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Love Triangle

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I haven't written any sort of fiction in a long time, so I'm a little out of practice. This is my first fan-fic about Belle and what she's going through at the moment. So please, comment, leave constructive critism if you feel it necissary aswell as any ideas for the direction of the story.


Looking out the window, I just couldn’t believe how much it was raining. It was one of those downpours that comes with the cool change after a long, exhausting period of heat. More than anything, I was thankful it had decided to hit now, and not while I was out hiding in the bush.

Lost in my own thoughts, the bang of the front door closing frightened me and I jumped. “Only me..” said Kim with a smile. “You scared the crap out of me!” I replied angrily. “What’s wrong Belle?” he asked me curiously. I had to think about it myself, I wasn’t sure what was bothering me most at the moment. The fact that the hunt for my real mother was going no where fast, or the fact that scrag Cassie was holding me back from the only other thing I really wanted right now.

“I’m just.. bored sitting around the house ok?” I replied and started walking up the stairs to my room. “Well, I’m kinda hungry if you want to come with me to the diner?” Kim called after me. I think about this for a second, what else do I have to do today, and besides, the odds of running into Ric were high. “Coming!” I shouted turning around and running back down the stairs.

When we arrived at the diner, who was there but Ric, Cassie, Lucas & Matilda. I smiled at Ric and gave him a wink of my eye as I walked past. Cassie turned bright red with rage and was just waiting to say something, but Mattie beat her to it. “Can’t you just back off! You’re not welcome here.” “ Chill out Barbie, Irene works here and I’m welcome whenever I like.” I retort smugly as I walk over to the table Kim sat at. “You know, that’s not the way to go about making yourself any friends Belle.” Kim tells me with a shake of his head. “I really don’t need HER friendship” I snicker looking over at their table. Ric pretends he isn’t watching me and Cassie shoots me an evil glare.

“Hey guys, what can I get you?” Asks Leah, interrupting my thoughts. “um, just a chocolate milkshake thanks… What do you want Kim?” I ask him, he isn’t listening, he’s staring love struck at doctor he’s not so secretly been seeing lately. “Nothing, I’m gunna have to get going”. He replies, without taking his gaze off of her and runs after her. Leah shrugs and walks off to get my drink. “Great, now I have to walk home in the rain.” I mumble under my breath to myself, placing my face into my hands.

“What are you doing all by yourself girly?” Asks Irene, handing me my milkshake. “Kim left me here for his ‘mystery’ girlfriend” I tell her sarcastically. “Well it’s pourin’ out there, when you finish up I’m taking you home.” She informs me and walks out the back.

Ric, Cassie, Luke and Mattie walk past me on their way out. Ric tries to discreetly wave goodbye to me, but Cassie sees him. She squints her eyes narrowly at me and mutters something under her breath before running off, leaving the others behind. Mattie, the sheep runs after her as the boys shake their heads and keep walking.

I can’t help but smile to myself at how amusing she is. I’ve hardly made my move for him and she’s already falling to pieces, talk about paranoid! At that moment, Irene comes out and ushers me to the direction of the door to take me back home again.

I'm starting it off very slowly, a lot more will happen in upcoming chapters.

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I love it. The way you've written Belle is how I imagine she'd be thinking. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Not quite the same as yours. ;) Which I absoloutely loved by the way! Thanks for the positive feedback and encouragement. I've started the next bit and it should be up tomorrow.

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Sorry this has taken me so long to update, I've been flat out!

CHAPTER TWO: Dressing to Impress.

The rain is still very softly falling outside. I’ve been lying in my bed, tossing and turning for hours. I just can’t sleep. I decide to go downstairs and make myself a coffee. I take with me the only photo I have of my real mother, that’s what’s been keeping me up. I really need to find out who she is.

I sit down and study it, all I know is that she lives in Summer Bay. I haven’t been here long but I know it’s only a very small town and everyone seems to know everyone else and their business.

I haven’t come across her or anyone that could possibly be her. I don’t know if I’ll ever find her and that awful thought is tearing me up. I feel myself becoming weak from the emotion, until I see Irene coming down stairs, half asleep. Immediately I pull myself together, I don’t want her to see my tears. “Now, what are you doing up at this hour?” She asks me. “I couldn’t sleep I guess.” I reply. I see her eyeing the photo.

“I really wish I could help you darl, but I’ve been living here for years and I can’t say I recognise that woman.” “I know… but, she has to be out there somewhere. And, I’m going to find her” I reply, not believing my own false confidence.

Irene seemed equally pessimistic. She smiled quickly without looking me in the eye and went back up off to bed.

I must have still been moping the next morning, because Tasha had made it her personal business to try and cheer me up. “You know, Martha’s party is tonight. I really think you should come!” She tells me excitedly over breakfast. “Ok, Ok, only because I’ve got nothing better to do.” I tell her. That’s not entirely true, I was only going because Ric was definitely going to be there.

The rain had finally stopped, it was hot and very humid today. Somehow, Tash had also convinced me to go to Yabbie Creek with her to buy a new outfit for tonight. I hate shopping, and fashion isn’t really my thing, but I do want to dress to impress tonight.

When we get out of the car Tasha excitedly takes my hand and pulls me in the direction of a shop with pretty dresses and the like standing proudly in it’s shiny window, “No WAY!” I shout, “I refuse to wear something my adoptive mother would dress me in for church!” “Ok, ok, so conservative isn’t really your thing, why don’t you show me what you’d rather wear?” Tash asks sympathetically.

I eye off a bright red halter neck top in one of the neighbouring shops, this time I grab Tasha by the hand and run into the store. “Now THIS is more like it, not what I’d usually wear, but I’m out to make an impact.” I tell her triumphantly, holding the top up against the top half of my body, looking down at it. “This, with some jeans is definitely the look!”

A few hours later, I’m getting ready for the big event, I really can’t wait to make my grand entrance tonight, it’s going to be one to be remembered that’s for certain! I tell myself with an evil grin as I admire the finished product in the mirror.

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