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Kane's Breast Cancer Battle *reposted*

Guest Di

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This fan fic it based on what was going on in Home and Away, in the UK But my own version of events.

But it is mainly to do with Kane's Breast cancer battle.

There is lot's of up's and down's along the way good and bad happy and sad.

Hope you all like it please tell me I would like to know you views good :) or bad :(

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Kept Secret's

It was a breezy but warm day in summer bay the beach was busy as Kane and Kirsty were packing up after they had a romantic lunch on the beach they were heading back to Irene’s house.

"Glad we had a bit of time to ourselves" "yeah me too" said Kane .He had a great big grin on his face, no one was home as they started kissing "mmm" as Kane was holding Kirsty close to as their sexual desire was getting out of control . “Hey don't get too carried away you just had a kidney transplant remember" yeah 3months ago".

"Can't hurt to do this" Kirsty pulled Kane into the bedroom,”Hey stop it that tickles”. Kirsty giggled with delight. "How about this then "Mmm... hey that is good as" Kane was very careful as it was the first time they had made love since Kirsty got ill.

A few minutes later Kirsty came running out of the bedroom crying. "Hey babe what’s the matter? “I didn't hurt you did I!! Kane ran after her wrapped in a sheet. “No you did not hurt me” well er... what is it then? “What have I done to you babe”.

He shouted through the bathroom door "I...I...felt a lump on you down you know where". Kirsty Opened the door you could she was very up set and was crying.

"K...Kane How long have you had it" as she was surprised at Kane's lack of shock “you... knew about it already didn't you". Yeah he said sheepish. “Well you have just had a transplant”, “that’s no excuse" Kirsty yelled running back to the bedroom slamming the door as she was so mad.

A little while later Irene came home you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. "Everything all right darl! She asked Kirsty.

"Yeah every things fine" , "Can you tell Kane I have gone for a walk.

"Kirsty if you don't mind me asking”, "what is the matter you look shocking" "er... it's nothing”.

"Are you sure...?" " yeah I am sure, as she went out. Irene put the kettle on for a cuppa she was pondering about what was the matter with Kane and Kirsty.

Ten minutes later Kane came out of the bedroom Irene could tell he had been crying. "Hey tell me to mind my own business but is everything alright between you two."

Well I do mind "has Kirsty said anything to you about me, “No all she said I'm going for a walk If Kane asks”. With that he stomped out the beach house well I wonder what's got up his nose Irene mumbled."

Hey you will get took away talking to your self" as Tash and Robbie walked in. “What’s a matter with Kane? He did not' look to happy.

Beat's me I'm always the last to know what's going on in here."

"I don't know what’s going off between those to but I hope they sort it out soon” as "I hate it when there is tension."

"Yeah so do I" Tasha and Robbie went up to her room. “Don’t have the music on to loud. "What us! Tasha had a grin on her face.” Where just going to finish some course work off."


I'am Sorry again

later that day Kane was still in a bad mood and wanted to be left alone. The long walk had not made it any better he was still mad and upset about what to do next he was scared as well.

Irene came in with the weekly shopping.” Can you give me a hand with the "shopping Kane”? He was sulking on the settee.

You still could cut the atmosphere with a knife "Hey is anyone in there "as Irene was trying to got Kane's attention.

"Can you help me with the shopping " Please." "I don't know you have it so hard these days you young one's do don't you".

"Come on off that backside and get the heavy stuff from the car" "please" "Yeah sure".

Kane looked so distracted, he was in a world of his own, he got up and was walking towards the door when Irene said "Look I hope you sort your problem out."

"Look its no of your flaming business" Kane told her as he stormed out of the house to find Kirsty.

She was down at the Diner "hi babe"“, can I have a coffee please Alf" asked Kane as he sat down. "Sure mate in a minute".

"I’m really sorry about not telling you about my lump” Sorry?" I found out or sorry you haven’t done anything about it? "Both" said Kane. He was embarrassed talking about it in the diner.

"Do you want me to come with you tomorrow to see Flynn?

"Don't you trust me? No its not that" "I... assumed as your my husband you would want me there." raising her voice again, "Look I said I will go and see Flynn and I will go and see him."

"So drop it Babe please”, I don't want to fight about it here.” You know what Colleen is like for sticking her beak in."

"Here's your coffee” said Alf "hey where you off to. Kane nearly knocked the coffee out of Alf's hand.” Stuff your coffee was the sun doesn’t shine” said Kane "Hey mind your manners,” said Alf. He stormed off out the diner nearly knocking Irene off her feet as he went past her.

"Kirsty went red. “Sorry about that”. “He has a lot on his mind."

“ Yeah he's not the only one””, we all have are own problem's". "We don't carry on like a bear with a sore head."

Irene came up to Kirsty to see what problem was with Kane, but a tearful Kirsty walked past her "you all right”. "I’m fine thanks", as she ran after Kane.

"Don't ask" Alf said to Irene "young us today no manners" "why what’s happened" "Kane needs to learn how to talk to his elders” You should have seen him at home earlier having a right old ding dong with me and then stormed out of the house".

Later that evening when Irene had got back "I’m sorry what said to you" said Kane "what ever it is you had better sort it out between you”,” Its not good for her all this shouting.

"Go on what you waiting for” go and see the poor girl" "thanks" Irene said Kane. "Hi" he said sheepishly to Kirsty around the bedroom door, "I’m sorry for snapping" I... wanted to deal with this my way.

"It is always your way" "how we deal with personal things”.” I’m really sorry," he said creeping with a kiss. “I love you Kirsty”, “well try and see it from my point of view for once” they carried on kissing.


A Kick in the Ball's

Kane got up early the next morning to go for a jog he wasn't looking where he was going and bumped into Alf."

I'm sorry I shouldn't have spoken to you like I did" "No your right you shouldn't have””, I hope you sorted your problems out "Er... yeah getting there” thanks.

"Got to go" as Kane spotted Flynn up ahead. "Flynn can I have a word mate". "Sure you can what’s up".

"It’s well er...”you see er...kind of embarrassing". I found this lump down below” Kane went red with embarrassment”, come to the surgery later and I have a look for you””, thanks," said Kane jogging off.

Later that day he went to see Flynn. ”Hi come on in” Kane went red. "Right a brief history about this lump" "er... yeah"“, how long you had it"? ,"I noticed a couple of months ago just before Kirsty had her transplant from her mum".

" Why did you leave it for so long” ”Haven’t you seen all the posters and promo’s.” Are you dying from embarrassment today?” It is only a two minutes examination".

"I can't get it through to you young people today can I?” It is not worth losing you life for is it?” Do not forget I have been there done it a thousand times it is my job. "Enough of the lecture".

Any discharge or pain? "Er ...no” Right lets have a look shall we jump on the bed" Flynn locked the door. “Your hands are cold", "sorry should have warned you" as Flynn examined him”, right get dressed and I will tell you what I think it is.

"Well doc what's the verdict"? I think it might be a cyst. "I’m sending you for some tests"“, what kinder tests." "Well some blood tests, ultra sound as soon as possible".

