hey. I didnt realise it was you in here" she said smiling although she really wished he wasnt here she didnt really want to talk to anyone.

"Its me" he said smiling at her " I just felt like being alone for a while and buy the look of things so did you. If you want me to go I will, but Ive heard a rumour that misery loves company." He said with a laugh.

She laughed at his corny comment. Maybe having Ric around may not be such a bad thing she thought.


Luc sat at the bar empty bottles in front of him, he knew he had to find her but he didnt know where to start looking, or even if he really wanted to. "Another beer please" he said to the barman.

"I think you have had enough" he heard someone say.

"Cassie hi" he slurred looking at her bleary eyed.

"Luc this drinking in the day, doesnt really seem like you, Is everything ok?"

"Bloody wonderful" he snapped hoping she would take the hint and go away. "Anyway what did you want?"

"I was going to ask if you had seen Ric, but now I think I should take you back to your room to sleep it off before Matilda sees you" she said getting him up and out of his seat.

"Yea Maddie, I want to see her" he said trying to walk.

"I will find her after I get you sobered up" she said laughing at him.

She knew she should probably find someone else to take him to his room , but she liked the fact that Luc was relying on her, and she was with Ric now so there was no problem she kept telling herself.


"You cheated" Maddie shouted at Ric they had just finished there 7th race.

"Face it Hunter Im faster" he laughed getting out of the pool and helping her out behind him.

"That was fun, took my mind off it" She said and then stopped herself.

"Off what?" Ric asked "If you dont want to tell me thats cool, but Im here Maddie we have been friends for a long time, well once we were more than that" he said trying to lighten the mood. "You can trust me"

"Well how about we get changed, go to you room and order some food and just hang out like we used too, and I may end up crying on your shoulder." she said smiling at him.


"Luc where is your key?" Cass asked him checking his pockets.

"No idea" he said "nevermind we cant get in, lets go to the bar." he giggled

"No luc, lets get you some coffee from my room and try and sober you up and then find Matilda" She reasoned with him.

"She hates me, Ive let her down" he said beginning to cry

"Im sure thats not true Lucas, she loves you more than anything even I know that and its obvious why, now get inside" she said opening her door.

He sat on her bed tears streaming down his face, she poured him some coffee and made him drink some of it. Wiping his tears away she said "Tell me whats wrong Luc. I can help"

He looked at her grabbed her hand and leant towards her, he put his lips against hers. She stopped him. "Luc dont this isnt what you want, your drunk, I will be here as a friend but thats it" she said not quite believing the words were coming out of her mouth. "Lay down and get some sleep, sober up and then we will talk ok?"

"Ok Maddie" she heard him mumble.


"We havent done this for ages not since Belle" Ric said and then realised what he had said.

"Its ok Ric" she said sensing his awkwardness " It wasnt your fault, you couldnt help falling for Cass, no-one can help who they fall in love with. Look at how Luc and I got together."

"But Belle caused so much pain because of me, I dont know how anyone can still be around me" he said tears starting to fall down his face.

He was glad he finally had someone to talk to about it all.


Holding Ric close as he let all his guilt and anger out, Maddie was lost in her own thoughts of Lucas. She needed to talk to him, but didnt know what to say. Maybe she would talk to Ric, see how he would feel in their situation.

It felt good to have a friend she thought.

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Chapter 19 - Confessions

"My head hurts" Cassie heard Luc mumble he had been asleep for a few hours and now it was nearly dinner time.

"Here drink this" Cass said handing him a glass of water.

"Thanks Cass for looking after me and for not letting me make a terrible mistake" he said blushing.

His words stung her but she knew he was right she and Luc were in the past and the connection between him and Matilda was obvious. "Whats wrong Lucas Ive never seen you drink like that?" she asked with genuine concern.

"Everything is messed up, and instead of making it better I have made it worse Im supposed to take care of Matilda, to help her and I walked out like a wimp. A lousy husband Im going to be." he rambled.

"Im sure thats not true, whatever it is Luc you can tell me Im here for you."

"Matilda's pregnant" he whispered.


"Sorry Maddie Im supposed to be listening to your problems and here you are counselling me" he said half laughing.

"Believe me Ric, it was nice to be able to help you. Why have you never talked about this before. It was never your fault Belle was ill you cant blame yourself for that.

"I guess I just didnt know who to talk to about it, I thought you all secretly blamed me."

"But your ok now right? Life is looking good for you" she said sadly "You and Cass are together just starting out as a couple thats the fun part."

