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Nothing Ever Happens

Guest Ryan

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Story Title: Nothing Ever Happens

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Everyone

BTTB rating: U

Genre: Subrealism

Does story include spoilers: Possibly

Any warnings: SC

Summary: You probably know as much as me, but it's generally incredibly boring chapters, with exciting endings.

Nothing Ever Happens

The sun was rising, on a typically nice Summer Bay morning. Matilda walked along the beach. There was a couple of children making a sandcastle in the sand (woah), their parents watching them unattentively whilst reading the latest Patricia Cornwall offering.


Colleen was running along the beach. Matilda stopped and looked downhearted as Colleen was heading in the opposite direction. She looked upset.

"Matty, your mum wants you to return home, she's got some bad news"

Next Time

What is Beth's bad news?

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Beth was at home, sitting on a chair twiddling her fingers, like she was playing an invisible piano. Matilda ran in.

"Mum, what is it?"

"Well," said Beth, "I was making lasagne for dinner today and when I took it out I found this at the back of the oven. I'm really sorry."

"Mum, how could you. It was my favourite."

"I'm sorry darling, I really am."

Next time

What has Beth put in the oven?

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"I'll buy you a new one I promise."

"But it was my favourite"

Matilda walked over to Beth and carefully took the burnt remains of one of her T-shirts away.

"Matty, what was it doing in the oven anyway?"

"I don't know, Henry must have hid it there."

The phone rings, shrilling the air.

Next Time

Who has phoned Beth?

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"Hello, Beth Hunter here, can I help?"

Kane is on the phone at the Beach House.

"Sorry, Beth, I must have got the wrong number."

Kane puts the phone down.

"I just phoned Beth."

"Aw Kane, you're such a dope."


"Ah, g'day Mr. Hunter, can I have a fish supper and Kirst, what did you want again?

Next Time

What does Kirsty want from the fish and chip shop?

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"Just get me a sausage supper."

"I'll have a sausage supper."

"That will be ten dollars Mr. Phillips. Pick it up in fifteen minutes."

"Will do."

The crackling of thunder could be heard from out at sea.

"Sounds like a storm is brewing"

"Darling, drive carefully."

Kane was driving along, the rain pelting off the windscreen.

He felt a bump.

Next Time

What has Kane hit?

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"God, I've hit something said Kane, as he got out his car and crept around.

"Oh, my god," said Kane. "What have I done?"

"Yes, just what have you done." said Alf.

Kane looked at the tangled remains of Alf's manikin for the Summer Bay Manikin contest.

"Alf, I'm so sorry, here, have a chip."

"I don't want won of my flamin chips son, that's my entry ruined.

Kane trembled in fear as Alf stalked towards him.

Next Time

What will happen between Alf and Kane.

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