Danny King

Danny King (1988)
John Clayton
Episodes: 71-80

Parents: Bert and Coral King
Siblings: Pippa Fletcher
Occupation: Veteran

Danny was Pippa’s brother who had been badly injured in the vietnam war and was wheelchair bound. He arrived in time for ANZAC day upsetting Sally who had to give up her room. He later revealed his real reason for being in the bay, that he was fed up of living and wanted Pippa to help him kill himself. He and Pippa argued about it as she refused to help him but she was concerned when she heard that he was up at Stewart’s point the next day. Heading to the point Danny told her he would kill himself with or without his help but Pippa decided to call his bluff believing he wouldn’t jump.

When he failed to return a few hours later Pippa and Tom went to look for him and she was distraught to see his wheelchair battered at the bottom of the cliffs. He turned up safe and well though and revealed he had been lying on the grass and forgot to put the handbrake on his wheelchair. Pippa wanted to tell Tom about Danny’s request and when he refused to let her she told him he had to leave so Danny announced he’d be leaving.

Pippa was shocked to receive a phone call from her father in the city saying that Danny was in hosital after trying to commit suicide. After leaving hospital he returned to the bay and whilst recuperating played sports with Lynn but got upset as before Vietnam he was a good sports player. He got upset again when he thought Pippa was trying to set him up with Ailsa but calmed down when Pippa explained that she had just split from Alf.

He was surprised when Steven’s sports teacher remembered him from his time as a good sports player and asked him to give his class a pep talk. He refused at first but Samuels took him to a basketball game for wheelchair users and he changed his mind, giving a pep talk after which the team won. Feeling happier with his life Danny left the bay to return to the city.

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