"How is Kirsty doing"? "She’s fine thanks for asking”. Kane thanked Flynn but tried to open the door, he forgot the door was locked. "Sorry mate" as Flynn unlocked the door."

Try and not worry over the test's will you", they are routine test's I am asking for.

"Thanks I will try”. Kane could not get out of the surgery quick enough

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Get Off My Ball's

When Kane got to the hospital he was shaking with fear and was numb he did not hear his name being called out. "Kane Phillips please" said the male doctor even louder "Oh... erm... I'm here," Kane said.

He was so relived it was a male. Hey it’s not that bad it's only an ultrasound" as he could see the fear on Kane’s face.

“Put this gown on, take off your bottom clothes, and lay on here. With your head up here" "I will be back in a minute".

A few minutes later Kane was laying on the bed "this will be a bit cold" as the Doctor put the gel on him it made Kane jump as the doctor did the ultrasound.

Kane was trying to make out all the weird blobs on the screen, but he could not.

Make out what was right and wrong. A few minutes later “All done now mate" as he handed Kane some tissue to clean himself up. He went and got dressed again.

Next, it was to have his bloods done, finally yet importantly, it was down to x-ray thankfully he did not have to wait to long. This way and put on this gown you can leave your underwear on then lay a young radiographer “come on the table please".

While he was doing that he over heard the radiographer asking a colleague "is this right they are testing for cancer", Kane went very pale and light headed.

He could not take in what he heard them saying a short time later it was time for the x ray is “all done." "You can get dressed" Kane just stumbled of the table in a daze.

Well he had not realised these test's he was having, could and would change the rest of his life. He found himself crying. "Come on man pull yourself together” as he splashed cold water on his face.

All he could think about was they had only been married a few months. He got in his car and drove to one of his and Kirsty's favourite places. They used to meet in secret, he rather missed these places.

Cause they did not need to hide anymore. He felt sad the rock's where a particular favourite if his, they had many great carefree times there.

He always went there to think and cry to himself. He knew no one really goes out there. He felt safe he could show his emotion's without been seen. He broke down as he had never had done in a long time.

This was reality sinking in and what if is what if it was Cancer, He wanted Kirsty to find some one else. He did not want to be a burden to her.

He had fallen asleep it was late afternoon; he woke up in a daze. Great Kirsty would be wondering where he was as he should have met her for a late lunch break. Scott would not be best pleased Kane missed the whole afternoon off work. He had a headache from al the crying. As he set, off back to the Bay.

Kirsty was looking for Kane, "Scott have you seen Kane?” Scott was not happy "no I have not seen him”.” He had better have a dam good excuse"“, why he missed a charter””, which I had to cover on my day off".

I am sorry Scott Kirsty was even more worried. She almost started to cry, her mind started to wonder, as he had not phoned her since he told her about some routine test's Flynn asked him to go to the hospital for that afternoon.

Kirsty went all pale.” You all right Kirsty?" “Err... yeah sorry he had to go and see Flynn" and go to the hospital for some tests””. What kind of test's? "Err...”.” Look it doesn't matter but he could have at least phoned me," added Scott. Tell him he owes me one”.

“Yeah will do” This was so not like him, he was over three hour's late meeting her”. Kane where are you? She was cursing him, while she walked across the beach. She sat down and was drawn to the sea, as it was a very calm. Unlike her stomach, she fell into a daze.

Kirsty jumped out of her Skin when she felt someone give her a big hug.” "Kane where the hell have you been" Do you realise what you have put me this last three hour’s. “Scott is so mad at you too", "O my god I should have done a charter run this afternoon" "Yeah you forgot to phone him", "like you forgot to phone me as well".

"I'm sorry babe it was nothing just routine test’s””, you have been to the hospital enough just lately" "You would have been board hanging around" "Hey I am sorry for getting you all upset babe” He kissed her again. "Hey it will take more than a kiss she teased him.


NO More Lie's Babe

It was a few days later Kane and Kirsty were enjoying a little break in the city, "I want you to meet someone else if I have Cancer and don't make it.” Look Mr Kane Phillips don't you ever talk like that again" "Do you here me" Kristy was very angry and upset “sorry babe I promise”.

It was soon time to go back to Bay and back to work and part time to school" "hey look who back from skiving" said Leah as they entered the Diner”. Haven’t you had those twins yet" "I’m going tomorrow to be induced” I can’t wait".

"I have just come for my craving of local gossip" before I have these two" "and had better get a double helping of carrot cake”.” Hope you feeling a little better." "Yeah not bad thanks Kirsty said.” I had better let you love birds get on" "good luck” thanks need all the good luck to push these little buggers out".

Kirsty was still in bed when the phone rang "Hi Kane I was hoping it was going to be you" said Flynn. "Can you come down to see me at the surgery as soon as possible" "yeah sure I can" said a very pale Kane, he knew it must be bad New’s he said to him self "I will be there in about twenty minutes".

Kane didn't want to disturb Kirsty as she was still asleep thankfully Colleen was not at the surgery when he got there.” Come on in mate" Kane couldn't get in quick enough “There is good and not so good news I have to tell you" "firstly the good news the lump you have is a cyst" "thank god" "he gulped hard. But what's

"The not so good News.

"Well the x- ray's you had showed something in your chest"

"what do you mean" "something in my chest" "They are not sure yet" "that's why you need more tests", what kind of other tests" "An a MRI scan it's booked for 2pm this afternoon".

"Okay thanks Flynn" hey try and not worry try and not worry”.

“It’s easy for you your not having these test's" "I’m taking Kirst with me", Flynn was surprised at this .Kane saw this on Flynn's face "no more secrets we promised each other".

Kirsty and Kane were waiting in the waiting room of the hospital when Flynn came to wish them luck "thanks" "Hey what you so happy about" "Leah has just had a boy and girl at 12pm""congratulations mate" "yeah" said a tearful Kirsty “Thanks you guys" Kirsty kissed and Kane gave him a manly hug, (if there is such a thing hey but were in fan fic after all anything can and does happen.

"Mr Kane Phillips please "come on lets get it over with" "hi there mate get changed in to this while I set up" Kirsty said "I will give you a hand if you want” giving Kane a cheeky wink. He went red "err... no I think I will manage babe."

A few minutes later the radiographer told Kane what he was doing, “am going to put a canula in your hand". "So we can put a very small amount of radioactive dye in" "so it can pick up the images up much better on the MRI".

"How long will it take?" asked Kane”, about 30minutes? Okay ready," "yeah ready" said Kane ,"just got to put this shield on your wedding tackle, "can't have that getting zapped with the magnetic rays can we now," said Kirsty with a nervous laugh, Kane was embarrassed once more, "there all done the results will go to your own doctor in about 10 days to two weeks".


Your Never Far Away From Your Past

It was just a normal day in Summer Bay Jesse and waiting for Hayley to come to work she was late again,” I finished ten minutes ago Hayley" "sorry Jesse" "well why break a habit your always late just lately.

“Hayley didn't look too pleased with what Jesse was saying to her "hey what about the times I covered for you do not take your bad mood out on Me." she said as she walked off to work, she was really pissed off with Jesse.

