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  1. Two kinds of shelves and a fern! I'm attempting to tidy up and redecorate my room but it still looks cluttered I don't have high hopes for the fern's survival, but it will look pretty while it lasts. My cat is rolling around on the new patch of floor space
  2. Cemetery Gates. It was a Sci-Fi Channel original! Which probably says enough about the quality of it... Well, it's still fun to be able to watch whatever I want on Foxtel while my parents are away.
  3. I'm watching The Breakfast Club on Seven right now. Yay! I bought it on DVD a while ago but haven't got around to watching it yet (I've seen it heaps of times before though), so this is pretty convenient I know it's an 80s cliche but I love it
  4. Where The Wild Things Are. I think it was a boy movie. I didn't really get it. Well, I got it, but I didn't really enjoy it. It had it's moments. I liked the goat...
  5. Tears of the Sun. Bruce Willis was in it. That's about as much information as I absorbed. I got distracted by thinking about X-men cartoons... and thinking of how much better the movie would be if Rambo was in it. Rambo AND Die Hard, and my friend suggested Sigourney Weaver's character from Aliens too. You know you'd watch it. In conclusion, I have no business watching war movies. Unless the tragedy is interspersed with snappy one-liners. Tears of the Sun did not have snappy one-liners In fact, the writing was just... just terrible.
  6. King Kong. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I didn't realise that they were going to take so long building up the characters and relationships before they got to the monkey. Since I'm not a huge fan of CGI being the focal point of a live-action movie, that worked for me, but I have to say, the CGI was very good, and I did believe in King Kong as a "real" character. Nice work. I also liked Jack Black's obsessive disregard for the lives of others. That was fun
  7. Coraline. It was good but it was scary
  8. Zombieland! Despite watching A LOT of zombie related things lately, I'm not that into zombies. I prefer vampires and werewolves and such. However. Zombieland was AWESOME! It was sooo frickin' hilarious. If you can stand the obligatory zombie gore, I'd recommend it to comedy fans over horror fans, and lucky for me, I'm a comedy fan My favourite line was (not really a plot spoiler, but it was so random that I don't want to wreck it for people who don't wanna see it coming) Hah! Oh man, everyone should see this movie. If you're underage, LIE to get in! (But you didn't hear that from
  9. Dead Set. Hilarious AND scary! Not many shows can pull that off!
  10. ^It made me want a rat so much! But then, I always want a rat... *sigh.*
  11. ^Solarbaby, you must have been responding to some kind of psychic intuition to post in this thread at this time. Just last night I was thinking of that delightful fic you wrote with Robbie and Kim and vampires. I'm tempted to write a rip-off version of my own I don't know what kind of plot it would have, just that there would be biting and sucking and... and it would probably be posted in the Adult forum... :ph34r: *Scurries away to go reread Slake...*
  12. I really like Romeo. He's like a cross between Noah and Kim. His looks are close enough to being a perfect blend of them both. His personality is friendly and outgoing like Noah's, but with Kim's stoic sense of self-preservation. And now he's flirting with Xavier for fun! Ah, a boy after my own heart
  13. More of a preemptive strike before other people start hopping on the bandwagon. I just wish I could have some fun at the expense of fictional characters without it all being taken so seriously. Is this a bad time to mention that I hate Mickey Mouse, too ?
  14. I seem to be attracting personal comments again. Rachel was barely onscreen for two seconds tonight. I thought I made it pretty obvious that I wasn't reacting to anything she had done today, or any other time in recent memory. I thought I made it pretty obvious that I was just having a nonsensical rant that wasn't even aimed at anything in particular. I was just rehashing the past because the present is so boring that I have to cling to any spark of interest I can find. So I thought to myself, "What used to interest me?" and the answer came, "Bashing Rachel!" So I pounced on a tiny, ridiculous
  15. Firestarter. I'm picking up my Stephen King reading schedule now that uni is over - yay !
  16. I just had a vision of my own horrible fiery death o__o .... In other words, I just watched 2012. The going rating for the movie seems to be 3 and a half stars. I'd agree with that. It had me cringing and whimpering in all the right places. Good acting, great visuals. Enough character and plot to keep me interested throughout all the action. I thought I was pretty well adjusted to the idea of the apocalypse coming in less than three years, but watching it unfold in graphic detail is kind of a downer. Still, we all gotta go sometime. And I do mean ALL of us...
  17. Just had a flick through of Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy to study for a test tomorrow. Jeez it's sad! Really good though. I'm looking forward to the holidays so that I'll have a chance to read it properly. Kind of a downer to end the night on...
  18. emmasi

    All Saints

    SIGH! It's all over. The montage was obviously the best bit, that and Von saying "Bugger it! Here's to us!" Indeed! It amazes me that I knew all the old faces. I guess it's not that big a feat - I have only been watching this show for about 3 years, and I got most of that from daily reruns. Still... all the characters WERE memorable, and that's the mark of an exceptional show. Oh why did I have to say "mark"... ? It was nice to have little hints of the future too. Gabby and Steve working things out, Bart and... girl... getting engaged, and Charlotte and Adam getting the hots for each
  19. THE Final Destination! As a movie, it was okay - not great, not terrible. It was kind of like watching the last two movies (the first one will always be the best). I was disappointed that the best character was killed off relatively early. Still, cudos for them even having a character that I liked that much. It doesn't usually happen in these quick-kill horror movies. I'm usually too cynical and defensive to invest in anyone, but I couldn't help it! As a 3D experience, it was AWESOME! I enjoyed the call backs to the previous movies and I'm glad I watched them all in preparation!
  20. emmasi

    All Saints

    ^Did it? I thought all of those were just clips from old episodes. I don't think I'll bother voting for my favourite scene to be replayed. I don't know if Scottie tied up, shirtless, in a jail cell would appeal to everyone...
  21. I've gotten used to them doing that to the credits, but when you know you're missing extra scenes just so they can run an ad that they run about 50 times a day, it is really irritating. I switched over when I saw they were doing it, so I guess that wrecks their promotional tactics.
  22. Watermelon and coffee. It doesn't feel right.
  23. It's definitely not as good as the first two, but I still enjoyed it. It was kind of hard to follow, but I was almost completely sober in a house full of drunk people so that might have been a factor.
  24. Just had a Final Destination marathon - 1, 2 & 3. Now I'm all set for THE Final Destination
  25. I was flicking between H&A and the 7pm project. Every scene that didn't have Aden and Geoff made me flick away. The subtext between them IS the point of the show! The Austins can bite me
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