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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling so great. Perhaps if you went to talk to a counsellor they might be able to give you some suggestions about ways to improve things in your life so you wouldn't feel so down. But just remember, women need men like fish need bicycles!!
  2. Yay, three cheers for Lance! Sally's got a friend!
  3. Hey! I'm reading too! I've just been busy and haven't got onto the internet for a while. Fantastic chapter, as much as I like the other characters I'm glad you've come back to Kane. Great stuff about Steven as well, made me come over all emotional!
  4. I loved your description of the old lady and her dog being two ladies growing old together! Poor Steven, poor Pippa, poor Tom. Another great chapter really understanding the characters. I've no idea how you are going to tie this all up when you finish it, though! I alway keep my characters to the absolute minimum because I can't cope with too many.
  5. Nice to see this posted on BTTB, it's my favourite fanfic!
  6. I've just noticed this, and its great! Very emotional, very sad. I loved the description. Poor Sally, don't you just hate couples?! Sickening, the lot of them.
  7. That was very touching, and shows just how wonderful Pippa was that she would give something as precious as Mrs Martha away to Sally. Great, as always.
  8. Yes. Very. I don't know if it ever aired in Australia, to be honest. I used to love the series and I had a crush on the guy who played the Ingles Dad - think he was called Michael Landon...? Oh, and who could ever forget Nellie and Willie? *sigh* I wish they'd show it again actually, especially the very early episodes. He had some great 80s curly hair, if I recall correctly.
  9. Ah bless. It's easy to forget how much hard work it must have been for Tom and Pippa, and to see then as Superhuman. No child ever breezed through this world yet, fostered or otherwise, packaged and perfect That's a great line, and very true. I remember Little House on the Prairie! Should I feel old?
  10. Thank you all so very much for your wonderful comments, it's so nice to think that people are enjoying what I am writing. The story was always going to end with Kane and Kirsty getting together, because a) they are supposed to be together and b) I thought ILM might cry if I killed them off again. Or hunt me down and kill me I have started writing another fic, but I can't quite get going on it, and I won't start posting it until I've written quite a lot, to try and avoid 3 month gaps between updates like with this one!
  11. Ditto with the Milko thoughts! How could he do that to Sally? I liked the bit about Lynn thinking you could get pregnant just by sleeping in the same bed as a guy, because when I was young I thought that too!
  12. Hmm, you'll just have to wait and see... I have to say I was quite pleased with the end to that chapter. So you think you know what's going on, then do you? Glad you all liked the chapter. Maybe I should not update again for ages and ages and keep you all in suspense. Hmmm. *evil laugh*
  13. That was a great chapter, and a very good example of how well you write kids. Aw bless little Frank! Just one point though - I think it was Steven that was the last foster kid to join the family, after Lynn and Sally.
  14. What I mean is, I think Kirsty would have been capable of falling in love with someone else because she had a normal family and upbringing so a more confident background. But I think, although Kane could fall in love truly, madly and deeply (as he did with Kirsty) he was the type of person who would only ever truly love anyone once. Ah yes, but that's why he just can't keep away from Kirsty! I agree with what you are saying, but I think if he had never come back to the Bay for Kirsty, he might have found someone else, even if he didn't love them the way he loved Kirsty. I think that
  15. Wow, thanks. In response to griseknoen's question: I've ignored the whole twin-swap thing just because it was silly, although I don't suppose it really matters because I hope that Kirsty and Jade would still have been like sisters anyway. And ILM...I'm making no promises.
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