At Irene's Tash was worried about what everyone knew and was saying about her mum, as she had just watched the tape. Later at the Sutherland's Henry and Max where falling out, about "Tasha's mum was a real slaper and I'm glad she's dead so she can't wreck anybody else’s life.

"Take that back Max", said to Henry "Tasha has no mum. How would you feel having no parent's who you could turn to," "she has Irene" "but that's not the same as having the real thing”? They did not realise that Tasha was at the door; she had come to see Robbie, and heard everything Max went after her.

"I’m sorry about what you heard back there it can’t be very nice not having your mum to turn to" "well you kinder get used to it Irene's fantastic" "Hey your in the same boat as me" "well Rhys is my uncle.

At the diner Alf was rushed of his feet ,with Leah not there Irene was helping serve and take orders ,and do the till while Colleen was doing what she does best, yanking about other peoples life’s. I do not know how you have put up with her, all this time said Irene, “you switch off after a while," Alf told her.

Later that evening at Irene's it was tea time, Robbie was staying for tea as he was comforting Tasha ,Kane and kirsty were kissing, "hey stop it "said Robbie pretending to hurl "Hey your only jealous, "said Kirsty".

After tea shall we go and see the baby’s,” Irene said to everyone “that would be great", said Kirsty.

Kane gave her a concerned look, "hey I can not avoid seeing baby's for ever, Kane" "are you sure it’s not too soon!” NO it's not", said Kirsty. With a tear running down her face, "hey babes don’t cry" as Kane held her tight.

It was a very quiet car journey to Sally and Flynn's, "HI you guy's come on in "said Sally, Flynn was feeding Paul and Sally was changing Pippa "they are tiny sweet things aren’t they," said Irene.

"Yeah there beautiful,” said Kirsty. Ten minutes later “Come on you lot they have enough visitors without us clogging up there house", Irene said to Tash and Robbie.

"Thanks for coming, these two are getting spoilt already, with all the stuff you got them" "no worry's" said Irene kissing Sally and Flynn, "bye take care of your self’s get all the sleep you can", "thanks" Irene.

"You can come closer you know, "said Sal to Kane "yeah I'm alright over here," said Kane he had gone sweaty and pale ,Flynn could see Kane didn't look to good ,so not to scare Kirsty he got up and told her to feed Paul, while Kirsty was that busy she didn't see Flynn help Kane outside .

Kane was shaking and breathing so fast, he thought he was going to faint, “Okay mate" as Flynn sat him down on a chair”, nice slow deep breaths in out in out". "Awe god I feel all funny”. “Kane breathe nice and slow", "err... Think I'm going to spew" "err... I feel all dizzy everything’s a blur."

Flynn knew it was a panic attack,” okay put your head between your knees concentrate on your breathing mate" "In out in out....

Hey I wonder where those to have gone, said Kirsty "probably having a man to man chat, "said Sally nervously as she had seen the state of Kane ,as Flynn took him outside, Sally put a sleeping Pippa in her mosses basket.

"Back in a minute", said sally as she went outside to see if Kane was all right, she could see he was not. “Thank god", said Flynn “can you get me a paper bag and glass of water.

She went back in the house and told Kirsty that they were outside, as Kane wasn't very well, with that Kirsty rushed out.”

Hey babe what's a matter with him he's breathing all funny" Flynn "its okay" "he is having a panic attack," Flynn told a very worried Kirsty. Sally came back with the things," right Kane listen to me I want you to breath, nice and slow in to this bag" "that’s it nice and slow," Sally went back into the house as one of the baby's was crying.

About ten minutes later Flynn was helping, a still pale, and shaky Kane back in

the house Sorry about that"“, hey it’s not your fault you were ill", said Sally and Kirsty. Flynn asked Kane, "Do you know what triggered your attack" "err...I kind of know "he said all embarrassed." Hey you don't have to tell us, if you don't want to."

“ Do you want me and Sally to go" "no I would like you to stay," said Kane. "It was seeing you with the babies", he started to get up set again”, sorry I...I...

You know what I think", said Flynn "you have bottled up all your feelings with kirsty getting ill, and then you found her when she lost the baby, and the transplant.

It is no wonder you are in this state.

You haven’t let yourself grieve properly the stress has just built up until your body couldn't handle it." "Hey babe I’m sorry," said Kirsty she had tears in her eyes.

“It’s not your fault" said Flynn “All the support goes to the mother when a miscarriage happens, and the father gets very little attention" "I think some grief counselling might help," said Flynn.

"Here we go a nice hot cuppa, ah... just what the doctor ordered", said Flynn" thanks Sal. They continued chatting for about two hours, about how life was as horrible for Kane as he grew up.” Right we had better go, and let you enjoy your babies in peace.

Thanks again" "no problem", said Flynn "take care,"" thanks we will "said Kirsty "Poor thing said Sally as they drove off, "yeah lets hope he will take up the offer of counselling".

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Please Don't Take Him Away From Us

"Morning" Irene said Kane "you looking better than you did last night ""yeah thanks" "if you don't mind me asking how are you coping with all that’s happened lately with you guy's" Kane gave her a frown "who you been speaking too".

"Well er... Flynn phoned here this morning to see if you were okay." "What else did he say to you" Kane didn't look very pleased I had ****in panic attack that's all"

"Well he said you were quite crook."

"Well I’m better now" "hey listen here love were just looking out for you know that" "your like a son to me do you here me” as Irene hugged him.

Kane was looking a little less angry now.” Thanks Irene" he said giving her a hug she knew how hard that must have been for him to hug her.”

"Hey what you two doing" Kirsty saw them hugging "hey you know your the only woman in my life,” Kane said while he winked to Irene .What’s for breakfast I'm starving". "A cooked breakfast please Irene" "hey you cheeky bugger" "you know how much I love your food" said Kane with a big grin on his face.

Meanwhile at the Sutherland's they were just finishing breakfast "hey come on you lot had better get off to school”; just then Robbie came down stairs in his normal clothes "hey what’s this".

"I am not going to school today I am ill no your not" said Matilda he doesn’t want to bump into Duncan" "why might this be" asked his mum.

"They nearly had a fight" "shut your big mouth" he said to Matilda. ”What about this time" "his girl friend" "I said shut it you".

Robbie pushed Matilda as he walked out of the front door 'hey get back here I haven’t finished with you” Robbie was not listening he went looking for Duncan. It was not long before he found him.

"Hey here comes mummy's little boy" "hey wagging school are we what will mummy say" "what’s it got to do with you" "I came looking for you" "well you found me" "what do you want."

"You upset my girlfriend" she wanted to know about her mum so I showed her What’s a matter mummy’s little boy come to sort me out".

"**** off slime ball at least my mum's alive" said Robbie "**** off"

Robbie pulled the first punch smacked Duncan in the nose then Duncan then hit Robbie in the stomach there were punches flying all over the place Robbie fell on the sand Duncan started putting the boot in and kicked Robbie in the head ."

"Hey stop that "Jesse and Kane went running up to the pair Kane tried pulling Robbie off Duncan but he got kicked in the face finally Kane and Jesse to pull them apart.

