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  1. Just dropped by to say, Dance Academy: Hell. Yeah.
  2. I'm watching Red Dawn at the moment. I didn't even know it was a Patrick Swayze movie lol. I can't really comment on the quality of it since it's well past midnight and I'm quite delirious, but I will say that I think I'm going to enjoy the remake veeery much. I'm pretty much recasting all of the characters already and imagining what Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas would do in these roles. And to a lesser extent, Jason Smith. I can't find a character in the original cast at IMDB that corresponds to his "Jake" so I've just been spending the whole movie asking "Is that Jason? Is THAT Jason??" W
  3. I just finished eating icecream with banana, peanut butter and honey. I can already feel the tummy ache coming on but god it was good.
  4. A satin nightie with Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger on it. If that's not sexy I don't know what is
  5. Alice in Wonderland and The Mist. Alice was pretty much what I expected it to be. I enjoyed it but I don't think I need to rush out and see it again. I was surprised at how much I liked Anne Hathaway swanning around lol. The Mist was better than I expected it to be. I always feel like I'm in pretty good hands with Stephen King material but one never can tell. I'm not much into sci-fi but it was a good exploration of how fast humans go insane at the first sign of trouble. Sucky ending though. I'm glad my friend told me that it was different to what Stephen King wrote.
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  7. lol that's a good analogy. I get what you mean. He's sexually non-threatening . I'm just so glad that they've revived Leah's character like this. Putting the new (or old?) fun and bubbly Leah with Miles is a master stroke. They play off each other so well, and adding Elijah to the mix could be a recipe for my new favourite trio! (CURRENT trio, you understand...) I'm not prepared to let Leah all the way into my heart yet, cause she's been so irritating and gloomy for so long, but perhaps, in time... particularly if she spends more time with Miles and MUCH less time with Rachel... We'll just hav
  8. The Box. It was so awful, it ruined my entire evening.
  9. Normal. It started at midnight and I was already tired, but it's past 2am now and I made it to the end of the movie so that must mean something. I didn't plan to watch a movie about a man becoming a transsexual tonight, but it happened, and I didn't mind it at all. It definitely wasn't prime-time material - kind of dull - but I think slapping it on past midnight with an MA rating was a bit much. The most MA thing about it was the guy's son saying "f***" about four or five times... Unless they're counting Hayden Panettiere's demonstration on fruit in plastic bags to explain a sex-change ope
  10. emmasi


    That's a horrible story
  11. emmasi


    Ohhhh THAT problem! Okay, THAT I remember because the car accident image that he uses to combat it is kind of hilarious lol. I just thought I must have missed something important I didn't even realise that the season wasn't over yet. The last episode I saw felt pretty resolved. Weird. P.S. I haven't multi-quoted in ages. I feel so savvy.
  12. emmasi


    Um... stupid question... but what is the "problem"? It's been a while since Glee has been on air here and my memory is like a sieve so I have no idea what you're talking about If it's not directly tied in with a song on the soundtracks, I've already forgotten it Except for Sue... Sue is kind of hard to forget.
  13. emmasi


    It's funny that you think Finn is the hero. I think he's way too lame to be a hero lol, but that's why I love him. He's so dumb and ineffective. I'd say that Rachel is the star of the show - if I had to pick one - and that Mr Shoe is the hero because he's the leader of the group and the one who always has to fight to protect everyone from the villain - ie Sue. Finn's just like... a big dopey puppy that everyone thinks is cute and wants to play with (). I guess playing football and singing could be considered tricks, cause he doesn't seem to have much drive or focus to do anything without other
  14. emmasi


    I just wanna say, I like Finn... He's docile but amusing, and I think he has a nice and unusual voice. I'm listening to "I'll Stand By You" which makes me sad when I think of why he was singing it (and how naive he was/is), but if I don't think about that, then it makes me happy, cause it's like he's singing it to ME Well, maybe "wub" is too strong an emotion, but I DO like him
  15. Hehe that was Madam Twanky in Hercules. However, Jeice - Joxer's efeminite brother in Xena (not to be confused with Jet - the murderous badass brother) - has much the same vibe. Jeice appears in Lyre Lyre with Jay so I'm still sort of on topic.. kinda... I'll meet you in the TV forum !
  16. If you like campy, tongue-in-cheek AND Jay Laga'aia then you MUST watch "Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire," the second of the Xena musical eps (season 6, I think). The first one, "The Bitter Suite," is awesome too but Jay's not in that and you kind of have to know what's been going on in the show to appreciate it. Lyre Lyre on the other hand is just a blatant excuse for singing and dancing with no real impact on anything - it's great! I posted a clip of Jay's song from it on the first page, so you might want to check it out if you haven't seen it. I could go on but at the risk of turning this into a
  17. Well... he played a warlord on Xena. I assume that requires some kind of basic training...
  18. Oh god, there's still hope! I need to see Chris on the big screen again. Five minutes is not enough
  19. Aw! I guess that means no cinema release if it's already on DVD there . Now I don't know what to believe... Will it ever come out here? Why would the internet lie ?? It looks so good too! *Cries!!!*
  20. emmasi


    lol I do but it's a crappy i-River. I have limited space! I think I actually like Quinn's voice best out of all of them but even her songs didn't make the cut. Just not rockin' enough I'm afraid. Her back-up singing is my favourite part of "Bust a Move" though
  21. emmasi


    Ripping songs off the Glee soundtracks to put on my MP3 player as we speak: Don't Stop Believin' Can't Fight This Feeling Take a Bow Alone Somebody To Love Bust a move Defying Gravity I'll Stand By You Don't Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl Don't Rain On My Parade Awww yeah
  22. emmasi


    Yay, Barney!
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