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Stars by the Sea

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Stars by the sea

From Sydney Confidential's Fiona Connolly

December 19, 2005

HOLLYWOOD has gone on holiday - and Sydney's Palm Beach is fast becoming Tinseltown-on-sea.

John Cleese, the British actor better known as Basil Fawlty wasted no time getting his feet wet with his psychologist wife Alice Faye Eichelberger on Saturday. The couple are paying $40,000 a week for Kalua, the Ocean Rd mansion used previously by actor Nicole Kidman.

Cleese has been embracing the Palmy lifestyle, thrilling beach visitors by leisurely strolling the foreshore and chatting to residents.

Actor Rachel Griffiths spent Saturday chasing her two-year-old son Banjo and six-month-old daughter Adelaide.

Beach visitors ran to Griffiths' aid when her beach tent collapsed in the wind with the baby left unattended inside.

Designer Collette Dinnigan was also seen beachside with 16-month-old daughter Estella.

There has been no sign of Palm Beach residents, new parents Lleyton and Bec Hewitt, who are taking the "due care" clause of their exclusive magazine contract to the exreme, becoming virtual prisoners in their $4.5 million mansion.

Peter Phelps has been seen in recent weeks, the actor a regular on the northern beach over Christmas. Palm Beach home-owner Guy Sebastian has also settled into the holiday mode, shopping and lunching last week with what appeared to be a new girl.

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown are also expected to make an appearance soon.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have visited Palmy in recent years.

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This is why i want to live in Australia, not the house, but everything around it



All of Aussie isn't like that lol


Yeh some of australia landscape is beautiful... then there are the other parts where you wish you were at the god parts.

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