"What the **** do you think you are up too fighting doesn’t solve things" said Kane "hey didn't do you any harm do it" said Duncan. Right lets get you two to the surf club" they both had nose bleeds Swollen lips and other cuts but Robbie was the worst off with a lump on his head Hayley went and got the first aid kit phone Flynn and there parents.

"Hey that hurts" moaned Duncan and Robbie as Hayley and Jesse cleaned there wounds, "well should have thought of that before you started fighting "said Hayley looking at Kane's shiner "here put some ice on it" said Jesse trying to keep a straight face ."That is what I get for helping a friend in need "hey I got hit as well "showing his cheek.

Just then Alf came in closely followed by Rhys and Beth "stretch what the hell happened here” said Alf.” He started it "said Duncan "I believe it when I see it”.

It was me," Robbie said”, what on earth were you thinking" Beth said in an angry voice.

A few minutes later Flynn came rushing in he was very surprised to see that Robbie had been fighting "look I don’t care who started lets have a look at you first Robbie" Duncan started moaning "well he looks worse off than you that’s why I'm looking at him first "said Flynn.

"HOW many fingers do have up" "er... four.... "said Robbie "ha "said Duncan" he can not even count "Flynn was showing two fingers "shut up you" Alf clipping him around the ear "hey I'm injured" "tuff".

"Any dizziness or feeling sick" "er.... no got a bit off a headache" Flynn told his parent to keep an eye on him any nausea or vomiting or the headache' seems to be getting worse bring him straight to the surgery" "yes thanks lets get you home" "okay mum I'm sorry.

Flynn looked at Duncan next "looks like your nose maybe broken" "tell me something I don't know" "hey less of your cheek son" "you will live. Flynn then said, "Looked at the state of you two.

Jesse had a big bruise on his cheek and Kane had a black eye "how am I going to explain this to Kirsty" "hey you are a hero show your war wounds off with pride" said Jesse.

Later on that day Henry Matilda and Max had just arrived home from school no one was in the house, "must be getting the washing in," said max, Henry ran up stairs to the bathroom. He was busting to go as he walked into the bathroom Robbie was throwing up" "Er... yuk" said Henry.

"My head" said Robbie as he was sick again, "what's happened to you" "just get my mum" Robbie was getting drowsy and was mumbling as Henry ran to get Beth.

It’s Robbie its Robbie he is throwing up" "****" said Beth running into the house.

"Phone Flynn and tell him it’s Robbie he will know what I mean" as Beth ran to find Robbie unconscious and was breathing funny.

Beth put him in the recovery position his breathing become a little better "its ok Robbie helps coming" she was so scared "its ok." mums here as she checked his pulse and his airway was clear

He was still out cold when he started fitting "god no stay with me.

"She heard someone come running up the stairs "in the bathroom Flynn" but it was not him it was Rhys he bent down to Robbie" I am here mate "as they tried to stop Robbie hurting himself.

"Were the hell is Flynn" just then Flynn arrived they moved out of his way Robbie was still having seizure.

Flynn suctioned his airway clear the best he could "right I'm going to need your help Rhys "I need to give him anti convulsion drug in an enema form so you need to hold him" it won't be easy" "ready" "yes ready go"" it's okay Robbie" his mum trying to comfort him with her words, as Flynn gave him the enema.

A short time later the seizure stopped "he will be very drowsy and he will be very confused when he comes around don't be alarmed it’s normal" a few minutes later he started to come around. “Hey don't move”. “It’s all right sweetheart as Beth comforted him.

"My head I feel crap what happened" "Awe... my head hurts I feel crap what happened" he spoke as if he was drunk I'm naked "you was fitting and Flynn had to give you some medication up your bum" "Er.. Yuck

"I’m sorry I will have to give you another before we take you to hospital" "Okay said Robbie" here we go said Flynn giving him the enema a few seconds later all done.

Twenty minutes later Rhys and Flynn carried Robbie down stairs to Flynn’s car Beth could see the kid faces "hey he will be okay”.

Meanwhile outside Flynn and Rhys were Holding him up as he lent over a wall and spewed his guts up "Aw...god its okay Robbie". "It’s the anti convultion that's making you this sick."

Flynn said this as he did not want to worry any one he knew it could serious and Robbie could be ill "Bring a bucket Beth” Rhys shouted.

As they put Robbie in the car “you drive Rhys while I sit with Robbie," said Flynn.

A few minute's later Robbie was feeling sleepy ouch... he screamed out in pain “my head” he moaned kept on saying a few moment’s later he went limp "come on Robbie don't do this to me" said Flynn.

Robbie started Fitting again "s####" "do you want me to stop" "no just keep going" "I can’t give him anything else”

They finally reached the hospital Flynn and Rhys struggled to carry Robbie in as he was still fitting.

Flynn carried on treating Robbie "get me the Rhesus trolley were going to have to put Robbie to sleep" "give him a kiss and wait outside" .A few minutes later Flynn came out "what’s a matter with him” said Beth "well he is going to have a brain scan and depends on what that shows .

He will go to surgery or ICU”. ”We love you Robbie" as they rushed past with him Beth was so over whelmed she burst out crying Rhys was holding her" shh... come on we have to strong for him.

Flynn came up to them it seemed like hours but it was only about half an hour " he has a blood clot in his brain he is in surgery now" "what are his chances" "they are good his surgery will last up to four hours then he will go to ICU we will go from there" .

"I will go home and tell the kids and bring an overnight bag for you" "thanks love," said Beth giving Rhys a kiss and hug "look after her Flynn” I...I... I promise".

It was about 10pm when Beth got to see Robbie.

His face was swollen he had his head bandaged and was sedated with drips coming out of him Beth was shocked and started to cry "Don’t worry this is normal" Flynn hugged her "try and get some sleep he will need you to be strong when he comes round".

It was five a clock in the morning when Robbie started to come too "Mum" he mumbled, "where am I, what happened."

"Shh... It’s all right I'm here" "my head hurt's mum what happened" "you were in a fight sweetheart its ok go back to sleep.


I am Sorry But....

It was the day of Kane's test results he was sat in bed just starring into space "hey babe did I wake you "he asked Kirsty”, No I need to be up for school don't I "Awe yeah I forgot," said Kane”.

"What’s a matter ""er... nothing babe" "are you worried about your panic attacks coming back" "yeah I’m" he was lying he didn't tell her about going to see Flynn.

A little, while later "Mmm did anyone tell you how sexy you look in school uniform. Kane said with a dirty tone of voice, “no they did not," she said kissing him as he spoke "mmm I love you Mrs Kirsty Phillips" "and I love you Mr Kane Phillips" as they carried on kissing.

Kane pulled her gently towards him I...I... love you" as they started to make love a few minutes later someone knocked at the door, and started to enter there room.

"Oops er.... sorry er..... I was just coming to make sure Kirsty was up for school", said a very embarrassed Irene "sorry”.” Its ok "they said trying not to laugh, with embarrassment they quickly got back into it.

Twenty minutes later they came out of the bedroom, Irene said, "sorry" again "hey these things happen don’t worry”“,I didn't see anything I haven’t already seen before"; she was making them go red.

