Edward Jones

Edward Jones
Errol Henderson
Episode: 4706 – 4718; 4731

Marital Status: Christine Jones (separated)
Children: Melody

Melody’s father was first seen trying to talk to Melody in the clinic. He left her to go and get some coffees and was annoyed to see Aden approach her. He asked Roman to warn Aden off and later told Aden himself to stay away only for Aden to tell him that he was the one who put Axel in hospital after he hurt Melody whereas Edward did nothing. A disappointed Edward left. He later approached Roman and told him that Melody hadn’t said a word since Axel had died and that the clinic was a last resort for him and Christine.

When Melody disappeared from the clinic Edward joined the search for her and commented to Charlie that he hadn’t yet told Christine that Melody was missing because she was on holiday in New Zealand. His words prompted Nicole to talk Melody into returning to the clinic.

His third and final appearance came when he met Christine at The Diner and she convinced him to pretend that they were getting back together to get Melody to come home. Melody though was unimpressed and told him that the only time she respected him was when he left Christine and now he was back with her she thinks he’s totally gutless. She added that she wanted nothing more to do with either of them.

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