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  1. Rogue It was a lot more professional than I expected it to be. Solid Aussie cast. I've never been to crocodile country but I grew up on an Australian river, so it was really easy for me to relate to and get invested in... a little too much. It freaked me out! Really big killer crocodiles really exist, ya know!
  2. emmasi


    I love it. Didn't hurt that they were using a Journey song to adveritse it It's a very clever show. It makes fun of musicals and kids who participate in them but at the same time it shows how special those sorts of clubs can be and how talented the people really are. I like musicals but I also think they're kind of dorky, so it's the perfect show for me, cause it appeals to both sides of my split personality
  3. Aw, cute! I haven't seen that before. My little partners in slime Thanks for posting
  4. ^Oh that was lying on the table at my friend's house. I wanted to steal it. I haven't seen it in such a long time
  5. "Up." It was more adult-oriented than I was expecting. I don't really think that most kids would be that interested in the plot, but maybe kids don't pay attention to the plot. The zany bird and the lovable dog are there reasons I went, after all It was a nice story. I liked it
  6. Of course I want more Gaden love, but I'd be happy with homoerotic subtext bubbling quietly under the surface of a close friendship . I sometimes think that it's the unresolved sexual tension that makes couples like this seem so ideal. Still, if a few more "misunderstandings" couldn't hurt
  7. I've been looking up some nasty images for an art project to do with animal cruelty, so I am very, VERY grateful to have such a strong, POSITIVE image of Geoff and Aden still fresh in my mind to keep away all the sad feelings. Gaden Love = Happy Happy Joy Joy For all the evil in the world, it can't be doomed yet as long as there are still pretty, pretty boys making out... er, I mean, resuscitating each other... ...Pretty
  8. How.. in... the... HECK... did I not know that tonight's episode was coming!? Were there spoilers? Were there articles?? DID I MISS THEM!?!?!?! Tonight was just... incredibly, incredibly... ... ... incredible. There HAVE to be screen caps. Have to have to have to have to... Oh. My. God. Gaden... kiss of life... "kissed and made up"... GUH! That episode was just... incredible. I was already happy with all the little out-of-context lines. Geoff: "He must have left early. I woke up and he wasn't there." - sharing a bed maybe??? Geoff wanting Aden to "show him the ropes" ... ???
  9. "Bad Boy Bubby." I get what they were trying to achieve, but I don't get why *I* had to watch it. My art teacher has terrible taste. "Carrie" would have shown the affects of abuse and trauma in art just as well. It just wouldn't have been so extreme and mind-numbingly boring
  10. emmasi

    All Saints

    All Saints has been canceled anyway, so it really doesn't matter now. In it's current format, it's not worth saving.
  11. Orphan. Freakin' SCARY! Not to mention... creepy! *Skin crawling* >_<
  12. emmasi

    All Saints

    EDIT: Huntington's. Hodgkinson was the name of some guy I went to school with
  13. I've been focused on Aden and how he's going to (or not going to) cope with Belle's death, but I will miss Belle because she was an awesome character, not just because she was Aden's wife... Sounds weird calling her that. Didn't have much time for the title to sink in I remember when she was just the skank who was stealing Ric away from Cassie, and since I didn't like Cassie, that was okay by me . Belle and Ric were good together. Belle and Lucas were better... especially as friends. Mattie and Belle were great friends by the end too. And Drelle... well, I don't think I'll forget that relatio
  14. lol sorry - dyslexia kicking in again. Mixed up this thread with the Happy Thread "Warning: tickets should not be taken internally!"
  15. Been wandering around IMDB and found this, which falls into the "too good to be true" category, so I'd take it with a grain of salt. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0376136/ However, if it is true, it's very, very good.
  16. Got Rob Thomas tickets this morning, plus a lift to uni
  17. emmasi

    All Saints

    Bart entertained Charlotte's kid, and freaked out his girlfriend in the process by telling her he planned to have a whole house full of kids in five year's time. Also, helicopter skank was still trying to get her boyfriend tested for whatever's going on with his brain (making him drop stuff and go numb etc). He said he didn't want to have his stunt career taken away from him, so he didn't want anything confirmed. At the end, helicopter skank decided that she'd been putting off her own issues for too long, and decided to get tested for the Hodgkinson's gene. Meanwhile, that waxy-looking intern
  18. Lemon tea with honey in it, also for a sore throat (and because it tastes nummy), and a cinnamon donut. Yes, it's midnight, but I need the sugar rush to get through the traumatic ordeal that is Harper's Island. Don't judge me... I'm sick!!
  19. Lordy-loo, the uni cram continues! I forget where I left off - was it "Two Weeks With The Queen"? Well anyway, that was good. Ah, and I finished "On The Banks Of Plum Creek" - also good, once I got into ye olde American country life. THEN I read "The Woman In White" - first Victorian novel I've ever read, and it was awesome. The whole book is like the climax to an episode of Murder She Wrote The I read "Peter Pan" - and did I mention "The Wizard Of Oz?" - I think I did... both good, and fun. Peter Pan is particularly good while picturing Johnny Depp as the narrator (author J M Barrie) and Jas
  20. emmasi

    All Saints

    Diesel tried to make his teacher fall in love with him, and now he's a teacher who has fallen in love with his student. How ironic!
  21. I don't like babies, but I do like the cutening affect that they seem to have on fathers, so I look forward to seeing more of Tony with his new son, who is thankfully not named Jack! Anyone know where the name "Harry" came from though? I've missed heaps of eps, and don't know if it was discussed why they chose that name. My friend suggested that Tony and Rachel may have recently seen the new Harry Potter movie (Or is it just another case of H&A and Neighbours having to have characters with the same name ?)
  22. lol, that's weird. Yes, I must admit that from the few episodes I watched, I did quite like RJ, and his relationship with Casey... It amused me so much after all my lonely years of Robbie/Kim obsession that a move to an innocent children's show like Power Rangers created more Jason slash-fanatics than ever
  23. New Kevin Spacey movie: "Shrink." Paul O'Brien is NOT involved, but a character named Jack Holden is! This has nothing to do with the H&A character of Jack Holden, I'm sure, but I was excited to hear the name in a fancy Hollywood movie. Just thought I'd pass it on
  24. First of all, wow, I don't remember seeing all of those pictures in here before! Pretty late now, but thanks for posting! And secondly, I lost interest in Power Rangers pretty fast - no fault of Jason's, I just wasn't into the show. I have been looking up a few clips of Casey on his own now that you've pointed out that there are some good scenes in there. Thanks for the headsup I'm looking forward to the Thor movie too
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