"How about some breakfast you will need something to keep you going," "just some coffee for me" said Kane, What you don't want Irene's famous breakfasts”, said Kirsty "I er.... don't feel like anything", why" asked Kirsty, "er..... Yeah I'm just not hungry".

His stomach was in knots.” I will get something later I promise". As everyone else tucked in there breakfast.

"Er... I’m going to work," said Kane”, But I wanted you to take me to school" said Kirsty "er... sorry babe" as he left.

Well that is what they thought but he was on his way to the surgery, for his test results. Colleen was already there, great that’s all I need he mumbled to himself," Hello Kane is Kirsty ill."

It's none of your flaming business why I’m here.” Flynn just came out in the nick, of time to stop Kane saying something he might regret later.

"Come in take a seat. Right I won't beat about the bush, I'm afraid it’s not what anyone was expecting, it’s not good New’s er.... I'm afraid you have cancer," Kane went all pale "Awe... my god w...w...w...what kind of er...... cancer do I have ,As he felt all faint" Breast cancer," "**** I cant have that kind of cancer, don't be ****in daft ,only woman get that kind".

"I’m sorry mate it's true only 1% of breast cancer is in men, and you have a rare form that only young men under 25 get. “You will have to have some more test’s, done to stage the cancer," "what you talking about"“, sorry to see how far it may have spread, and the best way for to treat you to".

Just then Kane passes out "okay I got you," as he fell side way’s off the chair Flynn put him in the recovery position, and gave him some oxygen ,.Just then Colleen knocked and came in and saw Kane on the floor.

"Awe... dear, is he all right, I...I... er... was just wondering, why you were a long time, as the other patients were complaining, here are the notes you asked for.” For god sake, woman can't you see I’m a little busy here"“, yes of course I can. She put the notes on the table, and saw Kane’s notes, “goodness me no wonder he is on the floor", I felt just as bad when they told me I had cancer.

"Colleen if you have forgot I'm with a patient," "yes sorry" just then Kane started to come round ,"what happened", "stay there don't move", he could see Colleen there.” Sorry she knows does not her .Don't you worry she can. Not tell anyone. "No I can't .your secrets safe with me. Don’t forget I've been there" too as she gave him a comforting smiles.

A few minutes later Kane was well enough to sit on a chair. "Are you well enough for me to carry on telling you .about what is going to happen now" "well I will have to hear it sooner or later". "First as I said before .you will need more tests to stage the cancer.”To see if it has spread beyond the original site".

Like your lymph gland under your arm pit". "I'm not telling Kirsty yet until we know what’s going on" "ok that's up to you”.” I will book you in for the needle biopsy. "And for you to see a breast cancer specialist".

"Will you come with me," "I can't see why not, "I will ask Irene or Colleen if they can help Sally with the twins”.” Thanks as you know I do not have mates, queuing around the block I could turn to.

"Thanks Flynn" as Kane gave him a pat on the, arm "better get back to work". "Yeah I too "said Flynn "thanks again" "no worry's I will see you later at the hospital.

The next day Robbie was still very confused, when every one come to visit him, "Well you know how to impress you girlfriend don't you", Said Henry. “I hope you gave Duncan what he deserves" Max said.

"Well I think he was stupid, fighting isn't the answer", Rhys told them all you have seen Robbie it is not worth it, and he nearly did not make it.

If I see anyone trying to get Duncan back, there will be hell to play do I make myself clear"? "Yes" they all said very disappointed, as they were hoping to get him.

Duncan was at the Yabbie Creek police station, as he had been charged with Robbie's attack" "Morag will be pleased", when she hears about this said a very angry Alf. “When will you ever learn Duncan”, I’m sorry"“, sorry for what getting yourself in another fine mess””. "And expecting me to dig you out".

"NO that's your problem you only think of number one you”. Alf just walked out of the room as his interview with the police was over.

Over the next couple of days, Robbie improved and was discharged form Hospital.

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Would I do that to you hun!!! :o , Thanks to those who read it, also for the nice comments :)


A Ghost, A Letter, And Money

Tash was asleep, when suddenly she saw her mum , "MUM I have told you to leave me alone just **** off" said Tash with tear's in her eye's, as she tried to look strong in front of her mum," you have embarrassed me enough" "I have come to say sorry for hurting you"."

You are growing up to be a beautiful young woman”,” I see you have a very nice and caring boyfriend””. He will help you through, the very difficult and sometimes painful few months; you have got ahead of you"

"What do you mean" "the only thing that is difficult for me is you”,” you keep giving me hassle from your grave" Tash started to shout at her mother's figure, "I wish you were there for me like a NORMAL mum, is there for her daughter."

Telling her off for staying out late, going to school in makeup, boy trouble and telling her about the dangers of drugs, and drinking and safe sex".

"Tash was getting more upset by the second; she couldn't hold back her anger any more.” NO my own mother, was a disgusting lying h###” "who preyed on young vulnerable teenager’s”. How could you" Tash was getting very distraught”.

“ Tash let me in”, said Irene banging on the door, Tash had wedged it shut "Tash open this door NOW”.

Tash was not listening she kept on shouting at her mum, "you make me physically sick”, how could live with yourself". "You knew you shouldn't have done what you did to those poor kid’s” and all the other people, my friends”.

Down stair's Irene was frantically trying to reach Robbie, but she could not get through as the phone was engaged. ****, then she heard glass breaking "TASH" Irene ran back up stair's banging on Tasha's door.

Mean while Flynn and Kane were on there way to the hospital, Kane kept on clearing his throat nervously, they had hardly said two word's to each other, since Flynn had picked him up.

Suddenly Kane said, "what if it is bad New’s", and they tell me it has spread further, what will happen”.” well depends on what they grade it as”.” There are four stages" "but I’m not the best person to tell you that information."

“ That’s why you are seeing Doctor Roberts"“, she is a highly recommended Oncologist””. She with tell you, everything you need to know".

Kane's face was a picture, and Flynn could see that was not impressed, that it was a woman "hey don't get all embarrassed on me; she's the best in this country.

Kane and Flynn didn't have to wait long "come on in Mr Phillips take a seat", "call me Kane" he said nervous ,"hello Dr Saunders’s", "hi Jane".

Right Kane the test's I have asked, you to have are to see if the cancer has spread", okay" he said nervously."

"By the looks of thing's you have a Stage 2 tumour”.” This measure's 2 centimetres across', or the Lymph gland's in the armpit, are affected or both".

Flynn looked at him and said," Do you want a break", as he could see his breathing was a little fast Kane just nodded.

Flynn grabbed his arm to steady him outside "I’m sorry it's not good New’s mate", "glad you can remember those breathing techniques, I told you" "Yeah well don’t want to be as ill as I was at your house again".

They went back in after a short while. "You all right now", "ready for me to carry on." "Well as I will ever be".

“ Okay the treatment is as follows" "because breast cancer is so rare, in men", even rarer in young men," as yourself we recommend a combination of treatment's”.

"We will be doing a mastectomy”, (removal of all of the breast and the nipple")." "We do a full mastectomy because the amount of breast tissue is small”,” and because the tumour is often near the, or under the nipple.

Plus some or all of lymph nodes under the arm are likely to be removed as well”.” You will also have Chemotherapy” Okay ".

