Kyle Sanders

Kyle Sanders (2007)
Anthony Gee
Episodes: 4389-4393

Kyle Sanders was Lily Nelson’s abusive boyfriend. She called the Summer Bay helpline because she was so desperate. After getting in touch with Cassie, Lily started spending more time away from her home, that she shared with her mother and Kyle. Kyle wasn’t happy about that at all.

One afternoon while in the diner, Cassie answered Lily’s phone only to hear Kyle telling her that she should mind her own business. However, Cassie wasn’t going to be persuaded that easily as after that phone call her and Matilda went to Lily’s house to check up on her. Lily answered the door and Cassie started to get worried as she could see severe bruises on her arm. Cassie and Matilda then rushed into the house as they were worried for Lily’s safety. When Kyle came home though, they had to hide in the kitchen. Kyle thought something wasn’t right but Lily managed to convince him that everything was fine. Cassie and Matilda sucessully managed to bring Lily back to Sally’s place without Kyle finding out.

Kyle managed to find Lily talking to Ric on the beach though after she ran out of Sally’s place. Kyle and Lily’s mum Brenda went to visit Lily there. Cassie tried to get Lily to open up about what Kyle was doing to her, but instead she went home with them, which shocked Cassie.

While she was in the surf club, Kyle saw Cassie and grabbed her against the wall and tried to twist her wrist. Cassie rushed home and told everyone what Kyle did to her at the surf club. Sally called Jack Holden and told him what happened. He then went to Lily’s house to check up on her but once again she said that she was fine. Cassie couldn’t believe that Kyle was getting away with hurting Lily, so she took matters into her own hands and went there herself with Matilda.

They arrived at the house and tried to get Lily to come with them, but Kyle had already seen them and asked them what they were doing there. Matilda went to get help whilst Lily and Cassie rushed into the nearest room to get away from him. Kyle followed them and bashed the door down but before he could do anything to them, help arrived in the form of Ric, Brad and Alf. Kyle and Brenda were taken away for questioning by the police.

Later that day though, Kyle found Lily again at Sally’s place. Sally and Cassie tried to get Kyle to free her but he wouldn’t listen. Kyle said he needed a car and asked far Sally’s car keys. A few moments later, Ric and Brad arrived and tried to help Lily escape but Kyle told them to get back. Sally threw the car keys on the floor of which Kyle wasn’t impressed. Lily bent down to get the keys but instead of picking them up, she sprayed spray cleaner into his eyes! The police were called and it become apparent that Kyle was let out on bail by Lily’s mum. He was then taken away by the police.

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