"Matilda are you and Lucas ok, tell me whats going on?" he asked his voice full of concern.

"Im pregnant and instead of talking to me about it Lucas ran off and then wanted me to go and talk to him, but I couldnt, I didnt know how and its tearing us apart and I dont know what to do" she cried.

"Mad, I dont know what to say. I cant believe Lucas would run off like that I thought he was a better bloke than that, maybe I should go and have a word with him." he said getting angrier.

"No Ric, just help me understand what he is going through your the same age. What would you do if Cassie said she was pregnant."


"Luc you need to talk to her, tell her how you feel she may be feeling the same way." Cass said

"I guess but I dont know if I know what I want. I cant imagine being a dad but I cant imagine her getting an abortion either. My life is such a mess."

"Join the club" she said. Lucas looked at her curiously.

"What are you talking about Cass?" He asked

"Ok confession time" she looked up at him and then told him the whole story of her and Dan, then she told him about the feelings she had for him and Ric. "So basically Im just one confused woman" she laughed.

"WOW" Luc said when she had finished. "you and Dan, I saw you on the deck the other night but never imagined you were. WOW" was all he could say he was really shocked.

"But" she continued " Im with Ric now and Im determined to make it work"

"Im glad to hear" Luc said "So what do I do?"

"Lets get some food and then you can find Matilda." she said calling room service.


"Lets go find Luc so you guys can talk" Ric said finishing his pizza trying to change the conversation he had no idea what he would do if he was in the same situation and it made him feel uncomfortable talking about it. "And if you want me to stay with you and help I will."

"Thanks you have been a great friend, but where do we start looking its a big ship"

"Lets go find Cass or Jack and see if they have seen him" Ric suggested as they left his room and walked down the corridor to Cassie's room, opening the door he froze.

" What the hell is going on?" he shouted.....

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Chapter 20 - Holden Charm?

"Nothing Ric I swear" Cass said with surprise.

"Yea right I open the door and you have your arms around Lucas, dont tell me its nothing" Ric shouted at them.

"Ric she is telling the truth, nothing is going on." Luc said standing up.

"Just like nothing happened when Matilda was missing" he shouted forgetting Matilda was behind him.

"What happened when I was missing?" Matilda asked quietly.


"Your dad seemed strange this afternoon is everything ok?" Martha asked Jack as they walked towards the bar.

"Just some stuff to do with Lucas, wedding things probably. I wouldnt worry about it" Jack lied.

"Ok well I guess it is stressful planning a wedding, not that I know" she whispered but Jack heard her. Sitting down he looked at her he had to tell her it wasnt fair.

"Martha Ive noticed lately that weddings are on your mind a lot, what with Luc and Maddie and everything and Ive been thinking of the right time to say this, but I think I just need to get it over with" he rambled.

"Oh my god Jack" Martha screamed.


"Sorry Matilda I didnt mean for you to hear that" Ric said quietly regretting that his jealousy had gotten the better of him again, he could see now that Luc had been crying, it was obvious they had been having the same conversation that he and Matilda had.

"What happened what are you talking about" she screamed at all of them.

"I'll explain Matilda, but lets go back to our room" Luc said calmly, he had always known this would come out eventually but now it had he was petrified of losing the only woman he had ever loved.

"Ok fine" she said storming out.


"Martha its not what you think Im not proposing, and I dont think I ever will the thought of marriage terrfies me and I cant help it. Ive thought about it a lot but I just cant see it happening. I thought it was fair to tell you I didnt want to give you false hope.

Martha didnt say anything she didnt know what to say, she got up and walked away leaving Jack sat there open mouthed, as he watched the girl of his dream walk away.


"So tell me what everyone seems to know that I dont" Matilda said calmly sitiing down on their bed.

"OK but hear me out, dont interupt" Luc said nervously "While you were missing Cass and I had sex, it didnt mean anything. I was crazy cause I thought I'd never see you again. I guess I needed comfort and she was willing to provide it. I know we shouldnt have but it was a strange situation and I was weak. It doesnt change how I feel about you. Im head over heels for you, I love you more than anything. Please dont let this ruin us."

Matilda stood calmly and looked at her future husband tears streaming down his face. "I was going through hell with Belle because I had fallen in love with you, and you were screwing someone else. I thought we felt the same about each other back then. I wouldnt have touched anyone else. how could you Lucas?" she started walking toward the door.

"Maddie dont leave me" Lucas cried out.

"I just need time Luc" she said and with that she shut the door.....

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