"I think we will leave it there, for now"“, as you have a lot to digest," "I will see you on Friday for the operation". She could see the shock on Kane’s face, "I’m "sorry you need this as soon as possible," "so you have the best chance possible to survive this”.” Also to stop it from spreading." You will beat this you are young and strong".

"Thanks" Kane said as they left, Flynn stood there silent, and just as shocked as his Kane at what was going to happen to him. Five minutes later, they were back in Flynn's car it was as silent as the journey going to the hospital.

At Irene's, Tash was still barricading, in her room. "Tasha" "LET ME IN NOW” Tash just ignored her, OPEN THIS DOOR NOW”. But all she could hear Tash still shouting.

"Tash just listen to me”, Said Angie I have some important news for you”.” I think it's about time you knew who your father is". "Tash stopped" "you want me to know who my father is," "why now?" "Well I will have to go soon.

Mean while Irene was getting desperate , just then Robbie came in,” Thank god" Robbie could see how upset she was. "What's the matter?” It’s Tash she's gone mad she's in her room talking as if her mum is there with her".

“Awe ****" Robbie ran up stairs”, hey you be careful you have only been out of the hospital a few day's"“, don’t you worry I will be okay".

"Tash its Robbie”,’ let me in” he said banging on the door,” come on Tash "I want to help you””; I know you can hear me".

In Tasha's room "w...w...who is my father then”“, his name is Ian Osborne," "I have to go now ".

"NO don't you dare leave me now”, but Angie did not listen to Tash”No don't go mum". "I still need answers”. Tash started smashing her room up," Irene" Robbie shouted "she's smashing her room up I think””. Only one thing for it “said Irene "what" said Robbie.

"Ladders and Flynn" Robbie just gave her a funny look, ten minutes Flynn and Kane arrived together,” thought you want back up” said Kane jumping out of the car ,as if nothing was wrong., but he felt crap.

Kane went up the ladder to get to the door, as Flynn waited on the other side of Tasha’s door.

Kane’s face was of total shock, when he saw Tasha’s room, it reminded him of his own house when he was younger. He let Flynn in Tasha was in the corner, of the room sobbing".

"It’s okay". "It's okay shh..." Irene said comforting her, Robbie just stood there like a lost part ,Flynn gave her a mild sedative to calm her down .While Irene started to tidy up.


Operation Kane

Later on in the at Irene's house Tasha was still sleeping off the sedative, Flynn had given her earlier; her bedroom was just about cleaned up. She had made a good job of wrecking her room photo’s, mirrors, posters furniture and her other personal things were smashed and ripped up.

Later in the evening when Tasha woke up, she was very apologetic, to Irene "hey it’s okay”; I... think I... would have been as confused and upset." if one of my dead relatives had been hassling me,” said Irene.

Tash started to open up to her, telling her that she had been having dreams about her mum, and become confused as the dreams were ,nice to start with. But when Duncan gave her that video and she watched it repeatedly she was very angry, that her own mum had lied to her.

So when she started to see her mum, she let rip telling her that she was a bitch, and was no mother of mine.” am really sorry Irene" "Hey shh... Let it all out" said Irene, holding very upset Tasha in her arms Hey that money will come in handy to redo your bedroom," said Irene.

Kane and Kirsty were in the diner staying out of the way, of the mess of the beach house, “you all right babe" Kirst asked Kane "Yeah I’m fine". "I assumed you would be happier, with the results of your lump.” That it just turned out to be a silly cyst."

“ Yeah about that", "I have to go in on Friday," to have it removed” why didn’t you tell me yesterday Kirsty was a bit hurt” well it kind of slipped my mind, "with us both busy at work and school”, Kane was creeping to her ,with a long sexy kiss. "Hey not in here you two", said Colleen.

As they were leaving the diner, Sally and Flynn came in “hang on a minute,” babe” I just need a quick word with Flynn", said Kane."

“ I do not want Kirsty to know about what my real op, is about”.” She will be there”“, don’t you worry I will let the surgeon know she can't say anything in front of Kirsty" "Thanks mate”,” no worries and "good luck". “I will see you at the hospital anyway".


Kane and Kirsty couldn’t keep there hand's off each other, as they walked to the car "I love you, as Kirstys hand wondered, Kane gave out a delighted moan as they stopped, and lent on there car, kissing and fondling each other .” Hey what have I told you two.” it was Colleen putting the rubbish out. They went red and got in the car.

Kane stopped at the late night chemist for supplies as they arrived home, Irene was watching a movie. "Hi it's you two" "Tash is late again,” I see" said Kane.

“You had better get good nights sleep, ready for the hospital.” Kane gave her a how do you know look. “I phoned her while you were in that shop”, Said Kirsty going red.

"Right we had better be off to bed then”.” Night Irene” "Night and don't you worry yourself silly" "You need a good night sleep for tomorrow”. A few minutes later, they were in bed.

Irene could hear them moaning with pleasure and excitement they got a bit carried ,away ,so much so Irene had to knock on there bedroom door ,twice to tell then to keep the noise down" "I know you will be out of action for a while but keep it down in there".

"Your half an hour late lady", as Tasha walked in “sorry it’s my fault", said Rhys "Robbie wasn't to well and had to wait for me to bring her home. I was with Robbie, Irene looked at Rhys with a concerned look”“, He has a bad headache, and he felt he shouldn't drive".

Rhys could hear Kirsty and Kane, clearing his throat with an embarrassed cough"“, I... I...had better be off" "I hope Robbie feel's better soon".

Tasha had gone to bed; Irene waited until it was quiet, and knocked on Kane and Kirstys door." Are you descent I need to speak to you both"“, just a minute" "You can come in,” said Kane. "Right I will just come straight out with it, while you two were doing it.

"Rhys was here he had dropped off Tasha"“, and you can guess the rest." "O my god he heard us". Said Kirsty she was a little uncomfortable knowing her dad had heard them.

Kane said "great another reason for him not to like me," "Well that’s all I wanted to tell you" "I better had go to bed myself”.” "Night Irene ".

It was 4am at the Sutherland household, when suddenly someone shouted out,” MUM help me" Beth dived out of bed, and rushed to Robbie's room, but he wasn't there".

MUM" Robbie shouted, again she found him in the bathroom, he had his head over the toilet retching. “My head hurts a lot", he was in tears "shhh ... it’s going to all right". Beth comforted him as he was retching.

Just then, max came to the bathroom. "Is he all right" "er... I think I need to take him to the hospital” can you stay here with him while I put some clothes on".

Five minutes later Robbie was in the car on the way to the hospital with Max trying to keep Robbie awake, and holding a washing up bowl just in case he needed it. In the emergency room, the doctors were with Robbie. (Hey, there was no Flynn in sight that is a miracle).

Twenty minute's later the doctor came out, to speak to Beth”, what’s wrong with him””, it’s nothing bad just a nasty headache" "I was expecting the worst.” I was so worried" "it is just over week ago he had a blood clot removed".

"Yes it was very wise you brought him in". "We will keep him in, for observation to see how things settle, down over night" "We have given a pump with morphine and anti nausea medication" "You can see him"“, he is asleep”. I think you, should just see him briefly and go home your self’s."

It was early morning in the beach house Kane was ready to go to the hospital, he was starving but he was nil by mouth. Irene got up early, to take them, as Kane had not eaten for a while; it was not safe for him to drive.

Irene was giving them a lecture about last night, "and remembers to keep the noise down next time”.” Don’t you worry it happens to us all, at some point" "our parents catching you, in the act so to speak".

When they reached the ward, Kirsty could see her dad and Beth were there, "what are you doing here dad”. It’s Robbie he has a really bad headache, and they are just keeping an eye on him"."

I was just going to ask you the same thing"" Its Kane he having a cyst removed from, hmm... my testicle" Kane said" Awe that explains last nights activities"; Rhys said all embarrassed, Kane and Kirsty did not know were to put there faces.

Saved by the nurse who had come to book, him in and for him to get ready for surgery, meanwhile Robbie was waking up "my head hurt's" as he tried to focus on his visitor’s. His mum put his glasses on for him.

Hey lay still Robbie as he tried to sit up he went all dizzy and threw up.” This is like having a hang over without been drunk”, moaned Robbie while he was cleaned up.

The doctor came on his ward rounds, and had been told about Robbie's, headache and sickness still being there. "I think it would be wise if he stayed here for a couple of days."

"So we can keep a closer eye on him" "Is that okay with you?" the doctor asked Robbie "yeah as long as I can have bed near the nurses station" Tasha playfully hit him.

Meanwhile Kane was in his gown, and just had his pre med”, right we had better be off", said Beth to Robbie. ”Hey good luck with the op", said Rhys "yeah thanks." The pre med had started to take an effect.

Kane was getting very sleepy don't fight it go to sleep babe," as Kirsty kissed him. She went to the loo, he drifted off he had started having ,flash backs about the abuse he had suffered ,at the hand's of his dad Kane was sweating, and was thrashing about the bed shouting leave me alone.

Robbie could see him and pressed his buzzer. The nurses came running to him Kane "calm down breath nice, and slow" said the nurse,

When she came back the curtains around Kane's bed were closed, she could here the nurses telling him to breath, nice and slow as she pulled back the curtain.

She saw a very vulnerable Kane. Tears were rolling down his face”, hey shh... I’m here", as she hugged him close so he could not see her tears.

Soon it was Kane's turn to go down, for his (cancer) surgery”. This is as far as you can go”, the nurse told Kirtsy.

Kirsty gave Kane a hug and a kiss,” I Love you babe" behave, your self””. I love you to babe,” Kane said to her in a very sleeping, pre med voice. Kirsty knew how Kane, must have felt all those time's he had to watch her go to theatre.

Kirsty wondered if they would see each other again. The nurse let her back to Kane's room; she was surprised to see Beth there”.” I thought you could do, with the company" thanks" said kirsty.

Cut to Kane's surgeon take these slides to the path, lab to be graded (it mean's the appearance of the cancer cell's under the microscope) as they carried on with rest of the surgery.

Meanwhile Kirsty and Beth were sat with Robbie, as he slept they were talking about the flower tree, they planted for there lost baby. And how close Rhys and Kane had got.

They had finally reached a kind of understanding, with each other. They were a long way of, been son in law and father in law of the year. But Kirsty was happy with the way things were for now.

It was nearly 12pm when Kane was wheeled back up to the ward, he was in a lot of pain, and had a drip and a drain in"“, Hi babe" he said.” Glad you back"“, yeah me too". With a weak smile on his face, as Kirsty cuddled him.

"Ouch" he winced, and gritted his teeth it, was more painful than he assumed it would be.

"Sorry babe,” said Kirsty "hey give us a kiss instead", said Kane.

A couple of hours later Rhys, and Beth, and the kids, came to see Robbie, as they walked on to the ward, Kirsty was on Kane's bed, and hugging him they were asleep.

Robbie hadn't been very well again,” clean pjs again I see", said Rhys "er... yeah" said "Robbie”. I would be ill if I had to see Mr and Mrs Lover over there", said Henry pointing to Kirsty and Kane.

"Hey you are only jealous", said Robbie "He was in a right state this morning" Rhys gave him a what do you mean look.” Why was he having a go at someone”? No not like that he was asleep, and started shouting and thrashing around the bed".

"I pressed my buzzer for a nurse,” they pulled the curtains around his bed”. They told him to keep breathing, then" Kirsty came in; "when they pulled his curtain back around he looked like crap, and had the oxygen mask on".

"Sound's like a panic attack”, said Beth "yeah" Rhys looked at Kane's bed."

Right tell me the Goss", said Robbie to Maddy "Well everyone is giving Duncan the cold shoulder treatment". "Nothing changed there then," said Robbie. A few minute's later Tash, Irene, and Kim came to see Kane.

They were just as surprised to see Robbie in hospital, as Beth and co were at seeing Kane this morning. “What you doing here"? Asked Tasha rushing up to Robbie giving him a cuddle and kiss. "I'm off to get a drink", said Henry" before I end up here with lover's overdose”, Matilda slapped him. "hey, what is that for,” as he rubbed his arm.

Visiting time was nearly finished when Kirsty woke up. "Hey" she said as her dad who was looked over at her” how is he doing”, asked Rhys. “He is in a lot of pain" "thanks for asking” she knew it took a lot of guts for him to ask about Kane, it meant a lot to her

Kane was awake “I love you" he said to Kirsty, he saw Rhys gave him a small grin ,and he grinned back "I think you had better go with Irene and get some decent sleep babe" "Yeah" she said kissing and cuddling him gently as she could without hurting him night babe as everyone left.

Later on in the night, Kane had a nightmare, lucky for him Flynn was on the ward, after he had to admit one of his patient’s. It’s okay shh..." Flynn was reassuring him about time, you saw someone for these attacks don't you, and “said Flynn” yeah he said a weak voice

The next day both Robbie and Kane were feeling a little better, the "doctor came to see Kane about the results of yesterdays biopsy, luck was on his side Robbie was in the shower.

"It looks you will need to have chemotherapy as we, told you if it had spread to your lymph gland's," "which it has we will talk more later on this afternoon okay". "Yeah thanks doc".

Kane was crying when Robbie got back ", are you all right do you want me to fetch someone. No it was in a bit of pain that's all"“, all right if you’re sure". "Thanks yeah I’m sure", Kane painfully turned on his side and carried on crying silently.

Soon it was visiting time again Kane looked much happier, with Kirsty there “glad you smiling again," Robbie shouts to Kane. Kane’s doctor came to talk to him he knew he had no choice but to tell Kirsty about the cancer.

They all went somewhere more private, to talk Kirsty was so shocked, she ran out of the room, screaming and bumping into Flynn.

He realised she must know, and went after her "Kirtsy wait up", said Flynn he sat with her outside,” why did he lie to me", she sobbed."

“ Well it’s hard to tell someone that you have cancer”“, but to tell them they have a woman’s cancer where do you start. Kirsty kind of understood”, but I’m his wife and he promised me NO more lies".

"Well you are going to have ask him that yourself. Let’s get you back to Kane" "yeah thanks as Kirsty hugged him. They walked into the room Kane was very upset, and hugged his wife for support.

I’m really sorry I didn't tell you", babe I’m sorry" he kept on saying.” Its okay we will get through this together.

A little while later Kane was back in bed, with Kirsty beside him, they just hugged each other "I love you so much you got to fight this all the way”. "No matter how hard it gets you promise me babe”.” "I promise said Kane”, they both start crying again.

It was the next day at the Diner Colleen was doing what she does best tab hanging, into other people's business she over heard Irene, talking to Flynn about Kane and his panic attack's, and flash back's .

"I hope he does see the Di Grundy." She is a great, mental heath nurse, and has had a great of expertise, in the field of post traumatic stress disorders.

She has a good long term programme ,with her patient’s” Let’s hope she can help Kane, as I don't think he can carry on much longer, like this said Irene. “He has enough on his plate already, Flynn whispered under his breath, to himself as he walked out of the diner.

Meanwhile the kid's were getting ready for school Maddy, was winding poor Max up and that he was Duncan's next victim in the Sutherland house to get a beating. In a raised voice, Beth came over to her.

Matilda stop that right now," "I will not you have saying thing's ,like that in this house , do I make myself clear”, said Beth, hugging a worried Max "Yes mum" "You big suck up Matilda spat", as Max walked past her.

"MADDY" "come here Beth caught ,what she had said to Max "Look here young lady I’m getting a bit fed up of your attitude towards Max" "How would you feel if you had no parent's to live with ,it's hard enough at your age to deal with all your emotions", all over the place.

Don't you forget we nearly lost a member of this family last week" "Sorry mum" she put the water works on" "I think you have someone else to apologize to, don't you" "Yes mum" "you had better get off too school your late enough as it is".

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Let's Make Baby KKs

later that morning Beth went to pick up Robbie form the hospital, "hey sleepy head get out of that pit of yours" "er..." Robbie stirred he was dreaming about inventing thing's, and women.

Time to get you home, said his mum "what time is it's" "nearly dinner time Robbie was surprised "it will be effects of all those drugs you have been on”.

Mum" Robbie said in a serious tone ",is everything alright will Kirsty and Kane" Beth looked at Robbie "yes as far as I know why do you ask" "Well last night after you left they went with a doctor" "they were away for a while, and when they came back they both had been crying .

Well as far as I know everything is okay, Beth was helping Robbie get dressed ,Kane and Kirsty came back from seeing the oncologist, "Hey is everything alright with you two," "yeah it's", Kane and Kirsty looking very, awkward at each other.

Flynn had come back to see Kane to tell him the time for his Hickman line surgery, but he saw Beth, "hi Flynn we are just off. Don't forget if you are at all worried just phone me or bring him back here". "Yeah we will thanks" "bye you two" "yeah bye".

With them gone Flynn comes up to them ,"your are going down to surgery first thing in the morning" "to be fitted with your Hickman line" "Thanks" said Kane getting back into bed.

At Sally and Flynn's the twin's were crying ,while Sally didn’t know who to feed first ,so she put them both in there bouncy chair's ,and fed them both at the same time. It was a struggle but it was something, she had to do, as she could not keep asking for help. "Hey it's all right its coming."

Meanwhile at school Duncan ,was his charming self as he saw Max sat on a bench eating his lunch Duncan went up to him, Max was crapping himself, Duncan could see he was scared so he took the opportunity to wind him up".

I hear the hospital food is nice and the nurses are nice too”, as he came closer to Max was shaking so much he dropped his dinner, Hey leave him alone," Kim shouted as he ran up to Max."

You okay" y...y...yeah thanks, he was close to tears, Matilda came up as Duncan walked past her" he can't even take a joke" Duncan said smugly".

What happened are you alright"“, yeah no thanks to that s### head", said Kim.

Max told her what Duncan had said, she looked very guilty, look I was only winding you this morning, and I didn't mean to up set you”.” Its okay no harm done" I will get revenge he, said to himself. He wondered back to his lunch.

Later that evening at the hospital Kane and Kirsty were talking to the Fertility doctor, at what is the best way for them, to have children in the future. "We suggest you to freeze some of your sperm".

They just grinned to each other,” when do we do this," asked Kane "as soon as you are ready to do it," "But before your chemotherapy, starts in a few day's time said the doctor.

Right do you understand everything we have spoken about" "I know you have a lot to take in"" Well I think we do. Don't forget to ask if you’re not sure on anything" "Thank you” said Kane.

When the doctor had gone Kirsty, got on his bed, and they hugged each other,” I love you Kane" "and I love you too” suddenly he jumped up. "What is it babe!" "What’s wrong" "let's do it" said Kane "do what"? "You know" "the sperm thingy”. "Are you up to it?" "Well we will soon see”, with a great big grin on his face as he kissed Kirsty.

They went hand in hand to the bathroom, with the little pot. A few minute's later Flynn came to say goodnight to Kane but he was not there, he had just walked out of the bed area, when Kane and Kirsty came out of the bathroom.

They went red as Flynn had seen the pot" "I was very gentle with him”, said Kirsty grinning. Flynn was embarrassed..."I just come to say good night to you" "good luck for tomorrow" "Thanks mate appreciate it,” said Kane.

At Irene's her a Tash were talking, about how she felt about who her father was”, what am I supposed to feel I, do not know much about him. Only what Angie has written about him," in this letter.

At the Sutherland's there was only Beth and Rhys, up talking about What Robbie had seen at the hospital, regarding how upset Kirsty was." "IF he has done anything to upset her". I...I...will kill him", Beth was shocked at Rhys outburst "Hang on a minute you always think it's Kane who is to blame for her been upset.

Don't forget she isn't an angel you know" "she has caused a lot of problem, in this household too”, "yeah most of them through him.” Where are you going off to””, bed I have had enough of you always blaming him, for everything that goes wrong in there marriage.

Bright and early the next day “morning Babe," Kirsty is back at Kane's bed side”, m...m...morning b...b...babe". "I see you have already had your pre med” she couldn't help but smile. As he went back to sleep .She kissed him on the forehead, and sat down to wait, for him to go down for, his Hickman line to be fitted.

Ten minute's later he was on his way down, "this doesn’t get any easier” said Kirsty as, they hugged and kissed," Bye babe I love you" "me to" as a lump rose in hi throat as he was taken through.

An hour later a groggy Kane was back on the ward”, I missed you" he managed to say before going back to sleep. Flynn came to see him, "God he can snore can't he", said Flynn."

I was wondering how thing's went" "okay I think how are you feeling" "well how am I suppose to feel with my husband having a cancer a woman's cancer at that”.

Hey I’m sorry I snapped” forget it I can understand how hard things are for you" "I have seen it so many time’s.” How are the twin's and Sally doing", "Awe there great”?” You rather forget how these disturbed,

Three day's later it was D-day for Kane, The only people who knew about his cancer was Irene she was gob smacked, to say the least, and of course Colleen knew right back at the beginning even before Kirsty.

That is all who Kane wanted to know about his Cancer. "Hi" are you ready said the nurse said Yeah as ready as I will ever be.

Thanks for reading members and guests :D

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